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5 5.
0Reading any novel set in the medieval era, when a woman was considered less than a man s animals and whose only value was all too often only for breeding purposes, is always somewhat hard even as it is interesting In Untamed , Lowell has done an admirable job of allowing those realities to come through, showing the hardships inflicted on a female while keeping the romance aspect from getting mired in the bogs of offense.
Lady Margaret comes from a long line of Celtic mystics and has been blessed withland and riches than anyone save the king himself yet cursed with an ancient curse that requires great love be shared before a male heir will be born That s a pretty serious curse considering the afore mentioned attitude of the era It s also one that is completely disregarded by the man Olivia is commanded to marry, Dominic le Sabre.
If one is looking for great, tender escape for an afternoon and isn t horribly interested in the deep meanings of life and history, this one can t be beat.
The book starts out with the pending marriage of Lady Margaret Meg returning Crusader Dominic le Sabra Neither have laid eyes on the other before but are both willing to go along with the prearranged marriage Meg accepts this as her fate although she is by no means a wimp Dominic wants to claim the castle lands that come along with Meg and begin working on making himself some heirs Only problem is that Meg happens to be one of the cursed Glendruid white witches that for centuries have been unable to conceive male offspring because of a witch s past mistake and the missing Glendruid Wolf It has been rud that all Glendruid women are unable to fall in love with a man and vice versa because their powers of perception make them cold and impossible to love This isn t the only obstacle the couple must face in order to find happiness.
Meg is a charming heroine with a touching love for her people land who will sacrifice everything to save the people who mean so much to her She s truly an admirable character Dominic is a wonderful scarred hero who wants nothingthan to settle down and end all of the fighting and bloodshed.
Overall this was a very sensuous and tender love story with a wonderful ending I highly recommend it hope the others in this trilogy are good.
A Hero Of The Crusades, Dominic Le Sabre Has Returned To Scotland In Glory And Triumph To Claim His Reward The Beautiful Saxon Bride Awarded To Him As Conqueror King But Lady Margaret Of Blackthorne Cannot Yield To The Bold Norman InvaderThe Beloved Daughter Of A Sacred Tribe Of Celtic Mystics, She Fears An Ancient Curse That Could Bring Further Turmoil To Her Battle Scarred Landand Sorrow To Her Marriage Bed With A Word, The Lady Could Turn Her Wedding Into WarBut There Awaits In The Noble Knight S Embrace A Promise Of Passion Unbound And A Love That Neither Violence Nor Treachery Can Tear Asunder, A Love Both Invincible And Thanks to the wonderful members of the newly formed Romance Forum Refugee group at Goodreads, I have a huge new list of romance novels with bearded heroes Dark beards Blond beards Dark staches, too Yee haw And thanks to their recommendations, I discovered a new to me romance writer who appears to love beards as much as I do All of her heroes are hairy Beards, staches, nice furry chests.
yowzah I am now the official 1, A Fan Of Elizabeth Lowell Where have you been all my life, lady Her Medieval Series was originally published in the 1990 s, so these are oldies but goodies which have eluded me until now.
As soon as I read this sentence, I knew this was the book for me Dominic stroked his closely clipped mustache and black beard as he studied her Schwing Jackpot So far I have sucked down the first two books of this seriesUntamed 1 , and Forbidden 2 Coming up next is Enchanted 3 , Simon s story.
All beardy goodness aside, these books are fabulous Even if they didn t have beardy heroes whimper, whimper , I would still be in love with them They are incredibly emotional, intense, sexy historicals The characters singboth hero and heroine The lush settings are beautiful I am totally digging all the cool stuff about falconry And the endings are so romantic and satisfying.
these are off the charts romantic These books have some of the most swoon worthy dialogue I have ever seen in a romance novel.
There were only a few things that bothered me One was jarring POV changes, which I got used to pretty fast The second thing is the drawn out misunderstanding in both books about the heroine s state of innocence Nevertheless, I found these books spell binding, could not put them down.
The second book, Duncan s story, made me fall in love with The Stache Check out this sentence When his breath and mustache brushed over her sensitive fingers, it gave her a pleasure so great that she trembled me, toohee hee hee My only truly horrified moment was when Dominic shaved his beard off right before his wedding NOOOOOOOOOI just pretended that scene didn t happen.
So, guess what I ll be doing this weekend Reading about the blond bearded Simon He better not shave his beard off before his wedding, or I m gonna get peeved.
Untamed Grade AForbidden Grade A 4.
5 Old School Untamed Stars There is nopowerful magic than the generous heart and Untamed soul of love My buddy, Chanel, recommended this because she knows what I like and liked it, I did This story was everything I look for in an old school, historical romance Returning home triumphant from the Crusades, Dominic le Sabre is determined to claim the bride promised to him by the king, but the high born Celtic beauty is equally determined to resist him.
Dominic le Sabre was a bastard and I loved him from the start Why am I like this Beauty is such a pale word to describe what you are to me, he whispered Tis like saying winter is cool and sunlight pleasant Dominic isn t everybody s ideal hero, but it s fiction and I have a sweet spot for an alphahole in books If that s your jam too, then you might want to give this one a whirl It was incredibly sensual and swoonyI had to take breaks to catch my breath It s also a slow burn that had me in a permanent state of delicious anticipation Well done, Ms Lowell Dominic said, kissing Meg s fingertips, you healed my body, my heart, and my soul and then you stole them from me one kiss at a time.
RetoRita2 RitaLowellEleg este libro aunque no soy amiga de la rom ntica medieval No he tenido buenas experiencias, he le do libros cuyo nombre no recuerdo, con violencia y violaciones que no es lo mio Pero menos me gustan las del oeste.
As que empec este libro sin ninguna expectativa y realmente, me gust mucho.
Dominic no es ning n imb cil, aunque s desconfiado Ha sufrido mucho en el pasado, durante las cruzadas, por eso quiere establecerse y vivir en paz.
Meg tiene claro que su futuro, si no logra que Dominic se ena, es bastante negro Pero solo quiere paz para su pueblo as que har lo que sea necesario.
Quiz por momentos sea una historia un poco chata, pero tiene sus luchas, traiciones y dem s Ah, y bastante sexo aunque con lenguaje po tico.
Otra cosa que le baj puntos fue la aparici n de otro personaje antagonista demasiado hacia el final.
Pero bueno, le pongo cuatro estrellas porque el desenlace me hizo caer las l grimas de felicidad Es m s, quiero seguir con la serie.
A Great Medieval with Falconry Simply Superb Untamed was my first romance by Elizabeth Lowell and since then, I ve read manyof hers It won the RITA Award and deservedly Her writing is wonderful her period setting excellent and her storytelling is full of action and adventure, natural sexual tension and conflict that is not scary, contrived or over the top but rather, very believable.
Set in the early 12th century, it is the story of Lady Margaret of Blackthorne, a Glendruid witch though she is really a God fearing young woman who loves her people , and Dominic le Sabre the Sword , a knight who has returned to Scotland to be rewarded by King Henry I for great service in the Middle East His reward is Blackthorne Keep, its lands and the Lady Margaret Meg , its mistress Dominic wants lands, peace and heirs male heirs but the Glendruid women cannot bear male heirs unless there is real love present and Dominic has none to give as he s been wounded in heart and soul at the hands of the Saracens Dominic knows Meg was promised to another and he suspects the man was also her lover However, Meg is an innocent young woman, though wise in the ways of people and animals She s a gifted healer, as are all the Glendruids, and she has an amazing way with the falcons they raise at Blackthorne.
I loved the way Lowell wove falconry and the life of a medieval keep into her incredibly detailed story She created wonderful characters two of whom are featured in the next two in the trilogy with period dialog that drew me in from the first page This is a keeper, worth enjoyingthan once I highly recommend it I ve included the Spanish edition cover as it displays the heroine s falconry.

Bought for 0.
10 at Salvation Army Walworth Rd, LondonThis has been my not quite first bodice ripper I have learnt from a friend that these sort of books are the equivalent of bike training wheels Fortunately for me, these sorts of books were not mine To explain why I even picked up my first bodice ripper 1 When I returned to Copenhagen after the summer, I felt book withdrawal, went out and bought a book about the history of romance novels, because it was one of cheapest books there books are pretty expensive in Copenhagen, even second hand ones 2 I felt like reading something easy and trashy, what with all the serious books that I ve read during the year yeah , I wanted a book that didn t take any effort 3 I had nothing to lose when these are going for 10 pence I loved the cheap, garish shocking pink cover and I liked the fact that, on the cover, there wasn t an embracing couple a permanent fixture And THAT font I really love it Untamed is set in 12th century England lots of talk of Saxons and Normans and follows the pursuit of Norman Dominic Le Sabre Dominic The Sword, oh God after his marriage with spirited Saxon Meg, a Glendruid The Glendruid women are cursed they cannot conceive unless a man pleases them in bed resulting in a girl child or, if the man is very very very keen on a male heir which they are as this is 12th century it is not enough for a man to be good in bed, but the couple must be truly in love I was okay with this, I could deal with a hero called The Sword who goes on and on about hiserm, sword, both kinds I could deal with a spirited witch breed woman What I couldn t deal is how long winded it all was I felt I had to get through a lot of faff to get to the thrilling bits, which is the only reason why women read these kinds of books, let s face it And then, they were so So Funny I thought it was hilarious that the author would be trying to gbe all love and poetic and soft focus and then she d drop these clangers in the middle that would snap me out of it all and I just couldn t take it seriously It s hard to read a book that you pretty much do not have any respect for, so I stopped I genuinely have some interest, but it was never enough to pick up the book again and when I did pick up the book to resume reading, I was just reminded how awful it all was As I m reading romance books as part of research to help me understand the conventions and history of the genre to better understand the other book that I bought I will continue giving the genre a try Maybe something Southern next time Any recommendations An old fashioned, non p.
, historical romance One of my favorites Some readers got their knickers in a knot because our hero forces the heroine to wear bells, but it s a Medieval romance, and I thought it was sublimely perfect.
Discretion advised as has major spoilers My take on the storyA hero of the crusades, Dominic le Sabre has returned to Scotland in glory and triumph to claim his reward from the King a beautiful Saxon bride with a dowry of vast lands.
But Lady Margaret of Blackthorne, descendent from a long line of sacred female Celtic mystics, the Glendruids, fears an ancient curse that could bring further turmoil to her battle scarred landand sorrow to her marriage bed Now our H hungers for two things only lands of his own and sons to forge a dynasy So as he enters the Blackthorne land.
I wonder if Lady Margaret is as eager to wed as you Eager or dragging feet like a donkey, it matters not My heir will be born by Easter nextCharming Meanwhile the h s father has his own agenda He hates the Norman Lord who has been forced on him as a son in law The h is not really his daughter he was cuckolded, you see , and he wants to get her married to Duncan, his beloved illegitimate son eyeroll His plans to disrupt the marriage fail, and so he instead curses the Norman interloper or rather reveals the ancient curse before conveniently konking offSo I give you a toast, enemy mine, John said with savage satisfaction I give you a life without sons I give you a life in which you will live every minute knowing that your line dies with you I give you Lady Margaret, witch of GlendruidThe rattled H sends for an old glendruid healer to get his factsIt s not that Meg is infertile, Lord Dominic It s that no Glendruid son will be conceived if there isn t love between the parents The H laughs off such nonsense and gets back to businessI will have sonsBut now the H has another suspicion Mayhaps the Lady Meg has lain with her ex intended and is with child So the clever guy decides to wait for her period before consummating the weddingSo you let her sleep alone Until she bleeds That way I ll be certain I m not like John, raising another man s getThe h is understanbly miffedDominic s decree angered Meg It was bad enough that he didn t trust her not to be breeding Duncan s bastard It was unbearable to be wanted simply for the fruit of her womb rather than for her laughter and her companionship, her warmth and her wit, her silences and her hopes She had so muchto share with Dominic than a future heirOkay Calm down, girl.
And here he comes with his favorite QHave you bled yetNo, she hasn t It was a long month, to my mind.
Meanwhile his distrust of the h continues.
I will make you a bargain, he said in a frigid voice Give me two sons and I will send you to London There you will certainly find entertainment that pleases your wanton tastesHe still doesn t get itI could be a liar, a cheat, a robber, a felon none of it matters to you One womb serves as well as another, so long as it comes with Blackthorne KeepYes, that s exactly what he means.
But then the clever guy changes tactics to make her fall in love Honey over vinegarA man too impatient to train his falcon will lose her the first time he takes off the leash, Dominic reminded himself I have barely succeeded in putting my leash in place, much less in training her to fly at my command and for my pleasureAnd she is lured despite herself The stubborn hope that had kept generations of Glendruid women alive stirred oncewithin Meg, whispering to her that a man who was capable of such tenderness and laughter might also be capable of love.
but if he could love her If that were possible Then anything was possible.
Even a Glendruid sonSo the siege beginsCome to me, Glendruid witch See in me what you want to see Betray your living fortress to me Lie open and undefended for my taking.
Give me the son I must haveThe lowlife The unspeakable cad Still I loved the middle chapters of slow seduction and intimacy They were sizzling hot even without actual sex The taming of an actual peregrine, Fatima and the analogous taming softening up of the h small falcon as he calls her were delightful if quite non pc and those gold chains he wraps around her body and hair delicate and belled, but chains nonetheless She still loved wearing them and hearing the musical chimes that play up even with her slightest movement Of course, we hit some roadblocksHave you bled yet, small falcon NoBut slowly but surely the tone changesWork with me, wife Help me to bring peace to the land How Blend Saxon and Norman blood Give me sonsThe seducer starts getting seducedHeal me, Meg.
Love me.
Give me sonsAnd at long last the sweet ending.
after slaying some villainsGlendruid witch, Dominic said, kissing Meg s fingertips, you healed my body, my heart, and my soul and then you stole them from me one kiss at a time With or without heirs, I will have no other wife but youETA Only other book where the H so incessantly demands a son from the h was The Unwanted Wife P