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Download Epub Format × Villere House (Blood of My Blood #1) PDF by » Leslie Fear 5 Voodoo stars Anyone who knows me, knows I don t do scary I like dark and twisted reads with broken people, but anything spooky you can count me out It s safe to say anything about ghosts, spirits, voodoo etc wouldn t be my type of book Normally, I wouldn t give this type of book a go, but I m so glad I did Full of suspense, mystery, romance and all kinds of paranormal things Was it a little creepy Yes But it wasn t too scary for me I would classify itlike a paranormal suspenseful romance and less horror It was unique, unpredictable, entertaining and refreshing Lottie Boyd is on spring break in New Orleans with her two college friends She s supposed to be having some fun, but ever since she arrived at the city, these dreams have haunted her Except they don t feel like dreams They feel real The dreams are set in New Orleans in a much different time Lottie doesn t feel like she s dreaming about Elise She feels like she IS Elise Elise is a widowed mother with a sick child She is willing to do anything to get her child well, including a Voodoo ritual to make her well again After experiencing these dreams and some other strange things, Lottie decides to do some digging It s getting to the point where she s afraid of her dreams Maybe going to one of the local Voodoo places will shed some light on the situation There, she meets Xavier Xavier Villere has grown up in New Orleans with the Voodoo culture He is a bit disbelieving and cynical when it comes to believing in that stuff, but Lottie may be one to change all that When she first tells him about her dreams flashbacks, he s skeptical When her dreams start including Laurent Villere, things change Not only do the dreams continue for Lottie, but they get muchintense Xavier and Lottie try to figure out what the dreams could possibly mean Elise and Laurent Lottie and Xavier The stories intertwine There are signs, she just has to figure out what the signs mean And she needs Xavier s help for that With everything going on, Lottie and Xavier develop a bond Xavier has this need to protect her, keep her safe, but he can t deny the feelings he s starting to develop for her Xavier is a stand up guy and a swoonworthy leading man He has character, he s kind and charming No matter if he believed Lottie or not, he had to help her It s just his natureWhat are you doing here I thought I told you I know, he interjected quietly But this is the man I am, Lottie I can t sit by and watch those I care about suffer Not when I might be able to help I realize it can be stifling, but I can t be any other way As things with the couple progress in present time, secrets from the past come to light Things get confusing for this couple when the flashbacks start invading Xavier as wellWas it him she kissed Or Laurent Was she acting as Elise or herself He had no idea I was captivated by this story from the start, and as the end drew near, I was biting my nails to see how it would all turn out Villere House is not your traditional romance story It s full of paranormal mystery, but the two separate yet intertwining romances made it interesting The authors did a wonderful job mixing the present day with the past story lines While reading, I actually felt like I was in New Orleans The book is rich with the culture of this city A well written and entertaining story I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a paranormal mysterious romance with a historical feel to it I very much enjoyed it and I m looking forward to book 2 in the series, which will focus on the other Villere brotherARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review What a kickass book This author had an interesting way of telling this storyswitching back and forth between the past and present Sometimes, it bothers me to go back to the past because I m too interested in the present story, but with this book, each time period was equally fascinating I loved being either place.
To be quite honest, the idea of Voodoo squicks me out I don t know if I believe in it or not, but the evil spirits that seem to accompany any Voodoo story scares me muchthan any monster book ever can There is definitely something evil in Villere House, and Lottie inadvertently stumbles upon it Or, to be quite honest, most likely is led back to Villere House through her dreams The opening scene is a hookit instantly grabbed my attention and made me sit up and take notice Xavier is a great hero in that he s not only hot, but he s protective of the fairer sexalmost old fashioned in that way And thank goodness for Lottie that he is Their relationship is a scary one, and the way the author weaves the past and present stories had me scratching my head at times, but when it all comes to a head and the truth is revealed, I couldn t help but get that bubbly, excited feeling that always accompanies an aha moment The romance adds a balance to the scare factor I kind of wish it had manifested a little sooner, but I have no idea how, so it s quite possibly exactly where it needs to be Somewhere amid the voices coming from running water, to the ultra spooky and realistic dreams, to the feeling of evil permeating the air to the possessions, Lottie and Xavier find the time to act on their attraction to each other It was handled really well, and considering their ages, I was surprised at how mature they both came across This was a great little surprise for me An author to watch out for, for sureCopy provided by the author for review.

I LOVED IT 3 3 REVIEW TO COME Disclosure I am both a Facebook and a Goodreads friend of the authorWhen Lottie arrives in New Orleans she is fully expecting a few days of drinking too much and partying But an evil spirit and a centuries old curse are hanging over her head With the help of Xavier, the owner of a shop selling voodoo souvenirs to tourists and a French speaking ghost who visits her in her dreams, she begins to unravel the mystery But the voodoo queen won t easily surrender what she has and the price she demands might bethan Lottie can pay Villere House is an old school ghost story, well written and entertaining with just the right amount of creepy There was even one moment view spoiler when Saniste is chasing lise and she is hiding behind the barrels hide spoiler 3 rounded up to a 4 because Voodoo.
it s my review I can totally do thatI am waaaayyy overdue to write this review but I still remember all of my feelings about it I snagged this one up after reading Karen s review of the second book in the series Karen is a review master and pretty much all I had to read wasgothic romance, all full of new orleans voodoo and possession and sweaty passionand I was like what s thatyou need me to confirm my one click done.
So I start reading this and you know what, it s not without it s faults, but it is super fun Now, before I go any further, there is something you should know about me I LOVE NEW ORLEANSI love the music, the food, the history, the vibe, all of it It s one of my favorite places and I have family not far from there which has always upped my sentimental attachment to any place.
I took my husband a few years ago for our first real getaway after we had our second tiny person and I had so much fun taking him to all of touristy type places and some of the not so touristy spots He even developed a fascination with the cemeteries which pleased me to no end because I have always had a thing for them Growing up, my hometown s old city cemetery was only three blocks from my house, and I liked to take rubbings of some of the really unique headstones shut up I think we long ago established I was a weird kid Anyway, cemeteries have always fascinated me and why not, take a look at a few of these gorgeous family vaults that we snagged pics ofYou can t tell me that you don t find something beautiful about them.
Anyway, long story short, I have a big ol soft spot for all things NOLA and reading a story about a girl there on spring break that gets swept up into the mysterious side of one of my favorite places was a no brainer for me So here s what you need to know Our main character, Lottie, was orphaned in her teens after her parents were killed in an accident and with no other family around she got bounced around the foster system for a few years causing her to develop a healthy amount of skepticism about people and the world around her The problem with that is when she starts experiencing things she can t explain, like memories of people and places she couldn t possible know about, she thinks she has a just received a ticket for the crazy train.
Enter Xavier Villere This hottie has a complicated family of his own He is the part owner and primary manager of The Villere House of Voodoo Which is kinda like this place and yes, that s me at the bottom of the pic pre pixie cut but definitely still rocking my post baby bod so that is where I cut off the picture I don t want to give away too much about the story so here s what I liked and what I didn t Liked Xavier was not some long haired romance novel alpha Fabio He is a super sexy southern gentleman And I for one did not mind reading the descriptions about himswoon Didn t Like He still went into possessive mode about the MC because he desperately felt she needed his help and protection.
Liked The main character is not a blushing virgin She is a sexually healthy college aged woman who has no problem admitting to what she wants.
Didn t Like Despite our MC not being a prude, she definitely passes a little judgement on her frenemy for beingexperienced than she is I think I would have felt better about this situation if she kept her judgey feelings directed at her frenemy s clich d excessive alcohol consumption.
Liked The sexxxy times They were well written and genuinely hot and not over the top in any way.
Didn t Like I ve got nothing for this one Unless there was an option to havesexxy times in this book In which case yeah, I ll have someof that please Liked The descriptions of the places Lottie visits.
Jackson SquareLafayette Cemetery No 1Sidenote I kind of have a thing for this specific set of tombs They are called the Secret Garden and were built by four friends, the Quarto who wanted to be buried together and there were rumors of secretive meetings that they held but there is little other info about them which gives me all kinds of goose pimpley feelingsThe second line parade they joinWould just a general All The Places help you understand how happy books set there makes me Didn t Like Again, there really wasn t anything I didn t like about this aspect The author has our MC at a ton of the touristy spots in the Quarter, but she is a tourist spring break remember so it would be silly to have her spending the majority of her time off somewhere else And in a lot of cases they are touristy spots for a reason they are awesome and everyone wants to see it.
Liked The paranormal aspect of the story Voodoo Ghosts Curses YESDidn t Like Nothing This was great I really enjoyed the way the two story lines were brought together and it helped give a reason for why our MCs were immediately drawn to each other.
My only real complaint about this book would be that I found quite a few editing errors, but not enough to drive me nuts or ruin my enjoyment of the story.
Overall this was a fun read.
5 StarsThe world is rarely what we expect There are many things beyond of a past lifeimage error 4.
5 STARS for Villere House Have you ever had that weird d j vu moment You know.
The one where you could ve sworn you had been there or seen something so familiar, even though you d never been before Meet Lottie A pretty blonde college girl who has come to party with friends in New Orleans on Spring Break, only to find that she is havingof those d j vu moments than she wants to Here she meets sexy, dark and exotic Xavier, a local with a lot of history in the city, and plenty of secrets I was attracted to the story of Villere House right away What s not to love about hot, young college students on vacation in New Orleans, surrounded by voodoo magic, ghosts, a crazy Mom and Grandmother who hold seances right in their home, and the appeal of all that makes up the city of lust They didn t know these guys from Adam, but by the look of things, it wouldn t be long before Amanda and Sam would be getting to know them in the biblical sense I loved the funny banter between Lottie and her friends, and everything else about this book received an ARC of this book for an honest review.
So I usually don t read Paranormal I just don t Not sure whywell, I m a bit of a fraidy cat really So that s likely why, LOL Once in grade 10, my BFF made me read a Mary Higgins Clark book Wigs still scare the CRAP outta me don t ask shiver, shiver I loved the setting New Orleans Such a rich, culturally diverse background.
not to mention, deliciously spooky These ladies paint a gorgeous picture for us You feel like you re actually there Many times through this book I thought, Hey, this would make an awesome movie I really liked Lottie s character I related well to her I felt like I understood where she was coming from Girlfriend has issueslet s leave it at that Some parts of this made me freak right out I was texting Leslie co author like a mad woman telling her I was afraid to go to sleep She laughed at me.
THEN I woke up at 3AM, scared again I m such a wuss The story kept drawing me back in There was a fantastic mystery, loads of suspense, and of course, a steamy romance or two Yay I won t get into too much detail, bc you know we HATE spoilers, but if you are into Paranormal, I think you will definitely love this book.
This Epic Tale Spanning Past And Present Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat Set In A World Of Voodoo, Spirits, And The Historic Locale Of New Orleans, Villere House Is Deliciously Spooky And Romantic Tracey Garvis Graves, Author Of The New York Times Bestseller, On The Island And CovetCollege Senior, Lottie Boyd, Expects To Drink Too Much While On Spring Break In New Orleans What She Doesn T Expect Is To Be Haunted Or Fall In Love But That S Exactly What Happens It Starts With Strange, Vivid Dreams About A Th Century Widow So Desperate To Save Her Sick Little Girl, She S Willing To Do Anything Even If It Involves The Black Magic Of Voodoo It Doesn T End There Voices, Ghost Sightings, Familiarity With Things And Places She Couldn T Possibly Know All Leading Her To The Villere House Of Voodoo And The Young Creole Owner, Xavier VillereXavier Is Compelled To Help And Is Drawn To Lottie In A Way He S Never Known, But Skepticism Of His Family S Century Old Link To Voodoo And The Occult Keep Her At Arms Length If He Can Only Come To Terms With His Heritage, He Might Be Able To Help Solve The Mystery Of The Widow Plaguing Lottie S Dreams And Maybe Even Find Love In The ProcessNote Villere House Is An Adult Romance And Not Suitable For Readers Under Loved it Written by a Goodreads friend of mine and it was great A perfect mix of mystery, romance and vodoo in Na Lawns New Orleans Thanks Leslie Looking forward to Graveyard Watchman

Leslie is currently writing her sixth paranormal romance novel to be released sometime in 2019 When she s not writing or driving teenagers around, Leslie also works for the blog she co founded, The Indie Bookshelf.Leslie lives in Texas with her husband, two great kids and two very silly pugs.