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[Alan Gratz] Æ Samurai Shortstop [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Read Online â Nice book about bushido and baseball, which are both engaging subjects, that made for an interesting read.
This was the first sampling of Alan Gratz s historical fiction for me The book does a great job showing the angst of the transition from boy to man set in Japan s history as that country transitioned from samurai traditions to modernization Mr Gratz s love of baseball is once again evident read his book Fantasy Baseball , as is his big heart He ll take you through a range of emotions The best part of all is this story is based on a true story, and Mr Gratz tells you about that at the end of the book This is an excellent book to read.
I picked this book up for summer reading, and I was skeptical about it, but it looked interesting none the less I picked it up one day and started reading the first 11 pages, and that had to be the best opening to a book ever Hands down It is also the only sports book I liked that I read, which is surprising because I don t like the genre to begin with I recommend this to anyone who likes sports books or a vast helping of Japanese culture A surprisingly readable historical fiction sports book Well researched, about late 19th century Japan, where the samurai way has just ended and baseball really does exist The relations between the boys seems timeless, as does the baseball action.
This book caught me off guard at first It is quite graphic in terms of the emotional punch of the violence Alan Gratz s author s note is excellent to explain the suicide ceremony and hazing sessions, but they were hard to stomach It only goes to support how well the book was researched and executed This author never fails to surprise, amaze or impress me.

Bushido lives onBushido, loyalty, courage, and compassion is at the very heart of this moving novel by Alan Gratz Gratz focuses on Toyo and his classmates in an exclusive high school as they struggle to find themselves in the period following the end of the samurai Baseball is what brings them all together, as the Japanese boys grow together as one.
Good insight on some cultural differences between Japan past and present We son and I really enjoyed this book and were kind of sad when it was over.
I want to give this book a 3.
5 I am not a huge sports reader, but this book did a nice job showcasing the transitioning culture of Japan during the late 1800 s.
Samurai Shortstop is a commendable book It opens a realistic door to Japan during the transition to the modern age and the end of the Samurai It brings to life Ichiko, and what it must have been like to be a student there during that timeline There s plenty of humor The most notable funny part in this book for me was when the besuboru laded in a merchant s cha Besuboru Cha Ha That was hilarious.
There are strong friendships, and some pretty rough scenes that make the good times all the sweeter.
Plus, besuboru Baseball.
Even if you are unfamiliar with baseball, this book describes it in such a way that you wont ever feel lost during the game play.
I honestly can not praise this book enough The first few pages shocked me, but I kept going and it was wonderful This book is just Gah I don t have words I m in love.
Besuboru, pu re boru, homu ran, bushido, Edo This book is chalk full of Japanese words that I was ever so eager to learn I taught my niece some of them and now we shriek them during her brother s baseball games, despite his obvious embarrassment.
Tokyo, Toyo Is Caught Up In The Competitive World Of Boarding School, And Must Prove Himself To Make The Team In A New Sport Called Besuboru But He Grieves For His Uncle, A Samurai Who Sacrificed Himself For His Beliefs, At A Time When Most Of Japan Is Eager To Shed Ancient Traditions It S Only When His Father Decides To Teach Him The Way Of The Samurai That Toyo Grows To Better Understand His Uncle And Father And To His Surprise, The Warrior Training Guides Him To Excel At Baseball, A Sport His Father Despises As Yet Another Modern Western Menace At Its Heart A Novel About A Boy Who Loves Baseball, Samurai Shortstop Is Fascinating, Suspenseful, And Intense Expertly Researched By Debut Author Alan Gratz, It S A Sports Story And , About A Boy Who Must Choose Between Two Ways Of Life, But Finds A Way To Bridge Them

Alan Gratz was born and raised in Knoxville, TN, home of the 1982 World s Fair After a carefree but humid childhood, Alan attended the University of Tennessee, where he earned a College Scholars degree with a specialization in creative writing, and later, a Master s degree in English education.In addition to writing plays, magazine articles, and a few episodes of AE s City Confidential, Alan