ß Kabale und Liebe î Download by Õ Friedrich Schiller

ß Kabale und Liebe î Download by Õ Friedrich Schiller I never expected to actually like this book Especially not since I had to read it for my exam But I enjoyed it The beginning was really good, intruiging and I also like the style and the oh so different language.
Sadly, the ending didn t really do it for me shrug Act 4 was a bit too long and we all know what was about to happen I dunno, I got a bit bored reading the last pages Nonetheless, a really good book Intrigue and Love by Friedrich SchillerKabale und Liebe 8 out of 10 Is this a romantic play It could be, even if the action does not take place under the moon, as I learned that romantic works favorIt has the conflict between passion and rational thinking and it is an example of a classic, old fashioned play.
The plot could have inspired screenwriters who churn out scripts for soap operas and telenovelas popular in Latino markets and with my mother.
There are a major, a blonde young girl and her beloved family, an evil president, the prince who had an affair with a principled, but jealous woman and an official who abuses power Pretty much a soap opera, isn t it And yet, this is the source of inspiration, but the feelings and emotions are genuine and very well placed on stage.
The major Ferdinand von Walter loves a young girl Luise Miller that is not the catch that his father had in mind for the offspring of a president.
President von Walter represents the force of evil and in order to amass political power he had broken all the rules.
He wants his son to marry Lady Miller who used to be the favorite of the prince.
Because Ferdinand is on the verge of compromising these plans, a plot is set in motion by Wurm, the secretary of the president.
When the young man visits Lady Miller, there is a clash between two personalities that aim for different things.
The woman feels insulted, even if she is positively inclined versus the major and is willing to be his spouse.
This is a classic case of wrong expectations and preconceived ideas, with the young man prepared to reject and blame a woman who is rather virtuous.
Miller, the town musician and Luise s father is upset by the relationship because the prince would blame him, and in fact the vile man will do than that.
Wurm this sounds like worm and acts likewise prepares a scheme whereby miller and his wife end up in jail.
The only way out is for Luise to agree to write a love letter that would confess to a false affair that she never dreamed of.
The letter is taken to Ferdinand as proof that his lover is cheating on him.
Heartbroken, Ferdinand talks to his father and praises his foresight and the accurate assessment of his now former love You were right father, Luise is no good But I agree that you can marry her You said she is a loose woman There are some other unexpected developments Lady Milford gives away her fortune and blames the prince for his attitude.
There is an intrigue that keeps changing, with a president now calling Luise a whore and then encouraging his son to marry her.
Love is very strong, especially in Luise.
She loves her parents, for whom she sacrifices her own happiness and well being.
Ferdinand is in love, at least for a period, but what happens to him once he is given the false proof of betrayal is puzzling.
He acts in the manner of Othello and with all the understandable jealousy, it is disappointing to see him change from a lover to a hater.
This was a great play, which you can download legally at www.
org 3.
5 strictly for the father daughter relationship.
More like 2.
5 stars.
but it was 100000 times better than the last books I ve read for school so far ahahaha If I want to be totally honest, I m not sure if I would have gave it a 5 if I had not seen a really amazing performance of it before reading the actual text Sometimes, for me, a play should come alive on the stage to fully appreciate it.
Now I m kind of verging on 4.
5 I liked how it was not a sole Romeo and Juliet story, I liked the twist in the end compared to RJ I also liked the fact that the main heroine s character evolved albeit it happened a bit too abruptly in my opinion , and it wasn t like in other plays like the most important thing for a heroine is to love and be pretty and that s all I liked that Luise became thoughtful and philosophical I also liked the lady s character it was so complex Also the Miller couple was fabulously written as well.

I had to read this book for school and I didn t expect too much from it to be honest It turned out to be just as I imagined it to be Boring It s not only the language I usually don t have a big problem with reading old books, but it s not just that the language is old It was kind of weird, I don t know how to explain it, but it was just pretty annoying but also the story, which was really annoying and just too dramatic view spoiler Ferdinand is also too jealous and I just hate the ending I don t understand why he would kill Luise and himself just because he thinks she betrayed him And I also can t understand how he could even believe that the letter was real He is so naive and jealous and that just bothered me all the time hide spoiler I feel my reviews are biased whenever I talk about something written by Schiller I can t even understand why I like him so much even though I m always finding some contradictions in his plays It could be his odd way of removing parts which would help the reader understand completely the situation although it s understandable the way it is to help the action evolve and progress faster.
But anyway I liked Kabale und Liebe very much The influences of Shakespeare and Lessing, which are significant, were used brilliantly The characters were a tad na ve for my liking But the play was full of action and suspense With a tragic and dramatic end and a really bad guy to make the protagonists suffer, a lot All in all, it s a good play that I impetuously recommend to all of you.
Appart from being a great Sturm und Drang example i.
e the discourse of enlightenment The self criticism implied in the drama was the aspect that profoundly caught my attention The love that drags itself to the threshold of sacrifice always fails to blossom in to its full and falls back as it comes to self preservation May be Lady Milford and her radical action in the end could be a realization of a will that is prepared to move one step beyond her predetermined bounds and make a change And My favorite quote is Es gibt eine Gegend in meinem Herzen, worin das Wort Vater noch nie geh rt worden ist Dringen Sie nicht bis in diese.
Schiller, you the one and only PRESIDENT Furiously Insolent Villain Your Impertinence Shall Procure You A Lodging In Prison To His Servants Call In The Officers Of Justice Away Some Of The Attendants Go Out The PRESIDENT Paces The Stage With A Furious Air The Father Shall To Prison The Mother And Her Strumpet Daughter To The Pillory Justice Shall Lend Her Sword To My Rage For This Insult Will I Have Ample Amends Shall Such Contemptible Creatures Thwart My Plans, And Set Father And Son Against Each Other With Impunity Tremble, Miscreants I Will Glut My Hate In Your Destruction The Whole Brood Of You Father, Mother, And Daughter Shall Be Sacrificed To My Vengeance

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller November 10, 1759 May 9, 1805 was a German poet, philosopher, historian, and dramatist During the last few years of his life 17881805 , Schiller struck up a productive, if complicated, friendship with already famous and influential Johann Wolfgang Goethe, with whom he greatly discussed issues concerning aesthetics, encouraging Goethe to finish works he