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Download Epub Format ↠´ Slam! (Point Signature (Scholastic)) PDF by ☆ Walter Dean Myers Greg slam is a 17 year old kid who is really good at basketball, but when he got transferred to another school his grades started dropping Now he s struggling and has to deal with his teachers pushing him, while he tries to stay on the basketball team And he thinks he s best friend ice might be up to something not so good I really liked this book because it got me into the zone and i just wanted to keep reading it My favorite parts where when they had basketball games there was a lot of action going on and you could picture it in your head the dunks, the crossovers The book was very realistic and i could relate when slam described how the hood was looked like because my dad grew up in the Bronx in New York and i remember him taking me to his old neighborhood and telling me how he grew up here, so when i was reading the book in brought memories back and it just made me like the book even I really liked the relationship between slam and his best friend ice they have a really good relationship they have been best friends for all their life but there relationship begins to brake apart and slam thinks ice is behind something.
overall the book was really good and after i kept wanting me to read it and i m not a type pf person who liked to read but i really enjoyed this book since im into sports slam is a great character and it just keeps the story interesting i would recommend this book for people who are into sports specially basketball this story would keep you entertained.
Personal Response I liked the book a lot because it reminds me of myself I don t have the best grades and I know my life isn t the most exciting all the time, but I think I know a thing or two about basketball I have been playing it ever since I was a little kid I also know that I am not the best at it, but I try my hardest I think that it was what Greg does in this book too.
Plot It is a very easy plot to follow Greg and all of his ball brothers from the hood play at the local hoops, and let s say Greg was pretty good Greg almost missed tryouts for the basketball team because his principle was talking to him about his about his grades The coach gave him a chance to be on the team if he beat him in a one on one first person to five wins As the season went on, Greg was now known as Slam Greg visiting his grandma in the hospital One of his friends from the hood when they were little started coming to the basketball games and cheering on Greg They called him Ice, and Greg s girl that he likes told him stuff about how Ice is getting into drugs.
Characterization I believe through the whole book Greg was an okay guy looking out for family and friends Then with the basketball games, then he was a ball hog at first Greg was the star on their team His coach put him in, and the score from the other team didn t move, and Greg s team s score would just climb up Now Greg looks for everyone to get better on the team and not just him trying to score, but everybody on the team Not only is he still looking out for his family and friends, he looking out for his team and his school too.
Recommendation I recommend this book to people that are into sports and that like drama books I would say anywhere from middle school to high school I wouldn t read this book if you wanted to take a goodreads on it because I thought that it was very confusing Like when they would take about the basketball game that they were playing that week and they would still be playing and then the book would talk about him and Kitty hanging out When he was just playing a basketball game.
An Exciting, Eye Catching Repackage Of Acclaimed Author Walter Dean Myers Bestselling Paperbacks, To Coincide With The Publication Of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA In HardcoverSeventeen Year Old Greg Slam Harris Can Do It All On The Basketball Court He S Seen Ballplayers Come And Go, And He Knows He Could Be One Of The Lucky Ones Maybe He Ll Make It To The Top Or Maybe He Ll Stumble Along The Way Slam S Grades Aren T That Hot And When His Teachers Jam His Troubles In His Face, He Blows Up Slam Never Doubted Himself On The Court Until He Found Himself Going One On One With His Own Future, And He Didn T Have The Ball In the book Slam a young man that goes by the name of slam plays basketball for his high school Slam is a good athlete but growing up in the mean streets of new york is hard.
Most of his pears dont even make it out of high school, their either shot or end up going to jail I think this is a good book but i do not recommend this book to someone who is not real mature, because of the language and some of the scenes in the book My favorite part of this book is when slam is fighting his best friend This book looked interesting to me because it had a kid holding a basketball on th froont cover.
I have long been a fan of Walter Dean Myers, even before I had the pleasure of meeting both him and his son, Christopher Myers, at a book talk in Washington, DC Bringing authenticity to his narratives, Myers draws on his own past experiences growing up in Harlem in order to realistically portray the struggles of his young inner city characters.
The main character in this particular novel is a would be basketball star who is struggling academically in a NYC magnet school his friends call him Slam But there is much to Slam than a stereotype Myers gives the reader a multi dimensional view of this young man s psyche and adolescent fears In addition, the reader gets to watch the most exciting basketball games of Slam s season, as Myers writes exciting play by play descriptions of both the action and the physical rivalries that exist on the court Off the court, Slam navigates the difficulties he is facing in his relationships both with the girl that he likes maybe even loves , and with the friend that has always been like a brother to him who may have become a drug dealer without telling him Through it all, the assistant basketball coach tries to provide the guidance that Slam needs to succeed The only question is, will Slam learn how to play the bigger game Slam Scholastic,1998, 273pp.
, 5.
99Walter Dean Myers ISBN 0 59 048668 3By looking at the cover picture from Slam by Walter Dean Myers, I guessed that the protagonist was a basketball player who was in jail However, the story and the main character were different than I thought and it caught my attention from the very first chapter And I couldnt put the book down.
Greg Harris, or his nickname Slam, an African American high school student, is a talented basketball player, but not so talented in education Everyone is jealous of his skills, even his basketball coach, Slam is a powerful basketball player Dangerous and wild, he lives in an unsafe part of Bronx and there are problems with his best friend, Ice, dealing Drugs and gangs Slam s team gets better as the story progresses and his team plays the Championship game against Ice s basketball team A few seconds left in the final game, Slam shoots the ball, nervous, and the game ends with either victory or defeat In the end, Slam learns lessons from other characters and he changes his life by following the right ideas.
I felt miserable after I completed the book, I couldn t read Walter Dean Myers s fascinating work of literature any For example, I enjoyed reading about a talented basketball player s mind in first person point of view This writing syle seemed awesome especially when I read the scene about the basketball game against Ice s basketball team, Slam s sensory made me feel like I was actually playing basketball In the text, he mainly thought of what Ice did in the game, not everyone else Slam seemed as if he did not care the score, he just wanted to be better than Ice I found this fascinating because a similar event occured in my baseball game I played an exihibition baseball game against a strong team and my friend was the pitcher When I batted, I had no concern about the score, my only objective was to hit my friend s pitch and get on a base The similar feelings between us made his point of view realistic, creating an effect of an autobiography After completing the book, my depressed mood disapeared when I realized that he wrote books such as Monster and Scorpions, both of which are aggressive These books were interesting as well I realized that the protagonist in Myer s works always had gang or drug situations.
Slam is just wonderful and it can teach lessons to the readers, just like the protagonist in the book can This book is exciting and stunning, and I will recommend this book to everyone, especially to tennagers, just read it This is another teen basketball book, since I told myself I had to read a few in order to be a well rounded teacher This book was just a complete mess from beginning to end, and hard to read Let me explain The story sets up quite a few issues that the main character has to overcome His team includes white and black players he has to overcome prejudice His coach is mean to him he has to hold his temper He doesn t do his schoolwork he never learns to do his schoolwork There is no significant consequence pointed out in the book Also, he frequently has thoughts about relations with a girl named Mtisha and what he would do if they had kids There is never a thought to safe sex or no sex at all, just if I have sex with her now, the kids will I am not such a stickler that I demand all loose ends to be wrapped up in every book I ever read But when a book is directed towards young people who are so intensely impressible, you cannot leave issues like teen pregnancy and staying in school unsolved I also felt like Slam never really became a team player, in the end And his friend Ice, who was dealing crack, never in the course of the book suffered real consequences This is not what we should be teaching our young people.

This book was pretty interesting, the author wrote in a fun way to describe how the characters would talk I wonder if this book is based on anything true that happened because it seems like something very detailed I thought that the main character in the book was pretty cocky because when he first tried out for the basketball team he acted smart to the coach I liked the way that this author wrote because it seems like most of the things that happened in this book are things that happen a lot in the real world I wonder if the author has any other books because I think I would read them A part in the book that I thought was sad is when Harris, the main character, talked about how his dad gets drunk and him and his mom fight a lot I enjoyed reading this book because it had to do with sports and once I got reading it I started to like it In the book I feel like Harris should have left basketball for a little bit to focus on his grades which he was struggling with I wish that this book was longer than it was so I could read of it The only reason I would say I did not like this book is because it was about basketball.
Want to see from me Check out my youtube channel Slam Harris is a 17 year old basketball star He has dreams of making it big time Unfortunately, he doesn t have the grades to make that happen He also has a temper So when his principal and coach start giving him a hard time, Slam fights back.
I think this is a good book for someone who understands the game of basketball Since I have been playing from such a young age, I have a great grasp on the vocabulary used and the rules of the game For someone who does not have this knowledge, I think it would be very hard to read The writing style was confusing at times It was told from Slam s point of view but the way it was written was hard to follow.
Slam By Walter Dean MyersReview by Andrew JohnsSlam By Walter Dean Myers takes you into the life of Gregory Harris other wise known as Slam It shows the struggles he has to face in his neighborhood in Harlem, New York The book will take you into his life and you will experience the life choices that he has to make, the people who are there to help him are Matisha, Ice, Derek his little brother , his mother and father and teachers.
Slam loves basketball, he wants to make it big and do what he loves for a living His problems are his grades and his attitude, he has to straighten up or face the fact he will not be playing basketball any.
Many people that played sports in high school can relate to him, and even if you didn t play sports in high school you still know that keeping good grades is hard There is a little part of Greg in all of us Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard Slam says when he is talking about losing people from his life This is another thing that all of us can relate to Slam Is a very relatable book that will keep you interested.
The thing that I thought was great about the book, was that you really felt you knew these characters and you were right there with them every step of the way Slam lets you know how he feels about Matisha and everything that is going on around him.
Slam By Walter Dean Myers is an excellent read that I m sure everyone will love and remember I recomend this book to anyone for anything, whether it s for school or just to pass the time It s a read that you will never forget and love forever.

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