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Ò Of Bees and Mist ï Download by » Erick Setiawan Free Delivery If Order Value From The Seller Is Greater Than Used Book In Good Condition No Missing Torn Pages No Stains Note The Above Used Product Classification Has Been Solely Undertaken By The Seller Shall Neither Be Liable Nor Responsible For Any Used Product Classification Undertaken By The Seller A To Z Guarantee Not Applicable On Used Products In light of my human bestie just having read this and loved it, and also in celebration of this same human bestie s forthcoming trip to ME 8 days , I am bumping this review because I loved this book so hard and am feeling the need to re read it soon.
This is a very hard book to review, since I don t think I ve ever read anything else like it, and I m not likely to in my lifetime I don t really know how to describe this book Others have called it magical realism, a fairy tale, a fable.
and I m not sure which category this novel seems to fit into None very cleanly, that is.
Meridia is kind of a lost soul She is sad and lonely, with very few friends, a cold mother and distant father, and is stuck in an old house with nobody to talk to and nobody to look up to She meets Daniel when she is sixteen and is immediately swept into a beautiful fairy tale love story when they marry and Meridia leaves her home to live with Daniel s family Who at first seem pretty great, but once the illusions become unnecessary, Meridia finds herself in even of a nightmare than the one she left.
Clairvoyance and magic are an everyday reality in the fictional town which serves as the setting I know that some people who read this took an issue with this, but it didn t bother me at all In fact, I found it refreshing to read a book where all the rules have been thrown out Eric Setiawan also writes beautifully, and his poetic tone really added to the overall eerie atmosphere of the book The characters are also extremely interesting and multi faceted, and I loved learning new things about them and seeing their layers unravel as the plot thickens This is a fairy tale of sorts, one that is even twisted than one the Brothers Grimm thought up Daniel and Meridia have a beautiful love story that is strained, pulled, and twisted by familial and social circumstances In a way, this fairy tale serves also as an allegory and a fable as well, as every mystical creation has a deeper meaning All magic aside, the core of this novel is the survival of love amidst hard and cruel circumstances whether they be family loyalties, or the threat of poverty, or even the dissipation of the fairy tale romance that every relationship is fated to encounter At times, this novel is heartbreaking, at times very moving I was very sorry for it to end, and wish that actually this novel had been double its length Like Neil Gaiman s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Of Bees and Mist made me long to stay in this mystical world a bit longer because I knew that there were secrets left to uncover, people left to meet, and to this story than the one which ended on the last page 5 beautiful, wonderful, mystical stars I can t wait to re read this soon.
loved this book, this book was a National Blue Ribbon Award winner by BOMC several years ago I have read many books on that list and have loved them all Because Jess says PS If you don t love this book then Just please love this book Never fear my relationship with my humanbestie remains intact for the time being anyways side eyes The Stranger 5 words CAN break your heart StarsI fell in love with Of Bees and Mist so slowly and entirely that it was not until I had put it down that I realized how completely it had consumed my thoughts How deeply Setiawan s words and characters had wound themselves around my bitter, black heart But don t take my word for it here are some of his The small talk that sprang readily to their lips came to hers only with a tremendous effort After an opportunity had come and gone, she often scolded herself for not saying this or doing that, for laughing too loud or smiling too little Whenever she tried to re create the moment of contact, she was easily rebuffed by the slightest gesture, withdrawing all too quickly if she thought she was in the way The old stone and brick schoolhouse, with its four gabled roofs and round little windows, was the only thing that seemed steadfast to her, while the beings that populated its rooms and thundered down its corridors were unreal and unpredictable It gripped her like a monstrous truth that she was condemned to lead life without belonging or feeling close to anyone.
While there is magic present in this world it never carries the actual story here but rather compliments a story of love s disillusions It is like magical symbolism than anything, the bees and mists of the title came to represent the bitter sting of cruel words and the manifestations of the impenetrable walls that lies and infidelity create At its core this isn t a supernatural story, it is a story of humanity s imperfections and how you cope with a life that is less perfect than the one you had planned for yourself When life heaps on the monotony and flaws of everyday life how does the dream of love survive How many cruel selfish actions does it take to finally destroy it Meridia was eighteen when she met Daniel, a handsome carefree young man They fell desperately in love, the kind of consumptive love that only the foolish or very young can seem to experience As is generally the case, life doesn t let Meridia s naivet go unpunished Nor Daniel s There is a lot going on in this novel first love, heartbreak, deception, cruelty and stubbornness, to name but a few My heart soared and broke apart with these characters stories So many moments and passages left me breathless with wonder and heartbreak for them Don t you see They are both extreme and exacting creatures When they love, it is so complete they can tolerate no defects Ask them to die for each other and they will drag a sword across their throat without hesitation But ask them to blunt their edges, to endure arguments and daily imperfections, and they will despise each other to no end.
This is Erick Setiawan s first novel I was so impressed that I can t wait to see what else he s got to offer in the future.
At the core of the story is the life of Meridia and the people who come in and out of her life as she grows from an insecure child, into a very clever and strong woman It all starts with her very strange parents and the cold house with ghosts in the mirrors and shadows on the walls Then follows her life with the family she becomes a part of after she marries the love of her life, Daniel Growing up in a home where her mother often forgot her, and her father disappeared in a cloud of mist every night, living with Daniel s family should be a change for the better, right Unfortunately, with a mother in law that uses bees to enrage the members of her family as well as plays them agaisnt one another Meridia soon discovers that her new home is as full of secrets as the one she grew up in.
I loved this book so much that I couldn t wait to get back to it every time I had to put it down, and had to read it in long stretches I just couldn t put it down It was well written, unique, lyrical, and so filled with emotion that I found some scenes overwhelming The antagonist does such horrible things and puts her family through so much that I kept hoping she would fade away, like other characters did.
This is an outstanding book, a total keeper that is very hard to categorise because of it s unique, atmospheric, and very touching story about the trials of family, spun in a remarkable web of fantasy Of Bees and Mist is a captivating book that ll sweep you up into a cloud of mystical wonder and keep you glued from start to finish by the vivid imagery, interesting characters, the magic of every word, and the constant heartbreak of the central character.
It started out as something I thought I would enjoy a fairy tale for adults As the story progressed, I started to like it less and less I don t know if it was partly due to the Dutch translation, but it all felt like the use of language was very clich and something I could ve written myself Somewhere halfway through the book, all to me irritating things were starting to add up and I was very close to giving up on it entirely What irritating things you wonder 1 How many times do you have to use the word womb I actually thought of counting the number of times myself, but then thought it was a waste of my time When I get really bored at some point, I might still do it and add it here, just to give an indication on how ridiculously often this word is being used.
2 The stepmother is evil Still evil You thought she wasn t evil She s evil Yup, very evil And still is OKAY, WE GET IT, SHE S EVIL I actually said this after a wee bit of cursing out loud after reading this sentence The next morning, Patina showed up on Willow Lane with welts on her face and cigarette burns on her hands Seriously 3 How come every character in this book annoys the living feces out of me They re all caricatures of themselves I hated pretty much all of the adult male characters, especially Daniel The only character I somewhat liked was Meridia, the main character, which was vital to making me able to finish this book Still, her naivety was something I could barely stand as well The same goes for the lack of willpower in the beginning of the story Why would you stay in such a terrible house and with such a insert bad word of a husband 4.
Then there were the vulgar scenes and language which I didn t understand the usage of except maybe the author trying to make it clear that this is an ADULT fairy tale I don t think that this is the way to do it Adding a couple of obscene scenes to a Harry Potter book doesn t put an adult stamp on it either it just makes it look ridiculous and inappropriate.
One thing I m wondering about is Ahab s home country Try us, and we ll ship you back ass first to the windmill hell you came from Was this a reference to Holland Anyhow, why not give this book one star instead of two after all this negative ranting Because I finished it in about a week and was hoping for something unexpectedly interesting to happen So it kept me going until the end Don t get me started on the ending by the waySomething about forgiving and letting go No way.
EDIT I m giving this book 1 star anyways because every time I think of it, I get annoyed all over again.
This is quite possibly my favorite book ever.
I lament the lack of grown up fantasy novels, but this book delivers on that an so much It s than just, Look at this cool world I ve thought up and angst y love triangles tropes that I see in too many of the stories I read This book has depth, and the fantastic elements are just metaphors made tangible, a world steeped in magic but still filled with real human emotions.
The whole book is permeated by the melancholy of lost love The against all odds lovers are there, in the form of a girl who is often quite literally invisible and the boy who finally sees her His mother makes for a delightfully twisted villain, one with a droning army of bees at her disposal It s a roller coaster as Meridia and her husband struggle to escape his mother s clutches and to keep their marriage alive Meridia s parents marriage, failed though not ended, seems to foreshadow an unhappy ending Although her husband can be weak and spineless, I found myself rooting for their reconciliation And we all know I m a sucker for a happy ending.
I really kind of hated this book, but at least it wasn t boring.
I can t imagine why you would dedicate a book to your mother, and then have the whole thing be about two of the worst mothers that have ever existed.
I know I m always going on about the roles of women in fiction, but seriously, this guy apparently considers women to be barely sentient.
I mean, most of us really have better things to do than try to destroy the lives of everyone around us.
Almost exactly two hours ago, I finished reading Of Bees and Mist, and I m still in its spell Normally I am opposed to writing reviews right after I read a book, because often my opinion of a book needs time to sort of marinate I tend to get fonder of a book the longer I ve had to think, but I have to say, my fondness for this book is pretty darn inconsequential What matters is that this curious novel has dug its way under my skin in a way I can tell will last for quite awhile Saying that Of Bees and Mist is a fable like story of two women one whose birth home is infested by perpetual mist and one who literally whispers bees who are locked in furious and long lasted battle is rather inadequate If I add that its chapters are hung lusciously with metaphor see what I did there I get a little closer But the real charm and danger both of this book are the familial relationships Because the two women at the heart of the book though there are many for a book written by a man, I m pretty much blown away by the scads of nuanced, strong women in this novel he has possibly stolen my estrogen it s all right, he s making good use of it , Eva and Meridia, are mother in law and daughter in law Their common link is a pleasant but flawed man, and the way that the author paints the relationship between mother, daughter in law, husband, sister in law, etc etc is very familiar for all its magic realism trappings Meridia escapes from a troubled home life directly into the arms of Daniel, a guileless young man From him she inherits a complicated family drama ultimately controlled by Eva, who is a wicked stepmother in the most horrifying and delicious meaning of the phrase Anyone who has had the slightest amount of conflict with their in laws or extended family will appreciate the subtleties and motivations of every character in OF BEES Events and what each party s perception of events are often delightfully confused This is young, married life, served with family sized side dishes of guilt trips, subtext, and meaningful looks Definitely enough to share and enough again to take home for later But there s joy, too, and charm aplenty, and some moments stark and moving in their suddenly unsentimental view of love A clever tale like this, brimming with none so subtle metaphors and magic, could easily be an intriguing exercise in the fantastic and mundane, but the reason OF BEES is getting put here in my five stars category is that the characters evoked genuine emotion and sympathy from me The phrase flawed, strong heroine is thrown around too much, but Meridia is that if I ve ever seen one She makes bad choices, hard choices, but she always makes A choice and you re always convinced she s the hero regardless her goodness is not in question Normally, I can t tolerate infidelity plotlines but infidelity in this case was necessary though agonizing This book was both a pleasure and a pain to read and I m so glad I picked it up entirely by chance, while rushing through the store on the way out of town Might ve been the work of fate or of the engineering spirits, if Of Bees and Mist is to be believed wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads bookshelf as a hearty endorsement I can t believe I just said hearty It sounds like a stew.
Oh my heart I am so, so, SO glad I read this while on Thanksgiving break from work If I d tried to read it during the usual midweek hustle bustle of life, there s no way I could have slowed down enough to hang with it And it would have been my loss, because holy peppercorns can Erick Setiawan write.
And that s pretty cool in itself, because if you read his very funny bio, he s not a native English speaker and has harbored doubts about his writing ability, going so far as to get an advanced degree in computer science because it felt accessible That he pursued his dream of fiction writing instead of churning out software code is our good fortune Of Bees and Mist is basically a 400 page fairy tale for adults If you re looking to recreate the feeling of sitting on your grandmother s lap as she told one story before bedtime, this book will do it Meridia suffers a cold and isolated childhood with a distant, raging mother and critical, imperious father Mists of varying colors surround their house by day and night, mysteriously ushering in and out strong emotions and heart stopping betrayals When Meridia meets an enchanting stranger at a fair in town, escape from her sadness finally seems possible Unfortunately, married life brings unending trouble of its own, this time in the guise of her tempestuous mother in law, who exhales swarms of bees as she airs her grievances It s one of the best feats of sustained magical realism I ve ever read And despite its surreal quality, I was hopelessly invested in the characters I read the last pages with my heart in my mouth This isn t the kind of book you can successfully read in ten minute chunks It needs time and space to breathe, to take root in your mind For best results, wait for life to settle and slow, and serve with a hot beverage and a blanket.
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ERICK SETIAWAN was born in 1975 in Jakarta, Indonesia, to Chinese parents A quiet, shy child, he was thankfully raised in a family of gifted storytellers, who taught him that while life might have an endless supply of conflict, not all of it translates into a good story Due to the anti Chinese sentiment prevalent in Indonesia, his childhood was often fraught with tension, which prompted him to