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¾ Read ✓ A Queen's Spy by Samantha Burnell ✓ What an fascinating and exciting book I really enjoy historical fiction, and I enjoy well researched fiction that ties in with the period, and this book certainly does that.
The central characters really do come to life, I really cared about what would happen to Jack and Richard, would the rift between them ever heal There is so much going on in the book apart from their flawed relationship The backdrop is Queen for 9 days, Lady Jane Grey, and the succession after of Mary Tudor The central character, Richard, is a friend of the young Elizabeth Tudor, and he remains solidly loyal to her despite finding himself working for her elder sister Mary, indeed his men are instrumental in helping her gain the throne.
Jack, is likeable and human and easy to identify with, he has a need to belong and is constantly trying to gain his brothers approval, usually with disastrous results.
It is very well written, the prose really conjure up a picture and a feel for the period The story is complex and there are lots going on and plenty to keep you turning the pages, indeed I found it difficult to put down and I was sad to reach the final pages.
This is number one in the Fitzwarren Trials and I will be looking out for the next book in the series The Fitzwarren family has a secret, one that will alter the course of the family line Well drawn characters and a wonderful setting transport the reader back in time to experience a tale of deceit and jealousy The action begins immediately as brothers are pitted against each other in a fight for the family estate The author cleverly develops the characters as the storyline unfolds, weaving an intriguing story that leaves the reader wanting I don t normally read historical fiction, but Ms Burnell has made me a fan of the genre.
Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BZZFBGNBA Gripping Historical Adventure Set In Th Century Tudor England Elizabeth Tudor Needs A Hero Murder, Mystery Intrigue With A Splash Of Romance Based On Actual Historical Events, An Epic Tale Of A Young Tudor Nobleman S Courage As He Tries To Keep His Future Queen Safe In One Of England S Most Turbulent Eras If You Enjoy Tudor Fiction By Phillipa Gregory And Alison Weir Then A Queens Spy Is Perfect For You A Fascinating Insight Into Tudor England And The Life Of Elizabeth I Before She Sets Foot On The Steps To The Throne The Story Unfolds In Th Century Tudor England Richard Fitzwarren Is A Tudor Nobleman With A Dubious Past Who Takes Risks For A Living His Close Friendship With Princess Elizabeth Leads To His Banishment To France, But When He Returns He Remains Loyal To Her At His Side Is Jack, His Bastard Sibling, And Their Relationship Is A Troubled One Due To A Family Secret And Their Opposite Personalities Will He Keep The Future Queen Safe Will Richard Fitzwarren Make It Will He And His Brother Solve Their Issues Will He Manage To Keep The Elizabeth Tudor Safe Get A Queen S Spy The Tudor Mystery Trials NOW For Fast Paced Action If You Love Tudor Historical Fiction You Ll Love This As A Young Man He Had Been Attached To Thomas Seymour S Household, Working With Seymour S Spy And Intelligence Network Seymour, Married To Henry VIII S Widow, Catherine Parr Through His Wife He Became Guardian Of The Young Elizabeth Tudor, And So Richard Fitzwarren Became A Close Childhood Friend Of Elizabeth Tudor So Close That Seymour Was Readily Believed When He Blamed Richard For The Liberties He Himself Had Taken With The Young Princess Banished From His Father S House For The Crimes He Didn T Commit He S Learnt His Trade Well In France Returning To England A Self Styled Tudor Soldier Of Fortune Selling His Services, And Those Of His Mercenary Band To The Highest Bidder Now He S Back In England, His Bastard Sibling At His Side And A Band Of Mercenaries At His Back Despite Selling His Services To Support Northumberland Place Lady Jane Grey On The Throne He Remains Loyal To The Lady Elizabeth Soon He Is Embroiled In Tudor Intrigue As He Tries To Keep The Lady Safe At His Side Is Jack, His Bastard Sibling Their Relationship A Troubled One Jacks Seeks To Be His Brothers Equal But Richard Has Difficulty Accepting Him Impatient, Impulsive And Impetuous, He Is Everything Richard Is Not There Is A Dark Family Secret Richard Had Always Suspected The Final Discovery Of It Changes The Relationship Between Them Forever Elizabeth spent his childhood and youth outside the court In 1553 the young king, her brother, dies prematurely and opens the throne for Maria Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon.
In 1558, Mary I dies and Elizabeth I rises to the throne At 25 she is crowned Queen of England.
This historical novel helps us to understand this period of England s history and the need for the support of the nobility for Elizabeth, in order to be able to govern.
I enjoy a good cloak and dagger story, and there s mystery, treachery and intrigue aplenty in this historical adventure For those who think the Tudors have been done to death, this story is set in the less well explored time leading up to and following the death of Edward VI, the Northumberland plot to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne, and the subsequent tensions between supporters of Mary and Elizabeth.
The main plot revolves around the Fitzwarren family and the power struggle between Robert, the father s favourite, his villainous cousin, Harry, and two other brothers, Richard and Jack who, though allied, are constantly at each other s throats The conundrum of who is the true heir and who is the bastard slightly mirrors the royal intrigues, as both Mary and Elizabeth were at one point declared bastards, hence Lady Jane s claim to the throne.
The royal characters are less well developed Lady Jane, the reluctant plotter, and her family disappear without a trace early on The portrayal of Mary is a bit simplistic The author asserts that Mary hated Elizabeth If that were the case, she would certainly have found a way to get rid of her As it was, she spared her the block Mary even initially pardoned Lady Jane, but was forced to execute her when her father joined Wyatt s rebellion She pardoned Jane s mother and sisters and allowed them to live at court Mary s religious fanaticism and the subsequent burnings have, unfortunately, tarnished her reputation permanently.
Much highly developed are the characters of the Fitzwarrens The enigmatic Richard is superficially a mercenary for hire, and his true loyalties and motives are slowly revealed Jack in an interesting character too and Robert and Harry are splendid villains Catherine is well drawn and sympathetic and not at all your usual historical damsel in distress However, I was puzzled as to why she did not simply go to Mary for help while in London, rather than stay with a man she suspected of complicity in her family s murders.
The writing could have been tighter and the dialogue was a bit rambling in parts, with a lot of unnecessary tags However, the fight scenes were excellent and there was plenty of tension leading up to the finale Throughout, the author conjures up vividly the atmosphere of 16th century England, with its squalor, treachery and casual cruelty, and there are enough unanswered questions at the end to promise an intriguing sequel.
Thorns on the Tudor RoseIt s a dangerous game, but you know that don t you Richard and Jack are brothers well half brothers Born in an era where being the illegitimate offspring of a nobleman could carry both benefits and banes, one of the brothers Jack was destined for a very different life than his legitimate sibling Then Richard was banished for a crime he did not commit and his prospects were very changed But Richard and Jack are determined not to let their status impede their fortunes In 1550s England, with the child king dying and three women placed to claim the crown, there is enough skullduggery going on to offer them a ladder to power.
Reveal here, I am a major fan of historical fiction and my favourite ever books are set in this exact period, so I dived into this book with eager anticipation It is a tale of swashbuckling and cloak and dagger deeds, of family and national intrigue and the end is set up with to come.
There were a few moments I felt things did not quite add up, but over all the tale carries along very wellAt the moment no one can guarantee my safety, and I think you can fairly say I am coping without the assistance of a waiting lady The best aspect of this book is the characters They are engaging and read well, none seem too far out of the period although their dialogue sometimes is I particularly liked the character of Catherine, who is very much a woman of her time but is also as much derring do in her own way as the men The plot is a clever blend of the historical and the well woven in made up elements, with the relationships between the characters and the unravelling of dark family secrets, fitting alongside the national pre occupation of who will be the next Queen.
Pace is taut and well managed and the language use, whilst not of the period it would have been very awkward to read a book in pure Tudor English is generally well chosen to keep the feel of it intact The research of the author was well done with only a couple of places where I found myself frowning a bit at the detailsWhat Richard was unaware of was that, for once, Harry was acting at his father s behest, and not at Robert s What really bugged me about the book though was the slippy slidey feel in reading it One moment you were sitting in one person s head hearing their thoughts and seeing the world through their eyes and a sentence later you are in another person s head And then there are times, as in the quote above, when the narrator sits in the sky and tells us what is going on in several people s heads at one time It is as if the author can t bear not to have the reader know absolutely everything about what everyone knows in any given scene I found it irritating to the point of spoiling what was otherwise a solidly enjoyable read.
This is a great read for anyone who enjoys historical books that are about interesting characters and history than romance.
Scandal and delight I love this sort of historical adventure, despite my usual rage at inauthentic Tudor details This was a great take on the tale, and I enjoyed the story immensely Taking the story away from the main scandal of the day, I am glad for the extant details of the two brothers with the royal court intrigues taking a back seat to the main story.

A great read all the history with a little bit of a fictional twist Nicely done.
A Most Engaging Historical Tudor MysteryThe Author, Sam Burnell s love and knowledge of history and archaeology shine brilliantly in The Queen s Spy There s never a dim or dull moment as the book grabs you at the beginning, shakes you, and doesn t let go until the end It is a most engaging and fascinating historical Tudor mystery novel.
A Queen s Spy is an engaging, well written story Historical novels often have a multitude of characters and this one is no exception It can be difficult to keep track of everyone and everything, but Burnell does such an incredible job, I found it easy to follow.
The author s descriptive prose is a delight and the characters and plot twists kept me intrigued until the very end Recommended to fans of the genre or anyone interested in English history, especially in the Tudor period.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Queen's Spy book, this is one of the most wanted Samantha Burnell author readers around the world.