Trailer ☆ The Smoke Thief PDF by Á Shana Abe

Trailer ☆ The Smoke Thief PDF by Á Shana Abe I ve wanted to try a historical romance for some time now and didn t have much luck the last time.
This, was much better.
Clarissa Rue Hawthorne as always been an outcast in the eyes of her tribe, being that she s a halfbreed Half mortal, half dragon, she s pushed aside, tormented or ignored It s no wonder she faked her own death when she turned at the age of 17, for that would make her the female Alpha and by there laws and traditions she would have to wed the male Alpha, which is no other then the charming Christoff Langford.
While her heart as always loved him, she does not want to marry a man who does not love her in return.
Or does he There is actually so muchto the story, but I want readers to experience this gem at first hand But, simply put, this book is a dazzling historical romance that I absolutely loved and devoured.
While it took a bit to get use to the style, Shana Ab writes a gorgeously imaginative tale of magic, romance and suspense I love the way she twisted the dragon lore into her own, how the characters can shape shift, shedding there clothing to be dragons and or humans with a wisp of smoke It was quiteconvenient really and I have to say incredible sexy Whether they danced the skies or into each others arms, it was alluring and elegantly done.
Even though the destined mate notion is pretty common in reads, I still found this to be a unique storyline that was deliciously enticing and enjoyed this approach to unrequited love meets true.
The romance is tightly followed and it didn t need any other characters to fill the void.
Kit and Rue are both complex and intense I liked the way they test and challenged each other Rue is strong willed and resilient while Kit is dominant and sincere, there traits bounce off each other giving them both a stubborn edge to the chemistry in both passion and dialog.
All in all, I thought The Smoke Thief is a wonderful cat and mouse chase that goes straight to the the heart, finding a love story that will test the bonds of fate.
Such an enjoyable read and I look forward to continuing this series in the next book, The Dream Thief.
Beautifully done Out of all the romance novels I ve read I can t believe I bypassed this gem for as long as I have Talk about a hidden treasure, and to think I was skeptical as to whether or not it d be not only a good story but a decent romance I wasn t too keen on the paranormal aspect and the book s back blurb doesn t do it justice Often the back blurbs make the book out to bethan what it is, but this one couldn t beunderstated.
This story is like a lush and juicy peach Ab is a master story teller whose words pop, jump, slip and slide right off the page making it mighty hard to put down She is a genius at describing colours and making you feel like you are actually there with the characters watching on the sidelines It s a very sensual, magical story set as a paranormal regency historical The introduction to the world of the Dr kon makes you feel like you re reading something from Christopher Paolini s Inheritance trilogy and then when you get into the early lives of the h h you see the potential for the romance and the story takes off from there.
The hero will have you sighing sighing and then flat out OMG did he just say thatswooning by the end of the novel ref page 281 sigh o rama people Dammit is he ever gooood He is so charming, not a Mr Smooth, he just knows what to say and says it sincerely too He s 100% alpha though and will do anything to get what he wants It s been a while since I ve read one of those really good firecracker heroines and Rue is certainly one Nothing stands in her way She s a true free spirit and a brilliant thief If you liked a character like Lily Lawson in Lisa Kleypas Then Came You then you ll love this sharp cookie There s a good amount of sexual tension as well as some of the best sexually charged kissing scenes I ever read Kit is a master with those lips His whispers and then the sex scenes just have you trembling They aren t over the top but they are so intense making the love story all thebelievable The ending is just perfect too.
If you ve missed this series like me I strongly suggest you give it a shot Looks like I for one have found myself a new series and grooaan go the ol shelves, yet again D For Centuries They Ve Lived In Secret Among Northern England S Green And Misted Hills Creatures Of Extraordinary Beauty, Power, And Sensuality, They Possess The Ability To Shape Shift From Human To Dragon And Back Again Now Their Secret And Their Survival Is Threatened By A Temptation That Will Break Every BoundaryDubbed The Smoke Thief, A Daring Jewel Thief Is Confounding The London Police His Wealthy Victims Claim The Master Burglar Can Walk Through Walls And Vanish Into Thin Air But Christoff, The Charismatic Marquess Of Langford, Knows The Truth The Thief Is No Ordinary Human But A Runner Who S Fled Darkfrith Without Permission As Alpha Leader Of The Dr Kon, It S Kit S Duty To Capture The Fugitive Before The Secrets Of The Tribe Are Revealed To Mortals But Not Even Kit Suspects That The Smoke Thief Could Be A Woman Clarissa Rue Hawthorne Knew Her Dangerous Exploits Would Attract The Attention Of The Dr Kon But She Didn T Expect Christoff Himself To Come To London, Dangling The Tribe S Most Valuable Jewel The Langford Diamond As Bait For As Long As She Could Remember, Rue Had Lived The Life Of A Halfling Half Dr Kon, Half Mortal And An Outcast In Both Worlds She D Always Loved The Handsome And Willful Kit From The Only Place It Was Safe From Afar But Now She Was No Longer The Shy, Timid Girl She D Once Been She Was The First Woman Capable Of Making The Turn In Four Generations So Why Did She Still Feel The Same Dizzying Sense Of Vulnerability Whenever He Was Near From The Moment He Saw Her, Kit Knew That The Alluring And Powerful Beauty Was Every Bit His Alpha Equal And Destined To Be His Bride And By The Harsh Laws Of The Dr Kon, Rue Knew That She Was The Property Of The Marquess But They Will Risk Banishment And Worse For A Chance At Something Greater For Now Rue Is His Prisoner, The Diamond Has Disappeared, And She S Made The Kind Of Dangerous Proposition A Man Like Kit Cannot Resist When it comes to romance novels that deals with paranormal or along those lines of magic etc I ve pretty much given up on From my POV mostly, you can only do so much with vampires, werewolves and shape shifters before things get old quick So picking up Smoke Thief was taking a lump of salt and digging in and to be surprised on how much I loved it Shana Abe writes her story with an ebb and flow to it, that sweeps you along for the ride I loved the historical setting of her book and the story behind the race of drakon I did have a little trouble from wanting to bite Kit s head off at times with his overly Alpha Male speeches and actions toward Rue but I having to remember he s a dragon before a human, but in the end does prove himself Rue is no wimp herself and stands on her own against Kit and anyone else and shows her heart is pure gold.
The one things I adore about the book was Abe s descriptions of the dragons taking flight in the night air, almost making me feel I was flying with them Amazing Just as amazing as the book I wanted to love this book I really did The friend who recommended it to me couldn t stop raving about the series I ve loved every other book she s recommended to me, and I really enjoy fantasy paranormal romances But, this was just bad.
My biggest problem was the hero Kit was an ass, through and through He states multiple times that he will sleep with the heroine, even if he has to rape her When they finally do have sex, Kit mentions that Rue keeps trying to pull away from him, but he doesn t care It s all very awkward, and made me rather uncomfortable I don t have a problem with rape in books, if it is important to the story, but this was presented as romantic And it wasn t.
At one point, Kit gets a horrible blood infection I was really hoping it would kill him But, alas.
The fantasy elements in this book are also not what I had hoped They can turn into smoke and dragons, but it s not really used for anything, except a stupid plot device.
All in all, the best part of the book in the Prologue It s beautifully written, and talks about the backstory of the drak na story that sounds muchinteresting than the one we were actually told.
This is the kind of book I despise, despite it s pretty prose.
There s a secret clan organization of weredragons Some have mixed with humans, yielding halflings, which are looked down upon Apparently, nowadays, the ability to turn into a dragon is limited to men only So they would love to find a woman who can Turn, because then she can breed.
Many weredragons run away from this clan organization, because it is run with an iron fist by a bunch of jerks Runners are hunted down and killed.
The protagonist, Clarissa Rue, fakes her own death at age 17 She s a Halfling She runs away to London and becomes a jewel thief.
Our male protagonist, Cristoff, or Kit, is the Alpha of the clan organization He s a spoiled, ruthless man but we are supposed to think he s super sexy.
So He goes to hunt down Clarissa Rue after it s clear that the famous London jewel thief is a weredragon But of course, he s the Alpha Male, and since she s the only female who can Turn in existence, that makes her instant Alpha Female So he claims her as his bride, or whatever Forget that she doesn t want to marry him, or return to the clan What she wants doesn t matter at all She s his, okay Since she s Alpha Female, and the only woman who can Turn, you think this would make her strong, right Wrong She s bullied by Kit, captured by Kit, almost raped by Kit, etc Also, she s a virgin and he s had so much sex he s like a pro, or something MINUS TONS OF POINTS God I hate that sh t.
Kit s super protective He doesn t want any other man looking at her, touching her, breathing the same air as her, etc She, while living in London, saved a little street urchin from certain death Now Street Urchin is her little friend He s 11 or 12 KIT IS THREATENED BY HIM Because he s male Oh God, he thinks a 12 year old kid is horning in on his property Sick This is sick Later he is going to kill the kid Not because the kid is a threat to his manhood how sad is that but because the kid knows the truth about Kit and Clarissa Rue being weredragons And he s just like Go upstairs, Clarissa Rue You don t want to see this AS IF SHE S JUST GOING TO TURN HER BACK AND LET HIM MURDER THE CHILD SHE SAVED FROM THE GUTTER Then Clarissa Rue s all Oh, don t kill the kid Please, I m begging you, blah blah blah So Kit says he won t kill the kid if she agrees to marry him Oh, blackmail and threatening to kill children That s EXACTLY the way to get a woman to fall in love with you NOT But then Kit gets sick Oh, we re supposed to feel so sorry for him, poor baby, he s ILL Oh, poor little thing She nurses him back to health and I guess we re supposed to see him in a vulnerable state and actually start liking him or something Ugh.
THEN she finds out that he betrayed her It s a long story, but he promised her freedom as in, doesn t have to marry him or rejoin the clan if she lives with him for two weeks and they find this giant diamond and another Runner But no It was all a lie He was going to force her to marry him and force her to rejoin the clan anyway No matter what I guess if you re a woman you have no rights to decide who you marry, where you live, and if and when you have sex When she confronts him with this, he s NOT EVEN APOLOGETIC He s all Oh, well, I m Alpha Male and what I say goes and I ll never let you go You re my property now and you ll never get away from me AGAIN, I want to stress that we are supposed to see this as sexy, okay Not rapist abuser scum of the earth But sexy and powerful, or something Disgusting.
I won t spoil the ending, but I think you can see where this is going To what the author thinks is a happy ending MY version of a happy ending would be she kills Kit, runs off and takes the Street Urchin with her, and never lays eyes on another weredragon again But we all know THAT won t be the ending of this book.
Long story short, this book teaches us that 1 Women have no rights They are the property of men Rape is perfectly acceptable Actually, at one point in the book, Kit tells Clarissa Rue There is no rape between a husband and a wife LIES FILTHY LIES.
2 It s okay to kill people who disobey you.
3 It s okay to kill children if they are a threat to you somehow.
4 Even males who haven t gone through puberty yet are threats to a man owner s property a.
a women and need to be killed so that the man owner is not threatened.
5 Acting in the above ways will be seen as super sexy by women, and they will eventually fall in love with you and have tons of sex with you.
ONE REAL STAR, ONE ROMANCE STAR I have a shelf on GoodReads entitled take flight that I use for all sort of things airplane pilots, angels, dragons Or in this case,dr konThese mythical breasts are beautifully, if fiercely, portrayed in Ms Abe s book I love the descriptions of they flights.
It felt exhilarating Even with him there, it felt like liberty, like she need never touch the ground again.
The sun began to set and the entire sky kindled to flame, suspending them in wild pink and cherry and orange, colors so burning and luminous they almost hurt to behold Every stroke of her wings shifted hues, deepening the heavens, and when the first of the stars sparked overhead a bouquet of them all at once all that was left of the day was a band of intense maroon melting like hot sand into the edge of the world.
At times the author s descriptions reminded me of an old fashioned movie back when the camera spent time on a scene so we can absorb the surroundings or the ambience if you will Ms Abe does the same thing describing the birds or monkeys reactions to the dragons presence, or the intricate description of masquerade costumes She takes her time on a passage, which is quite alright with me, even if I was a little impatient to move the story along, I finally just enjoyed the lyrical prose of her writing.
I was confused a bit during the prologue and the first chapter, but that is not unusual for me with regards to the fantasy genre I caught on quick enough by chapter two Dragons are irresistibly drawn to gemstones They can smell them, feel them, breathe them They can change or shape shift from human, to smoke, to dragon Cool.
There was a point at which I was so incredibly glad Rue had escaped the beastly tribe at Darkfrith that I started having my own little fantasy that Kit wouldnotbe her love interest Then, about the time Ms Abe started writing about that scribe in the council room, I actually flipped to re read the back of the book synopsis to check, Could it be someone else Please There was no way that Kit would ever redeem himself.
I didn t blame Rue, who is half human, for fighting her fate Who wants to be in a relationship involving unrequited love Especially if you re not the one loved About here I need to tell my friend, Faithmarie, not to worry Rue gets her happily ever after After all, it did get Romantic Times Historical Romance of the Year 2005 And it s an enjoyable flight of fantasy until she gets it.

I really enjoyed this book basically just chewed through it until it was done There wasn t much in the way of fleshed out secondary characters, but I didn t mind The development of Kit and Rue was so well done and rounded that I didn t miss a strong secondary cast.
They were really great, complex characters Rue, desperate to fit in honestly, I have to wonder if she didn t become such a flamboyant, notorious thief as they said in the book, the Council knew it HAD to be a dragon because she wanted to draw them to her Display and revel in her strength, after a miserable, outcast childhood Everything about her, as an adult woman in London, screamed Alpha she was practically daring them to come, and had plans in place for when they did.
And then there is Kit, the reluctant leader, oddly jealous of the life of a runner That sort of wistful component really made him appealing I also loved the nuance of dragon myths, and the way they were woven in, like, for example Dragons and their treasures the way they are utterly captivated by gems you see that several times, Kit s reaction to the pearls at the masquerade ball Rue s reaction to the rubies Dragon possessiveness It is funny, because strong possessive or jealous tendencies usually irritate me, but it was so incredibly in their nature that I loved the play of it here.
The only thing missing, in my not so humble opinion, was Kit killing that slimy little Councilman Seriously, it needs to happen.
As an aside, though and it isn t really fair to include this as commentary on the book, because the BOOK was great, this isregarding the series , I am disappointed to see that the next book doesn t pick up from here There is SO MUCH MORE STORY with these characters What happens when she returns, how they change the shire Their struggles with the council What happens with the runner What is to be done about the crowd of men that drift around her and what the heck is up with that, anyway Creepy I don t want to jump a couple decades down the road to their children Pah Tell the dang story I wasn t sure how a historical romance with dragon shifter characters was going to play out it could have been really cheesy Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised with this one The author blended magic, romance, and a historical setting with this cat and mouse story seamlessly I was completely drawn into the world and characters and I can t wait to readabout the drakon now Clarissa Rue Hawthorne is a halfling have Other human and half Drakon dragon She s an outsider in her community and is constantly picked on by the stronger girls She quietly watches as the alpha to be Christoff Langford flirts and chases after all the other girls in the shire, falling in love with him against her better judgment Fast forward 9 years and Clarissa has escaped the shire and its strict rules to live among the Others in London Clarissa is drawn to the jewels and treasures of the wealthy in London, and she stops at nothing to get what she wants.
But when Christoff brings his tribe s own treasure to London to show off to the public, Clarissa fears that she might be recognized and taken back against her will The only problem is, during the showing someone else takes the gem and Clarissa is forced to help Christoff recover it, all the while fighting off his advances Clarissa knows he sees women as replaceable and she doesn t want to become one of the many Christoff has other plans for her though.
Clarissa is a great character She s independent, head strong, smart, resourceful, and likable Christoff is your typical alpha male, but he knows when to push and when to back off the man has great timing I liked how we got to see inside his head a bit to see what he was thinking and feeling Both characters were very well written and their romance was believable Some might not like the whole fated to be mates thing, but honestly, their romance had started almost 10 years ago so it wasn t as if they had just met Plus they didn t jump into bed right away and the tension was built up adequately And the scenes where they finally gave into their urges were really hot.
I thought that giving them two forms smoke and dragon was really neat As a friend pointed out, their smoke form is an ingenious way to camouflage them until they get above the clouds so they can then turn into dragons without people seeing them It actually is very clever, and also useful to escape out of sticky situations.
I also really liked the character of Zane and I was happy to see that he shows up in the next book I m curious to see what happens with him.
I enjoyed this book a lot and I really appreciated the author s way with words This book has a fairytale quality to it and her writing is magical When you read the parts when they re smoke or dragons you really get pulled along for the ride.
I don t read a whole lot of historical romance but even if there hadn t been dragon shifters and magic in this I still probably would have liked it This really was a great start for this series and I look forward to readingby this author This book was an absolute pleasure to read It was wonderful It was thrilling I thoroughly enjoyed being swept away to a magical world where the drakon dragon shifters live amongst us The Smoke Thief is set in the 1750 s so it also has the richness and textures of that time period The author creates a world where a group of people can shift into beautiful, majestic dragons I loved so many things about this book The flying sequences were phenomenal When the drakon shift into their dragon forms, they first turn into smoke and wind their way up into the sky When they are high enough, they turn into dragons I liked the main characters Clarissa Rue and Christoff Kit I feltof a connection to Rue than to Kit Kit struck me as a little Neanderthal at times due to his Alpha nature, however I did enjoy his frustration and love for Rue The dialogue between these characters was cleverly written Their love scenes were steamy I enjoyed the dragon lore and how attracted the dragons were to precious stones I noticed that the next book does not continue Rue and Kit s story I m a little disappointed about that Despite my tiny disappointment, I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

Shana Ab was born in Texas She spent much of her childhood living in Colorado, with a brief stint in Mexico as a foreign exchange student, and, at age seventeen, lived in Japan as a model Throughout her childhood, Ab wrote, completing what she calls The Silliest Romance Novel Ever during her free time during modeling shoots Her writing focused on romance, as those were the types of books