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[ Pdf Cruise Control Ë gliders PDF ] by Terry Trueman ò Spotify Playlist Link Throughout the book, Paul, our main character, accepts several things that is happening amongst his family On page 107, Paul admits that he doesn t hate his brother Shawn but just hate how he is Shwan is a veg who was born ill Paul is embarrassed by this and is ashamed of his brother He is scared to introduce his brother to others and some people do not even know the fact that he has a brother By the end of the book, Paul admits the fact that he loves his brother Even though Paul knows that his brother can t understand, he just accepts the fact that his brother is just different from others and decides to express his love Another time when Paul accepts and moves on is found on page 119 On this page, Paul finally forgives his father for abandoning the family He had always hated his father for leaving but he didn t even try to find the reason However, after he realizes the reason to why he left, he decides to let go of this piece of thought and moves on with his life In fact, Paul also accepts the fact that his brother, Shawn, is his parent s responsibilities and not his Paul gave up his dreams, life and future for his brother He always thought that he needed to stay home in order to protect his family He didn t even plan to go to college when he was able to get a scholarship to his dream collage He believed that without him, it was impossible for his family members to survive However, on page 110, he realizes that he has to trust his parents and move on with his life Believe in them to take good care of his ill, disordered brother Paul accepts this and works hard to get into his dream collage All of these settings, lead back to one thematic statement which is you accept to move on In my playlist, I will be introducing a few songs that share the same theme The first song that I will introduce is Best Thing I Never Had sang by Beyonc This song is about a man who broke a girl s heart The man now he wants her back but this girl is doing fine without him and had moved on with the man behind Even though this is a love story unlike a story dealing with family issues , it still ties into the theme because this girl in the song had accepted the fact that she was hurt and decided to move on from the man From the lyrics, it is clearly shown that this girl is over the boy I thank God I dodged the bullet, I m so over you, so baby good lookin out, I wanted you bad, I m so through with that The second song that ties into my theme is Break Free This song is sang by Ariana Grande and Zedd The story of this song is based on a girl who says no to the man she loves She is making a decision to be free without depending on her man s life From the lyrics, I am able to see that she wanted him in the past, but have moved on from depending on other s life, This is the part when I say I don t want it, I m stronger than I ve been before, this is the part when I break free, cause I can t resist it no This ties into the story because just like the song, Paul decides to move on with his life and plans to go to college The third song is sang by G.
L and this song is called Ugly Heart This song is based on a girl who falls in love with a boy that is completely perfect She loves him but gives up on him because of his ugly heart Even though this song accepts things that are different from the book, it still shares the same theme In the lyrics, it states that the boy is not her sunshine any meaning that this is what she felt in the past This part of the song matches my theme, This little heart and brain of mine say, we re through with you, and I wonder does it blow your mind, that I m leaving you far behind, I wonder does it stop your heart to know, you re not my sunshine any The name of the forth song is Move On sang by Kurtis John This song is about a man who gave up everything for his girl By listening to the song, it is clear that this man had loved her but had to move on From the lyrics, I am able to see the connection between my book and the song, We all move on, sometimes we let go, we all move on, and not everything is meant to hold it s already gone so lets move on Paul had given up his dream, his future, and his life for his brother He thought that he had to protect his family but decided to move on just like the man in the song The fifth song is called Gotta Go My Own Way from the movie High School Musical 2 This song is about a girl who decides to leave her boyfriend to follow her own path From the lyrics, the girl clearly states the fact that she has to do the thing thats best for her and this ties into my story because Paul has decided to leave his family and move on to college to have his own future The lyrics that match my theme is, It s so hard to say, but I ve gotta do whats best for me, You ll be okay I ve got to move on and be who I am, I just don t belong here, I hope you understand, we might find our place in this world someday, but at least for now, I gotta go my own way, I m leaving today, cause I gotta do whats best for me The sixth song is sang by Destiny s Child and the song is called Survivor This song is about a girl who survives from leaving her man From the lyrics, it shows that she explains how she is feeling better about leaving him and moving on A part of the song says After all of the darkness still comes happiness This relates to Paul because he had dark times in his life when he couldn t understand why it was his brother that had the mental disease However, after accepting and deciding to moving on, he learns how to love and show love to his brother The seventh song that ties into my theme is Move On sang by ABBA This song is very interesting because it compares with things that move on From the lyrics, I am able to get the message that you can t hold onto things for ever, Like a roller in the ocean, life is motion, move on, like a wind that s always blowing, life is flowing, move on, like the sunrise in the morning, life is dawning, move on, how I treasure every minute, being part of it, being in it, with the urge to move on This song can tie into the book really easily because I believe that moving on can be defined as not being able to hold on things forever, which is the answer Paul tries to find throughout the whole story The eight song is Tonight I m Getting Over You sang by Carely Rae Jepsen This song is about a girl who falls in love with a guy, but she decides to accept the fact that he is not the man for her because he always lies This relates to the theme because she realizes that the boy lies about everything, so she moves on by getting over him From the lyrics, she states that he lies and also states that she is over him, Make you plead and cry as you give up all the lies tonight I m getting over you The ninth song that I will introduce is Goodbye To You sang by Michelle Branch This song is about a girl saying goodbye to her love From the lyrics, the words are all written in past tense, meaning that she loved him before but does not love him any, Goodbye to you, goodbye to everything I thought I knew, you were the one I loved This ties into the theme because this girl is also accepting the fact that she can not hold onto him, so she decides to move on and says bye to her man Even though it is not related to the scenes in the book, it still relates to the theme The tenth song that is related to my theme is Move On sang by Saad Ayub and Jennifer Rene This song is different from the other songs mentioned Most of the songs above were about accepting and moving on from others, however, this song is focused on herself From the lyrics, it shows that the girl is forgiving herself and setting her free to move on The lyrics says, It is time it is time it is time to forgive me, I ll be moving on, it is time to be set free, from me The last song that I will be introducing is Blow Me One Last Kiss sang byP nk This song is about a woman who had held onto a man too tightly The lyrics says, White knuckles, and sweaty palms from hangin on too tight I ve been dying over you This seems as if Paul is holding on to the fact that his father abandoned the family He had hated his father and did not even try to consider anything else other than that fact As the music goes on, the lyrics But there s nothing to grasp, so I let go, I think I finally had enough shows the part when she lets go of everything Just like this girl, Paul eventually decides to let go of the fact and considers why his father left the family The eleven songs that I have chosen are all related to the thematic statement you accept to move on They might not entirely express my story, but the message from the author and singers are the same Along with the story in the songs, Paul accepts everything and decides to move on to the next stage of his life He gets hurt, accepts, forgives, then moves on to look for his dream.
Since Paul was my second favorite character from Stuck in Neutral I was very excited for this book It did not disappoint Paul is the pretty much perfect brother of Shawn, the boy from Stuck in Neutral that is incapable of controlling his body muscles Unlike Shawn, Paul can do anything he s antithetical, he gets good grades and he s pretty handsome, but he s also full of rage and despair for his family s condition Their father walked out on them a few years back and now he s the only one left to protect them He s trapped between wanting to live a life of his own and go to college and remaining at home to take care of his family.
Paul is pretty much the tortured bad boy you read about in romance novels for women, but the difference is that he s way better developed as a character and his personality shows than a pretty face with a bad attitude.
Paul does not know what it means to protect he s strong, but so far he knows only how to hurt with his strength He s smart academically speaking , but not mature enough to see the reality of his situation He s also a kid that needs protection I really enjoyed his story despite the cheesy ending In this book we also get inside on his and Shawn s dad Why he did what he did and what is the path he s trying to take in order to redeem himself The writing style is similar to the one in Stuck in Neutral a tragic story told through the funny parts that life can give you It has that optimism added to it that you just have to stop and enjoy.
How Sick Is This I M The Major Jock Stud In High School, But My Brother Has The Brain Of A Badminton Birdie And A Body To Match I Ve Got Everything And He S Got Nothing I M A Three Year, Three Sport Letterman And Shawn Can T Even Stand Up Like I Said, Sick, Huh It S Hard To Be A Brother To Someone Who Doesn T Even Know You Re There How Can You Talk To Him When He Can T Understand A Thing You Say How Can You Listen To Him When He Can T Speak A Word How Can You Love Him When He S So Messed Up, He Can T Love You Back And How Can You Have A Life Of Your Own When Your Father Bailed On The Family, Leaving You To Be The Man Of The House Fueled By Rage At What Has Happened To His Family, Paul Is Ready To Explode And He Is Haunted By Something Even Worse Something He Can Never Tell Anyone It Is Something He Will Have To Face If He Is To Have Any Hope Of A Future At All While Cruise Control Is A Companion To Terry Trueman S Printz Honor Book, Stuck In Neutral, It Is The Completely Independent Story Of A Family S Other Son The One Who Is Healthy, Gifted, Normal It Is A Courageously Hopeful Story Told With Power, Compassion, And Humor I can say that I was expecting This is about a straight A, super athlete senior in high school who has anger issues because he is fighting many conflicting emotions concerning his veg of a brother As the library catalogue puts it A talented basketball player struggles to deal with the helplessness and anger that come with having a brother rendered completely dysfunctional by severe cerebral palsy and a father who deserted the family Why just use the generic description Because that s all there is This book is surprisingly short, and it is essentially a longer version of the sentence The narrative is also riddled with I am angry I may snap Why Because I love my brother I hate my brother I am confused about my emotions which is why I love sports Dad s terrible The only thing worth mentioning outside of the description is that the guy feels like can t go off to college because he has to stay home and take care of his brother because his dad who is actually a Pulitzer prize winning something or other who pays the bills The end was just an ending It didn t really come to a conclusion, and I didn t think this book really was worth the time I put into it I never really felt for any of the characters, and the character arc of the main is just a tiny hop over a puddle It s sort of interesting, but it can get repetitive and banal very fast Again, I think the book had to be longer and develop character and plot Maybe it was written for younger readers I don t really know It wasn t terrible though.
Paul is 16 he plays basketball and has dad issues He has a brother named Shawn He s mentally retarded and Paul does not want people to know Shawn is his brother Paul leads his team to the state championship and wins, but at the end of the game, he clears things up with his dad I think it was ok because I can kind of relate to some things that go on in the book It s kind of not really what I expected I thought maybe it would have been about cars and stuff.
I would recommend this book to people who like sports like basketball ages 10 18 because there s swearing in it I would probally reccomend this book to guys than girls.
If you re a fan of Stuck in Neutral, this book is a must read It offers much insight to the whole situation of this family and especially to that of the angsty Shawn character that was introduced in, but never thoroughly explained in Stuck in Neutral Trueman excels again with his stylistic approach to writing, a simple yet effective way of conjuring up images and emotions from the reader And if anyone s read 7 Days at the Hot Corner as well, Trueman writes a nod to that, as Shawn is an excellent athlete, like the main character in the Hot Corner book A really short book that can easily be read in one sitting, I recommend this to anybody that has read Stuck in Neutral and liked it or just simply wants to listen to the story of a boy who had to grow up too fast.
This is going off stuck in neutral I really have to give my kudos to the author This was a much better view of Shawn, i really enjoyed seeing Stuck In Neutral, with a different veiwpoint Also the end did leave all of my questions unanswered, answered The thing I most loved about this book was how far you got into it Like when Mrs Lawton thought I was spacing out and I was actually really into the book and I could picture everything as it was going on in the book.
It was a wonderful book that I would recommend to High School students.
I thought this book was a great companion to Stuck in Neutral It does a wonderful job of showing perspective I also love how you walk away feeling like you have of an understanding of what it s like to have a sibling like Shawn I m sure the frustrations felt by Paul are very real, and I appreciated the honesty portrayed Can t wait to read the third one

The title of my book is called Cruise Control The author of my book is Terry Trueman The date of publication was on November 1, 2005 , but it was first published in 2004 I think that the genre of my book is mystery and non fiction The reason that i think it is mystery is because almost in the end of the book Paul s mom confesses to Paul that his father didnt run out on them She finally confessed that she told him to leave During the whole book it was just saying how he had ran out on them, whichwasnt true The reason that i think it is non fiction is because he had hopes on getting an athletic scholarship and going to Geogetown college He also was a very good basketball player Anyone can be The book Cruise Control has not won any awards or critical acclaim This book has 160 pages in it It took me about three to four weeks to finish it The character in this book are Paul, which is the main character, Cindy which is Paul s sister, Shawn which is Cindy s and Paul s brother that has a dissability Also tim who is Paul s best friend The setting of my book is at Anne Hill in Seattle The setting of my book is in Anne Hill in Seattle The good guy in my book is Paul and his mom The reason that i think this is because ever since paul s dad had left them, he has become the man of the house and does everything to support and make everyone happy in their home The reason that i think the mom also known as Lindy, takes good care of her son Shawn who has a dissability She would do anything to make him feel special and happy Same as Paul If anyone makes fun of Shawn he will protect him Some of the choice that my main character Paul has made was that he had stood up to his father and told him everything that he has done wrong He also denied every college offering that he got just so that he can stay with his family and protect them The major conflict in my book was that Paul was mad because of how his Father had ran out on them and didnt do anything to help or support him Also, the other problem was that Paul s brother had a disability and needed special help and he would be the one there The bad guy in this book was Pual s dad Sydney McDaniel He was the bad guy because he had ran out on his whole family He didnt try to communicate with them or spent anytime with them either He was to worry about being famous and not ruin his reputation The other characters in this story are Lindy which is Pual s mother and cindy and shawn who are Paul s siblings The themes that are presented in this book is that you should never judge while not knowing the whole story and ven though your parents have made a big mistake in the past yopu should judge or make them feel less They are still your parents and raised you They did everything to make you feel special and for you to have everything possible in ife They gave you a good childhood and a great education The message that the writer is trying to communicate is that you never judge while you dont know the whole story that had happened Remember to keep your comments to youself and dont say things that you know it wont be nice and can cause problems The characters helped because they showed what happens when you dont ask about the past For instance, Pual always thought that his father had walked out on them but the real story was that his mom had told him to leave That was one of the biggest way that they showed the message I think that one of the characters had made some bad discisions in the book One was that Pual and his friend Tim were drinking and started driving I wouldnt of even tried to touch the wheel They could of got into and accident, they could of reallyed hurt themselves The actors help us better understand because they know what they didi was wrong and told what would of happened if they would of gotten hurt Another was that Tim had ended up in jail because of fighting with his stepfather Now they know what concequences they could have if they ever tried any of those things There a lot of thigs that i liked about the book One thing was that in some parts it gave you a couple mysteries for you to solve Instead of them telling you everything they would leave you in suspense and would make you wanna read and not stop Secondly, i liked how it gave examples on personal problemas that anyone could have in the future or are now going through it Most of the event were in order and well organized One thing that i didnt like about the book was that it had some complicated vocabulary and made it complicated for me to understand some parts of it My last opinion is that it didnt have as much real facts as i though it would Over all it was a great book for me to read I highly persuade you to read this book because it gives you a couple real facts into family issues Not everyone goes through these problems but would help you understand if it, if sometime in life you do have a problem like them I honestly loved reading it I didnt get bored in any part of it because it gave good examples and made the text interesting.
I truely recommend you this book It has some funny parts but also serious comments Why not try reading this, maybe after reading it , it might change your mind and actually surprise you Like everyone says never judge a book by its cover.
Spoiler Aleta Have you ever read a book about a brother expressing how he feels about his sick brother If not on this story you will learned how he treats his brother and how he acts around him The genre of this book is realistic fiction because this story could happen to any family out there This book is about a boy who is like kindly rerated and his brother is ashamed of him because they are always making fun of him because of his brother , so he tries to do stuff to his sick brother but at the end he is so hurt about what he was doing and regret it all and went running to ask his brother for an apology This book is about 2 brothers one is sick and the other one is old the older one is embarrassed of his younger brother because they make fun of him and he gets so mad he even sometimes even tells his brother some bad stuff because of how ashamed of his brother he is but then one day he finally chance how he acted and finally realized how bad he was being with his little brother and went for an apology because he knew that even if the kid was sick he still felt like he understand him The setting of this book is precent because according to all that s on the book it sounds like today s world now on days.
A major event that change Paul was when he was being a brat to his brother then all of the sudden he goes up to him beating some kids up that are making fun of him telling him he sorry for everything and telling him how much he loves him that he is his favorite brother and all that A major symbol in this story is to love all of our family like we want to be love because then we regret doing stuff with those people and love every time above anything no matter what I was surprised when Paul when up to Shawn and apologize for all the trouble he had cause him like all the names he had call him and all that mistakes he had made saying he was not his family it was really emotional because he knew what he did wrong and he regretted and wanted to apologize to his brother I was angry when Paul was arguing with his dad because of the way that his dad treated Shawn I was so angry because he treated Shawn so bad and the way he was talking to Paul and how they argued that made me so angry From a scale to 1 5 I ll give this book a 5 because it was really intense the way Paul was at the begging and how he saw he was acting and realized he wanted to change and him apologize to Shawn was the best because they technically became best brothers for ever because Paul said he was going to tell Shawn everything and how he said he love him so much and Paul crying when he was saying all that made it even cutter because it s prove that he is really sorry and that he really does love his little brother and regrets talking bad about him I will recommend this book to people that like sad books , thrill books, and mystery books Hope you guys liked it Thnxs

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cruise Control book, this is one of the most wanted Terry Trueman author readers around the world.