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[Noah Gordon] ↠´ The Physician [labor PDF] Ebook Epub Download ê In The Th Century, Rob Cole Left Poor, Disease Ridden London To Make His Way Across The Land, Hustling, Juggling, Peddling Cures To The Sick And Discovering The Mystical Ways Of Healing It Was On His Travels That He Found His Own Very Real Gift For Healing A Gift That Urged Him On To Become A Doctor So All Consuming Was His Dream, That He Made The Perilous, Unheard Of Journey To Persia, To Its Arab Universities Where He Would Undertake A Transformation That Would Shape His Destiny Forever This is simply beautiful historical fiction and I was hooked right from the get go The plot was exciting throughout The protagonist was one that I rooted for something that I seem to need in books and movies I have to root for somebody It s the story of an English orphan and the trials and difficulties that he had to endure to become a physician in 11th century I hardly knew anything about the book before reading it and was pleasantly surprised to read all that about the early Persian Empire my place of birth My dad spent some of his happiest childhood years in in some of the places mentioned One of the characters, Avicenna Ibn Sina 980 1037 , is someone that Persians revere He was an absolute genius, a polymath, the father of early modern medicine, and one of the most significant astronomers, thinkers, and writers of the Islamic Golden Age.
This woodcut from an early 15th Century Latin language medical shows the three great ancient teachers of medicine Galen Roman , Avicenna Persian , and Hippocrates Greek.
The book has been made into a movie, which I have yet to see I felt that at times it was a bit too wordy and it seemed to stagnate somewhat in the middle, but it picked up wonderfully later I won t be reading the rest of the books in this trilogy, since I have read the reviews and it seems that they re quite disappointing, or at least the third one is If you like historical epics and sagas, the sort of books like Pillars of the Earth and Gone with the Wind , you may enjoy this one also Some of my favorite quotes Mankind is close to savagery and must live by rules If not, we would sink into our own animal nature and perish Even for a child, he felt, involving oneself with the world s suffering had to be a voluntary act.
This is one of the most satisfying novels I ve read in a long time One of my rare six star selections There s a consistency of quality from cover to cover, owing to the perfect marriage of fine writing and graceful editing Rob J Cole is a man who feels called to be a healer He stays true to that calling, even when surrounded by other physicians who are motivated by greed and glory He risks and sacrifices all for the chance to study in Persia with Ibn Sina, the greatest physician of the 11th century The story is especially fulfilling because it comes full circle Rob returns to London after many years in foreign lands Through comparison with those who have never left home, he realizes how he has grown in compassion, tolerance, and critical thinking He s so far ahead of the doctors around him that he doesn t fit in, but he does finally find a place where he can put down roots and be surrounded by a loving family and community This is a sweet relief for him after having been an orphan and an outsider since the age of nine I read the final paragraph of the book three times in a row with tears in my eyes There are no spoilers in it, so here is that paragraph As the seasons slipped by, only one thing was constant The extra sense, the healer s sensitivity, never abandoned him Whether he was called lonely in the night to a bedside or hurried of a morning into the crowded dispensary, he could always feel their pain Hastening to struggle with it, he never failed to know as he had known from the first day in the maristan a rush of wondering gratitude that he was chosen, that it was he whom God s hand had reached out and touched, and that such an opportunity to minister and serve should have been given to Barber s boy That sense of duty, of being one chosen to ease suffering, has completely disappeared from the practice of modern medicine That is a tragedy beyond reckoning.

5 It took several chapters for the captivating and superb story to emerge within these 768 pages Although the beginning of the book had some interesting events, it tended to drag on with the same theme Approximately half way into the book it came alive and so begins the arduous adventure of The Physician barber Rob J Cole Set in the 11th century, Cole is left an orphan at 9 years of age, while his siblings are taken in by other families from British villages not far from his own home With a difficult and demanding road to travel once he reaches manhood his one true desire takes hold to become the best physician he could possibly be Travelling far from his homeland Cole meets several individuals who help him as he struggles to achieve his quest As the story continues to unfold, his new acquaintances begin to form a strong bond of real and lasting friendship enhancing the storyline significantly If the book had 200 pages trimmed from the first half, and some 100 pages from the remaining half it would be a true masterpiece Having managed to carry on through the first half of this substantial book through to the end, it was well worth the journey.
The Physician Cole Family Trilogy 1 , Noah Gordon The Physician is a novel by Noah Gordon It is about the life of a Christian English boy in the 11th century who journeys across Europe in order to study medicine among the Persians 1999 1375 687 1388 784 9789641940067 1379 632 1387 9789646916487

Noah Gordon is an American novelist Some of the topics covered within his novels include medical history and medical ethics More recently he has begun to focus on themes relating to the Inquisition, and Jewish cultural history His novel Shaman won the first James Feni Cooper Prize for Best Historical Fiction in 1993 Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads databas