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[Robin Jarvis] ✓ The Final Reckoning [curation PDF] Read Online ↠´ Robin Jarvis S Thrilling Finale To The Deptford Mice Trilogy Is Now Available In Paperback Back From The Dead, The Spirit Of Jupiter The Evil Cat Who Was Once Lord Of The Sewer Rats Wreaks Destruction Than Ever The Deptford Mice Feel His Chilling Grasp Everywhere They Turn And Know They Face The Most Desperate Struggle Of Their Lives Will Anyone Survive It was definitaly an ending book Characters kept dropping like flies It did go back to the way the first book was written with the various storylines, and that s probably why it was better, because the whole series should be like that, making for a better adventure.
In The Final Reckoning the mice find themselves under threat not only from the army of rats that is massing under London but also from the mysterious eternal winter which has enveloped Deptford Everything points to Jupiter being back and so the mice, together with the bats and the Starwife, must try to stay alive long enough to defeat him.
You may remember that one of my favourite things about Robin Jarvis writing is that he isn t afraid to be dark even though he is writing for a younger age group, and this book was no exception Often in children s fiction, the forces of evil whatever form they may take are distant, incompetent or impotent or a combination of all three Evil is usually active in a far off land to which the protagonist must journey to fight it, its plans fail fairly easily before they can be put into practice, and if a character is important and liked then Evil will frequently content itself with capturing rather than killing them All in all, Evil often isn t terribly threatening However, the forces of evil in Jarvis books are immediate, powerful, bloodthirsty and indiscriminate in who they attack Just because a character has a name and has been well developed does not mean that they are safe I love that I can read a book for younger readers entitled The Final Reckoning with a final chapter also called The Final Reckoning and do so with apprehension because I don t know which, if any, of the characters will make it through to the end alive There is real tension and anxiety in these books which I ve not often found in children s fantasy Of course, this might be far common in children s literature now, I don t know, but I still think Jarvis should be applauded for what he has done, particularly considering The Deptford Mice Trilogy is than twenty years old.

Dark and violent, this was a fitting end to the trilogy A few things seemed like they needed explaining, but I guess that s why there is a prequel trilogy I am glad I took the time to finish this series The trilogy was exciting, surprisingly violent, and gave me characters I could root for But this last book felt a bit tired and thrown together, using played out villains from the earlier books and trying to pass them off as fantastic, god like creatures Some of the loose ends were tied up but not as neatly as could be hoped for, such as the Star Wife, Jupiter s finale, the whole bat society thing The first book was the best The second book too stereotypical religious mania flavored And this third installment was the weak link.

Robin Jarvis born May 8, 1963 is a British children s novelist, who writes fantasy novels, often about anthropomorphic rodents and small mammals especially mice and Tudor times A lot of his works are based in London, in and around Deptford and Greenwich where he used to live, or in Whitby.His first novel The Dark Portal, featuring the popular Deptford Mice was the runner up for the Smar