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Trailer ↠´ A Certain Wolfish Charm PDF by Ú Lydia Dare How much fun was THIS Well, perhaps not that much fun, but certainly very lively And, while there aren t usually werewolves on roller coasters, this book was almost that fast paced I ve been wanting to read it since it came out a couple of years ago but never got around to it Lucky for me, I found it on a rack at the library while waiting for my kids the other night.
It was quick, it was naughty, it was light, it was entertaining, and I m looking forward to reading the next one I picked it up on Tuesday night and was finished by bedtime Wednesday I had trouble putting it down, it was so engaging Of course the downside to reading a book that quickly is that I won t remember a thing about it 3 weeks from now, but the upside is it ll be like a brand new book to me by Christmas I had one bad moment, where I was afraid that LD was going to view spoiler cross the species line into bestiality, but THANK GOD she narrowly averted that skeevy disaster shudders hide spoiler A brief description of this book s main female character caught my attention She was only 24, but considered herself on the shelf, was devoted to raising her dead sister s adolescent son, and seem to have spunk I had to know .
Lily Rutledge needed help with her 12 year old nephew and who better to turn to than the boy s guardian even though he hadn t shown any interest in the lad in six years She was still mystified why her brother in law had chosen his cousin as guardian He wouldn t even answer her letters.
Little did Lily know that a simple, quick trip to see the Duke of Blackmoor at Westfield Hall would turn her life and the world as she knew it upside down.
Thus begins the tantalizing adventure of A Certain Wolfish Charm by debut romance author Lydia Dare.
Simon Westfield, the Duke of Blackmoor, has a scandalous reputation He is rich, powerful, charming, and devilishly sexy He keeps the gossip busy with his latest indulgence He has no time for tedious things like correspondence.
Lily arrives on Simon s doorstep demanding his help with young Oliver The once sweet and gentle boy is fast becoming unruly, often given to burst of temper, and growingrapidly than most youngsters his age Simon quickly sends Lily away without considering what is troubling the boy Once he fully realizes the boy s predicament, he races after Lily to return her to his home and send for the boy.
Lily, glad Simon will finally show Oliver some attention, returns with him Simon now wants to keep Oliver with him, but Lily will not abandoned her nephew and is determined to stay Despite his outrageous behavior and scandalous lifestyle, she finds herself drawn to Simon.
Trying to keep his instincts under control, Simon is instantly pulled to Lily Her strength and resolve stirs him and he vows to protect her from others and himself at all cost.
The attraction between the two is felt immediately The push and pull between them only entices the reader in deeper Add in Simon s sinfully charming brother, Will, along with the handsome men next door and the pot begins to boil To top it off, Lily is befriended by Prisca Hawthorne of Langley Downs who loves to stir up trouble for the Westfield men.
This isn t a murder mystery, even though murder is threaten numerous times and you think on occasion it might happen The book does have a mysterious element even though it s billed as a historical romance set in Regency England A Certain Wolfish Charm is oh, so much .
While the attraction between Simon and Lily heats up, the reader is beguiled as a mystery unfolds surrounding the Westfield men, including Oliver Lily finds a Lycan family tree and the pieces begin to fall in place.
You ll be laughing out loud one minute, ready to choke one of the Westfield men the next, all the while loving the relationship that is growing between Simon and Lily By the time the mystery is revealed, you ll be a believer already fallen under the spell of A Certain Wolfish Charm Author Lydia Dare captures the feel of 1816 England while stimulating the readers romantic side and arousing curiosity about a mystery tied to the moon A Certain Wolfish Charm is the first in a trilogy with Tall, Dark and Wolfish next and The Wolf Next Door to follow.
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A Certain Wolfish Charm caught my attention almost as soon as I saw the title I didn t expect it to be about a werewolf family in Regency England I thought it merely was a statement of the male lead s personality The description hooked me however and I eagerly awaited the chance to read this Then I began reading it and I eagerly sacrificed my sleep in order to read it all in one sitting.
The premise isn t a new one, but the way that Dare handles the Lycan side of Simon and the other family members afflicted with the genetics was certainly interesting Apparently in order to keep the Beast at bay Simon perfected a routine that involved sleeping women, gambling and carousing to be fair so did his two brothers William and the absent Benjamin He is also rather thick headed when it comes to what will make a woman happy His original solution to the predicament of Lily wanting to stay near Oliver, Simon wanting to stay near Lily and keeping the secret that he was afraid would repulse her is one of his stupidest mistakes Which everyone isthan happy to tell him, but he s so excited about that stupid mistake its hard to fault him for it.
Lily is not shrinking violet and doesn t let Simon or Oliver, or anyone for that matter make her feel as if she doesn t have a right to what she has to say Her moments of vulnerability are understandable, given Simon s initial hot cold passionate scared treatment of her as well as her fear of becoming what her sister became after marrying Simon s cousin David She can come across as being entirely too nosy at times however Simonwell Simon is hard to resist I can t imagine too many men would offer to give the girl they want to bed badly a dowry and then offer to practically tear an old friend s arm off for even thinking of marrying her all in the same breath The two of them are entirely too blind to what s going on between them and it sometimes makes mountains out of molehills There are definite trust issues involved, but Dare doesn t explore them as deeply as I wanted and Lily s attempts at wheedling information out of Simon or anyone else wereannoying then anything else.
Oliver, Lily s nephew by her late sister Emma who married David, Simon s cousin , is the most surly, obstinate and aggravating child I have ever read about Lily mentions how sweet and amiable the child was before he hit twelve, but I can t see it And neither can any other character quite frankly almost every single character either mentions or thinks that Lily is a Saint for being able to put up with him the last six years Certainly the fact he is undergoing the transformation for the first time and is scared of what s happening to him explains some of it, but the kid was just this side of being a complete jerk to everyone including Lily.
As this is the first in the trilogy, there is a lotset up that will come to fruition in the latter two books William s past relationship with Prisca the girl next door and Benjamin s disappearance for instance The trilogy is slated to have back to back releases which by the way, I love when publishers do that, just saying with A Certain Wolfish Charm due in April, Tall, Dark and Wolfish due out in May Benjamin and The Wolf Next Door due out in June William.
This is Dare s debut novel and is well worth reading and enjoying The in jokes between Simon and William about being wolves , the banter between any of the characters is amusing and witty and the heat is high I can t possibly recommend this book , though I m sure I could fangirl a bitif anyone would like.
What I really liked was the secondary character William and his relationship with Prica I am so intrigued that I may have to skip book 2 and dive into book 3 Williams story The banter between the two reminded me of the dashing and witty Lord Leo Hathaway and his Catherine Marks The characters are fun and the romance sweet but in fact A Certain Wolfish Charm lacks any true character depth and angst The hero Simon is extremely Alpha and I did enjoy his possessiveness Lily is likable but I just didn t fall in love with them The paranormal aspect is very minimal, the wolfish world building is nil and the Lycan just becomes a vice to torment the heroine In conjunction with his rakish ways he also hides his Lycan being The PN aspect makes this otherwise common HR a bitinteresting and unusual but having read many PNR I would classify this as a light and fluffy PNR.
I did think the use of Historic language was lacking and overall the novel could have been a bittight at times it felt as if the story would never end 3.
5 Although this one is not a complete winner I do have hopes for this series.

A charming sexy wolf story to make you howl at the moon, that I really enjoyed The characters are all enjoyable After reading a few historical romance I found this one felt like a historical read than most At least the author used words from that time period and made sure she added the slang, it made itenjoyable for me to read Now as I said this book is charming its not like most shape shifter books You get no fighting action or anyparanormal creatures What you get is a charming love story between one wolf Simon, that thinks he has to hide the fact he can change during the moon phases Then you get one strong woman Lily that has had enough of the duke s not answering his mail about his nephew and goes to confront him From there things gets really heated between them, but Simon still wants to hide the fact of his changing Both Simon and Lily are great to read I really liked Will, Simons brother and can t wait to get to his book The only thing I didn t like was the book was very predictable, but with all of its charm the book has I can easily overlook it I would suggest if your going to read the series do not skip this one, it has a lot of information for future books.
It is painful to read what is supposed to be Regency era romance and hear dialogue that has such a modern structure and cadence I am never fond of the story line in which the hero keeps the big secret from the heroine to protect herbecause she couldn t possibly have a brain to decide for herself Really a shame because this could have been so much better The first book in Lydia Dare s new trilogy, A Certain Wolfish Charm, we are swept into regency England and introduced to Lily Ruthledge and Simon Westridge Lily is an on the shelf spinster who has faithfully raised her young nephew, Oliver, since birth But Lily has noticed that Oliver has begun to change over the last year Becoming bigger, stronger, andvolatile, Lily is concerned and has been trying to contact Simon for help though no avail Simon, The Duke Of Blackmoor, is your above average Duke Handsome, rich, and much in demand amongst the ladieshe has been avoiding Lily and his responsibilities as Oliver s guardian But Lily has had enough and shows up at Simon s home and demands to be heard Once Simon realizes what is going on he has Lily and Oliver relocated to his estate and begins to try and help Oliver Simon wants Lily And Lily wants Simon But will Lily want Simon once she knows his secret I was intrigued from page one of this story You know what the plot is from the first few pages but Ms Dare s wonderful way with words wrap you up and demand you see how it all plays out I found myself less the reader anda participant I really wouldn t call this a Paranormal Romance It sof a historical romance with some paranormal intrigue Lily and Simon are delightful The chemistry between them is delicious and intense You can t help but root for them to make it Simon is very much the alpha in charge though it is funny to watch everyone who loves him ignore him He s like an errant child who is lovingly hushed at times While Lily is a proper young English miss she is strong, opinionated, and not one to be swept under the rug I will be honest, this is one of those books I talked to You know, the one where your reading and exclaiming out loud OMG Oh no, I KNOW he did nt Well, if your going to wear stilettos in the woods at night, you deserve to die I called Simon an cranky idiot pretty much through out the book But he s a cranky idiot you ll love Simon s secret involves Oliver and the whole Westridge family Due to past history, Simon truly feels that Lily will hate him once she learns of his secret and will leave him And being a man he tries to pull the wool over Lily s eyes and rule her life through passion And boy, are there some interesting passionate scenes He pushes her away while at the same time keeping her close thus almost destroying their relationship before it even starts.
It was interesting to watch Simon try and keep his his dual life a secret Especially when Lily is very much in tune with Simon and his moods Lily knows something is going on and while the rest of Simon s family is giving her cluesthey are making her find out for herself There is some humor in the book which plays nicely into the story line Will, Simon s brother, is the mischievous sort who delights in driving Simon crazy His attempts at helping the romance along are not met well by Simon We also meet Lady Prisca Hawthorne Prissy to those who don t value their lives She takes Lily under her wing and helps force Simon s hand along There is a tangible tension between Will and Prisca and you sense an interesting story that begs to be told And it will be in her next book The Wolf Next Door which comes out in June The only part I didn t like about the story was how stubborn Simon was Honestly, I wanted to smack the manthan once He is given so many examples of how to fix things but chooses to focus on one instance where it didn t work I really felt the story could have gone deeper if so much time hadn t been spent on convincing Simon The HEA ending is a bit of a surprise in how it s played out but a nice one that got the juices flowing a little All in all I enjoyed A Certain Wolfish Charm I will definitely read the next in the series.
My entire family drove to a place called Wagga Wagga on Saturday For the first part of the trip I ditched my son with my husband and my brother in their car and slept in the back of the car my parents were driving Yes, for an hour I got to relive my childhood and have my parents all to myself stuck in the car with me so that they couldn t escape My dad passed over his iPad when I woke up and said he d downloaded some books for me to read It was either reading the first book of this series or the many, many Kathleen E Woodiwiss novels, or Wilbur Smith novels.
Now this probably looks like my dad was being considerate and thought that since his daughter reads paranormal trash, that all paranormal trash is the same so he chose this series to download and decided to throw in some chic lit as well to keep me happy Actually, my dad loves romance novels and he has read all of this series and almost every Kathleen Woodiwiss novel there is He s also read Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse series If that isn t scary then I don t know what is Okay, yes I do, my dad also does the best damn rendition of The Rocky Horror Show s I m Just a Sweet Transvestite that I ve ever heard It makes me seek therapy every time he does it So I started reading this one on his recommendation I can t say I read it for long It was pretty much like every other historical romance You know, the hero is a cad, the heroine is a fiery minx with sweet eyes and creamy orbs for breats This one just had werewolves.
They were just posing for a book cover, guys The Rules Of Society Can Be Beastly Especially When You Re A Werewolf And It S That Irritating Time Of The Month Simon Westfield, The Duke Of Blackmoor, Is Rich, Powerful, And Sinfully Handsome, And Has Spent His Entire Life Creating Scandal And Mayhem It Doesn T Help His Wolfish Temper At All That Miss Lily Rutledge Seems Not The Least Bit Afraid Of Him, And In Fact, May Be As Untamable As He IsA Woman Whose Charm Is Stronger Than The MoonWhen Lily S Beloved Nephew S Behavior Becomes Inexplicably Wild, She Turns To Simon, The Boy S Cousin And Guardian, For Help But Simon S Idea Of Assistance Is Far Different Than Hers, And Lily Finds Herself Ensconced In His House And Engaged To The RogueThey Both May Have Bitten Off Than They Can Chew When Each Begins To Discover The Other S Darkest Secrets

Lydia Dare is the pseudonym for the writing team of Tammy Falkner and Jodie Pearson Both are active members of the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and have sat on the organization s Board of Directors Their writing process involves passing a manuscript back and forth, each one writing 1500 words after editing the other s previous installment Jodie specializes in writing the history and Tammy