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[Carl Deuker] Ú Painting the Black (Avon Camelot Books) [espionage PDF] Read Online ¼ Painting The Black Was A Classic Fictional Book, With Lots Of Cliffhangers, And Life Lessons While It May Seem Like A Typical Sports Book, There Is More To This Book Then Just That The Main Character Ryan Is Just Starting His Senior Year At Crown Hill High School, Ryan Used To Play Baseball Before Undergoing An Injury To Stop Him From Playing With His Newly Moved In Football Superstar Neighbor Josh , They Become Friends, And Travel To The Local Community Center, And Play Baseball Everyday During The Football Season With Josh Being The Quarterback Of The Team, Their Friendship Starts To Get Ruined By One Of Crown Hills Newspaper Writers Monica Monica, And Her Crew Liked To Start Drama In The Paper To Get People Questioning About People After Football Season, Josh Gets Suspension For Pulling On Another Newspaper Girls Celeste Pants As The Book Progresses, Ryan Starts To Consider Trying Out For Crown Hills Baseball Team After Lots Of Thinking Ryan Decides He Wants To Try Out Josh And Ryan Both Go To Try Out For The Baseball Team Both Of Them End Of Making The Team, Even More Drama Starts To Shake Up Josh Begins To Start Acting Like Someone Else, Ryan Ends Up Helping Josh To Go Back To Being Himself With Crown Hills Baseball Team Having An Undefeated Season, And Winning The State Championship In The End, Ryan And Josh End Up Good, With No Drama At The End Of The Book The Novel Had It s Up And Downs, But I Rated It 5 Stars Because Of Its Characters, And The Plot Development.
Personal Response I thought that the book Painting the Black was very good It was very exciting and had very good story line Overall, it was a great book and made me want to keep reading it to the very end Plot In this book there are a lot of interesting things that happened in the plot The main character s name was Ryan As a kid he was a great athlete and the star of every team Where he lived he usually didn t have neighbors his same age Every once in awhile someone would move in but they would usually leave There was one kid that was Ryan s neighbor for a while Ryan could beat him in every sport, everything, except climbing So one day they went to a state park that had very tall trees His friend climbed all the way up the tallest one, and would rub it in Ryan s face Then Ryan climbed all the way to the top and the other kid didn t like it so he left Ryan screamed for help but he couldn t get down and no one could hear him He fell down the tree almost dieing and severely breaking his ankle He was never good at sports again Until Josh moved in across the street the summer before their senior year Josh was an absolutely amazing athlete, the best quarterback at football, and one of the best high school pitchers in the whole country Ryan was Josh s first friend whence he moved in, and they would play catch every day in the summer and Josh pushed Ryan into being a very good catcher Ryan decided he would try out for baseball He made the team and actually got to start on the games Josh pitched because no other catcher could catch Josh s slider They did very good and made it to the state tournament There was one girl, named Monica, who was very smart and always had a way of pissing Josh off or making fun of him Josh couldn t take it any longer so he decided he would scare her by wearing a mask and with some other guy, hold her down and rip off her clothes Ryan hear the screaming and came and stopped it It was very hard for him to do but eventually he told the police who did it That got Josh kicked off the baseball team and then they lost the very next game and were out of the tournament Characterization Ryan was a great person He worked very hard at everything he did and became very good in school and at baseball Josh was an amazing athlete, but never really understood what is right from wrong That got him into a lot of trouble.
Recommendation I would recommend this book to males of high school age who like baseball and good stories.
It was very good and very understandable and relate able.
In His Senior Year Of High School, Late Bloomer Ryan Ward Has Just Begun To Feel The Magic Of Baseball The Magic Of Catching A Wicked Slider, Of Throwing A Runner Out, Of Training Hard And Pushing His Limits Giving Up Baseball Would Be Like Getting Off The Most Exciting Ride Of His Life But When One Of His Teammates Clearly Pushes The Limits Too Far, Ryan Is Faced With A Heartbreaking Dilemma He Must Choose Between His Love For The Game And His Sense Of Integrity Painting The Black Is An Absorbing, Timely Sports Novel About The Conflict Of Competing Within Limitations And Understanding That It Really Is Only A Game, However Magical ryan ward met josh daniels when he moved during the summer ryan really enjoyed hanging out with josh at first because he was really good at baseball ryan used to play baseball but broke his ankle and never went out after that ryan discovered that he really enjoyed playing catcher and decided he would try out this year he made the cut and ended up playing like one of their best players but then the unthinkable happens with josh and ryan has to make the decsion of his life.
The book I read was called Painting the Black by Carl Deuker I found this book in the Fowlerville High School Library There are two main characters in Painting the Black The first is Ryan Ryan loves to play baseball but after his injury, he wasn t able to play any The second main character is Josh Josh is a natural athlete and he likes to play baseball and football Josh just moved into town and lives across the street from Ryan They live in a small town and baseball season is coming For a brief summary, the book is about how Ryan wants to get back into baseball After his injury, he had to re learn how to do the basics After his recovery he became depressed That s when Josh moved in When Josh moved in, Ryan went to go meet him and his parents Ryan eventually started to help Josh unpack After a couple of hours of work, Josh asked if Ryan wanted to go and play catch This became a regular thing Every morning Ryan would go to Josh s house and they both would walk over to the community center to play catch After a couple of weeks, Ryan wanted to try out for the varsity baseball team Eventually, Josh and Ryan made it onto the baseball team as pitcher and catcher They were such a good team that they made it into states and then a girl Monica started to mess with Josh When he got made he decided to pull a prank on her Ryan heard the commotion and went to find out what it was Not liking what he found he had to make a choice whether to tell the police or to keep it a secret I really enjoyed this book However, I didn t think the book would end the way that it did Monica was kind of a bully towards Josh During a Championship game, Josh got fed up with Monica and decided to play a prank on her There were Josh and one other guy they both were wearing masks and they held Monica down and ripped her clothes off Ryan heard the screaming and ran toward it He noticed that it was Josh and some other guy who he did not know Ryan had a very difficult time deciding whether to tell the police or to keep it a secret Either way, it wouldn t end out good on his side Eventually, Ryan decided to tell the police and Josh was kicked off of the team Making them lose their next Championship game My opinion on the book is that it was a really good book however I did not like the ending I believe that the prank was out of line There wasn t really a need for the prank The author could have ended with a storyline that affected the entire team, either making them win or lose I cannot think of a similar book however in the me too movement unfortunately many would be able to relate to this story I would recommend this book to and baseball fans or anyone who would wish to see the justification of Josh s actions.
I m not typically a big fan of books that revolve around sports probably because I m not a big fan of professional team sports Painting the Black is different The book really hinges on a decision that Ryan, the protagonist, needs to make The backdrop for this decision is the game of baseball It s as much a character driven novel as it is a sports novel It was an interesting read if I skipped the baseball stuff I think it will help young adults look at how their decisions affect others and not just themselves Jacob MallozziMrs Riggs English II06 March 2018Painting the BlackWhat would you do if you had to keep going to push yourself but knowing it s too much This is a problem Ryan Ward has in the book Painting the Black Carl Deuker tells a story about a high school player who will do whatever it takes to win even if it s wrong You should read the book Painting the Black because it will show you a kid s true love for the game of baseball and his sense of integrity Firstly, the book makes you want to go outside and play a game of catch In the beginning of the book, it talks about Ryan and his new neighbor Josh playing catch and you can almost feel the ball hitting the glove or the sound of the ball hitting the pocket and you get to know the two main protagonists When the book talks about the practices you can feel the competitiveness of Josh and Ryan trying to one up each other with each of their reps During the season, you get that sense of pride of winning with every win they get In addition to feeling a love of the game, you get a sense of integrity from Ryan In the book, Ryan catches Josh in a wolf mask trying to assault a girl who embarrassed him When He finds out it s Josh he gets put into a dilemma of choosing doing the right thing and turning him in or ignoring it and keeping Josh on the team He does the right thing and turns in Josh even though they were about to go the State Tournament and Josh would have pitched in it They lost the game but Ryan still felt good because he did the right thing in the end In conclusion, you should read Painting the Black because it makes you feel a love for the game of baseball and makes you want to go outside and play a game of catch with someone The book also makes you get a feeling of doing the right thing when Ryan turns in Josh Go out and get a copy of Painting the Black, it s a good catch.
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Ryan Ward was a high school catcher that loved the game of baseball, he had to pick between baseball and his integrity Ryan Ward is the main character in the book Ryan played baseball and he was the catcher Ryan had a new competitor named Josh, his family moved to town Josh had assaulted a girl, but Ryan recognized Josh and stepped up to help the girl out My favorite character was Ryan, because he was very dedicated to the sport of baseball and he helped out that girl from Josh I can kind of relate to this book, because I play baseball and I am very dedicated to the sport I can t relate too Ryan helping out the girl, but if I had the chance I would definitely help her out without question I have had a lot of competition in the sports that I play If I have a competitor on the same team I just show the coaches that I have a better attitude and that I always will have a positive mindset and nothing will stop me until I get what I want I liked the book a lot, because I have experienced some of the things that happened in the book My favorite part was probably when he became really dedicated to make the varsity team I think this is my favorite part, because I have been in his shoes especially in wrestling season I had to work so hard for my varsity spot my sopho year I didn t have a least favorite part of this book because I liked it so much He could have added a lot detail about how their baseball season went and described the games that they played.
I would recommend this book to anyone that loves baseball and a really good story This is a really good book for anyone that has challenges in sports like other people making it hard for them to get a varsity spot I really recommend this book to other people that play baseball.
My gap in reading last year was the sports genre, so I wanted to finish one this month, and I know Carl Deuker is good This one s been on my list for many years, and I m glad I picked it up It sucks you in right away with the new guy moving in across the street I love the meaning of the title it can be a metaphor for what Josh the pitcher does and for what Ryan the catcher does Truth I skimmed the plays that were very detailed I d suggest this to high school boys, for sure.
Carl Deuker s Painting the Black follows the miraculous return of Ryan Ward s baseball career After being forced to leave the game of baseball for over six years due to a foolish injury earlier in his life, Ryan finds the physical ability and determination to make a return his senior year After a lot of hard work his baseball career is off and running Him and his, new to the district, friend Josh lead the varsity team to surpassing its expectations Their popularity grows but leads Josh to making a bad decision Ryan must then choose between dishonesty and helping the team or honesty and hurting the team Throughout the story, Ryan is very well developed by the author, allowing the readers to really sympathize him and root for him and his recovery While reading, you might expect to know exactly what s happening, a great twist throws the readers off and adds good conflict The story reminds me much of Josh Berk s Strike Three You re Dead for the conflict between the protagonist s integrity and success I would not recommend this story to younger children for it presents some inappropriate concepts designed for the eyes of an older audience I love the concept for the Painting the Black revolving the emphasis of integrity and morality, however the story itself is pretty hard to get through The main conflict does not occur until well into the second half of the story The recovery portion is incredibly drawn out and really makes you wait for the action Though this kind of building can be done well, Deuker drags this one out long enough to make reading the beginning a burden This being said, I would not recommend Painting the Black other than passionate baseball fans looking for any possible baseball related story.

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