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[ Pdf The Pillars of the Earth à birds PDF ] by Ken Follett ↠´ Ken Follett Is Known Worldwide As The Master Of Split Second Suspense, But His Most Beloved And Bestselling Book Tells The Magnificent Tale Of A Twelfth Century Monk Driven To Do The Seemingly Impossible Build The Greatest Gothic Cathedral The World Has Ever KnownEverything Readers Expect From Follett Is Here Intrigue, Fast Paced Action, And Passionate Romance But What Makes The Pillars of the Earth Extraordinary Is The Time The Twelfth Century The Place Feudal England And The Subject The Building Of A Glorious Cathedral Follett Has Re Created The Crude, Flamboyant England Of The Middle Ages In Every Detail The Vast Forests, The Walled Towns, The Castles, And The Monasteries Become A Familiar Landscape Against This Richly Imagined And Intricately Interwoven Backdrop, Filled With The Ravages Of War And The Rhythms Of Daily Life, The Master Storyteller Draws The Reader Irresistibly Into The Intertwined Lives Of His Characters Into Their Dreams, Their Labors, And Their Loves Tom, The Master Builder Aliena, The Ravishingly Beautiful Noblewoman Philip, The Prior Of Kingsbridge Jack, The Artist In Stone And Ellen, The Woman Of The Forest Who Casts A Terrifying Curse From Humble Stonemason To Imperious Monarch, Each Character Is Brought Vividly To LifeThe Building Of The Cathedral, With The Almost Eerie Artistry Of The Unschooled Stonemasons, Is The Center Of The Drama Around The Site Of The Construction, Follett Weaves A Story Of Betrayal, Revenge, And Love, Which Begins With The Public Hanging Of An Innocent Man And Ends With The Humiliation Of A King For The Movie Tie In Edition With The Same ISBN Go To This Alternate Cover Edition I know I m going to be in the minority here, but this is truly one of the worst books I have ever read I came so close to throwing the book across the room on several occasions, and ended up skipping through many pages just to get to the final and not too surprising finish The characters were flat and lifeless and seemed to have been transplanted from the 20th century into medieval England The book was rife with unnecessary profanity that in no way enhanced the storyline and obscene gratuitous sex I mean how many times did William have to rape someone to prove that he was a really really bad guy I noticed that at least one other reviewer commented that this book was required reading in his child s school, which if you are a parent I would recommend you take a good look at this book and perhaps take issue with your school district As an adult I was shocked at the language and violence in this book, and find it totally inappropriate for a child and or young adult I also noticed comments about the historical accuracy and research that must have been involved in writing this book If that is so, it must only be in regards to the building of the cathedral and the civil war between Stephen and Maud As for the rest, I must disagree, I have read many well written and researched books of medieval times thank you Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick for such awesome reads , and I was infuriated on numerous discrepancies in this book Examples and anyone may correct me if I m mistaken as I am not a history major Aliena is frequently described as having long, curling loose flowing hair Women in those days wore their hair braided and covered, it being quite scandalous for any man other than her husband or lover to see it loose After the attack on the castle, and the imprisonment of their father Aliena and Richard are allowed to live alone in the castle with only the steward I doubt that the king would punish the children so for the sins of their fathers, and most likely would have been made wards of the king until they reached their majority This was most desirable as the king could then skim the proceeds off the estates and funnel them to the crown s use Sometimes a king would give ward ship to another party as a reward for service, etc Young boys of the noble class were typically sent to another noble household to be raised and educated, first as squires and then trained in that household as a knight What on earth was a teenaged Richard doing living at home Much was made of William s warhorse These were formidable beasts that were not easily handled by strangers Yet Aliena and Richard were able to not only saddle the warhorse, but to get right on and ride it I don t think so The English nobility of that period were Norman French and did not speak the language of the peasant class So how did Aliena manage to not only communicate with them, but could set up a successful business in that atmosphere I could go on with examples if I had remembered to take notes, but there were many similar instances to this throughout the book All I can say is that if you want to read a very well written and researched book on this period, please see Sharon Kay Penman s When Christ and His Saints Slept and Time and Chance Ballantine Reader s Circle JMO.
The most expensive part of building is the mistakesLook, it s difficult to explain exactly why I liked this book Seriously, if you take a look at the blurb, note the 973 pages, and the fact it s a very long story about building a cathedral in Medieval England, you might think I ve been smoking something But for me and I m assuming for a large number of other readers it was so damn compelling.
I m going to get the crap out of the way first if you are sensitive to scenes of rape, DO NOT read THIS BOOK Medieval England is a shitfest of misogyny, violence, accusations of witchcraft and, yes, rape One of the scenes is especially disturbing and graphic I actually had to take a break from the book after reading it I should say that it is not portrayed as a positive, or even a normal, thing Scenes of rape and brutal violence in the book largely serve to make us despise William Hamleigh with a ferocious passion It turns out that a deep, seething hatred can really keep you turning pages, waiting for that bastard to get what he rightly deserves Anyway, yes, the main plot is about the building of the fictional Kingsbridge cathedral But, really, it is about all the characters that come into contact with Kingsbridge, its cathedral, and Prior Philip their loves, desires, ambitions, conflicts and heartbreaks I was pulled in from the very dramatic prologue when a young woman arrives at a hanging and curses the three men who guaranteed her beloved s execution.
There are love stories in here, as well as tales of ruthless ambition, and betrayal Follett has created some incredible and unforgettable characters Tom Builder, Philip, Ellen, Jack, Aliena, and Waleran Bigod And, of course, that snivelling stain on humanity that is William Hamleigh.
I haven t read any of Follett s other work, but it is not surprising to hear he was a thriller writer before beginning The Pillars of the Earth He has carried that with him into this story Just when everything seems to be going right, some catastrophe happens to throw a spanner in the works Just when it looks like Philip is going to succeed, some shit happens But it was an effective way to keep me looking over my shoulder.
It s a strange book because it s a bloody, heart pounding page turner wrapped up in a 900 page, serious looking, cathedral building package Strange, and yet I find myself wanting I guess I ll have to read World Without End.
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I devour books That is my euphemism for being so OCD that I can t put it down and live my life until I finish it For shorter books, that s generally not a problem, but for the 974 page Pillars of the Earthwell, let s just say we ran out of food, my children clung to my legs asking for food, and the floors did not get vacuumed for a good five days while I whittled away at this book.
CLIFF HANGER This book is not a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter kind of book, which makes it easier to read it in multiple sittings However, Follett does such a masterful job of character development, that I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next whether the end of the chapter contained a cliffhanger ending or not.
CHARACTER DEV T Each character is so beautifully defined and fleshed out, that they become almost real I felt that I knew them personally, that I could accurately predict how they would react in different situations None of them were 100% good or bad, just like in real life Some priests were holy, others evil some were rich people with big hearts, others with small minds and evil intentions some poor farmers were judgmental, w narrow minded attitudes, others opened their doors to strangers.
PLOT PACE Foreshadowing was a very powerful convention that Follett skillfully weaved in and out of every chapter It gave subtle hints, but never so overt as to suggest that the reader may be an imbecile Backstories meander and come to closure at such a nice pace, that it always feels like something is happening and things are being resolved, for better or for worse.
THEMES My favorite theme was that natural consequences followed the actions of the characters I m still a bit out of sorts after reading the deus ex machina riddled Breaking Dawn, where all the natural consequences of three books worth of actions were completely erased ugh There was a natural ebb and flow of triumph and misfortunes in Pillars of the Earth Good things happened to bad people and bad things happened to good people, just like in real life Follett does not try to save his characters from themselves, or from each other, and I enjoyed that very much.
STRONG WOMEN I absolutely adored the strong women in this book What a joy to read about Aliena, carving out her own future after her world had been turned upside down Life knocked her down plenty, but each time, she got up, made a plan, and triumphed eventually Ellen, and Agnes in her own way, were also strong women OVERALL IMPRESSION As strange as it sounds, with all of the despair and misery that took place, the overarching take home for me, was HOPE In the face of overwhelming adversity, these characters triumphed The road was hard and the journey was long, but they CHOSE hope They CHOSE faith And in the end, that was all that mattered.
Pillars of the Earth will be on my favorite books list for a very long time.
This book was popular As in a mini phenomenon Seriously Am I being punked Tell the truth no one else read the book It was all an elaborate media pop culture scheme to trick me into reading this book Please lie to me about this I m not sure I can go on living if I have to believe that this is what my fellow man is reading these days.
My utter disdain for the book comes from many a source A It s 900 pages Mind you, I ll read 900 pages, even 1,500 pages, if it s amazing But it has to be a crackerjack of a book This was not B Here s where this book and I really parted ways Tom Builder s beloved wife, Agnes, dies in childbirth on the side of the road Only hours later, Tom s rolling in the leaves with an attractive forest wench in a sex scene so ridiculous I could practically hear the bow chicka wow wow music in the background Poor Agnes body isn t even cold yet and Tom s getting it on with a woman he had a 15 minute conversation with earlier in the book.
C It s hard to believe this is medieval England, what with all the modern sensibilities and modern vernacular C It could have been whittled down by about 500 pages if the scenes of people eating had been omitted.
E The women, oh, the women Witches or whores or victims of tag team rape Here s the basic rundown of the plot Building a church, building a church, building a church Oh, crap, a plot complication We might not be able to build the church Crafty Phillip overcomes the complication Insert licentious sex scene Building a church, building a church, building a church Oh, crap, a plot complication We might not be able to build the church Crafty Phillip overcomes the complication Now insert gratuitous sex scene.
Lather Rinse Repeat For 900 pages.
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Ken Follett is one of the world s most successful authors Over 165 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages Born on June 5th, 1949 in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector, Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College, London, with an Honours degree in Philosophy later to be made a Fellow of