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[ Pdf Enchanting the Lady ã middle-english-literature PDF ] by Kathryne Kennedy ✓ The book is enjoyable and an interesting take on magic It s set in I want to think 1800 s maybe I loved it It was engaging and the h was very naive but it s to be expected due to the era Some parts were predictable but for the most part I really enjoyed the story It s a small, light, pretty easy to read book.
I really liked this book a lot It was a romance with really strong fantasy elements that didn t seem just thrown into the mix to add interest I especially liked the hero and couldn t put it down once I started reading It d didn t necessarily blown me over, but it definitely impressed me and has me looking forward tofrom the author.
Little Noticed Felicity Seymour Is A Woman With A Problem She Can T Take Control Of Her Parents Lands Until She Can Prove Her Magical Abilities, Of Which She S Never Had The Slightest Hint When She Meets A Handsome Were Lion Baronet, Terence Blackwell, She S Surprised At His Interest What She Doesn T Know Is That Terence Smells The Taint Of Relic Magic On Her, The Same Magic That Killed His Brother Resolving To Learn Her Secrets, Terence Courts The Worried Wallflower And Is As Surprised As Anyone When He Falls Head Over Heels Soon After They Marry In Secret, Felicity Discovers That People She S Trusted All Her Life Are Conspiring To Steal Her Magic, Her Title And Her Land Now She S Got To Stop Them With The Help Of Her New Husband But How Much Does She Really Know About Her Mysterious Mate Definitely a 4.
5 read This was a Kindle freebie and I was very pleasantly surprised by the engaging story and the likable leads.
Lady Felicity should have inherited magic to spare but she has none In fact, nobody ever even notices this would be duchess Orphaned, living with her aunt and uncle and her jackass cousin, she has near zero confidence and fewer prospects Until she meets Sir Terrence Blackwell, one of the loathed shapeshifters who are particular favorites of the prince He is gorgeous, kind, and he keeps rubbing up against her and making growling noises in the back of his throat Hmmm.
I read a lot of PNR and urban fantasy, so books with magic are nothing fresh or new for me However this one was a bit different from my usual in its atmosphere It was whimsical in places and dark in others It reminded me very much of Dianna Wynne Jones s worlds where magic is a way of life and part of the caste system Less of the overwrought, over thought UF style of PNR andof the fanciful Sometimes I m very disappointed in the freebies I get for my Kindle That s pretty hard to do when they re free But this one was delightful and I recommend snapping it up if you have a Kindle or a Kindle reading app It s free, fer gosh sakes This was a sweet book with a sexy hero who was a shapeshifter, and an endearing heroine who thought she had no powers, but actually had them stolen away I love the mix of Victorian and magic Great job on the author s part.
I found this book to be adorable, it was just so cute and fun Not to mention that I liked the society that in this alternate England.
Magic is still around and English society is infused by it The Royals have the most powers and then the Dukes and so forth If you are without then you are stripped of titles and lands Magic rules and different titles have different magic I really liked what she created and it was interesting.
Our heroine is truly naive, but that is the only way she could be No one ever notices Felicity and she believes she is a grey little mouse But there lives a fighter in her that wants to peak her head out She was sweet and innocent.
While the hero Terrance is something else entirely There is one class of nobility that has no magic and that magic can t touch and that are the shapeshifters But the Royals use them as spies since they can sense relic magic And Terrance, well I wanted to be angry at him for using sweet Felicity, but at the same time he was falling for her so I forgave him His beast knew better than he did.
A relic of evil magic must be found, a couple fall helplessly in love and all is not well in the country of England.
Such a sweet story that I devoured in a day Easy to read, easy to fall in love with.
After reading the Drowning City, I needed something light and easy to read Enchanting the Lady defiantly falls into this category It is a paranormal historical romance, which for me is what I tend to drift towards when I do read a romance book.
The book takes place in London in the late 1800s and is centered on a Lady Felicity who is next in line to Duchess of Stonehaven her parents died when she was young However, in this day and age, the only way to achieve status within the monarchy is to possess a certain amount of magical ability Felicity has gone unnoticed for her entire life, even so far as the servants will forget her or some people even sit on her at balls, she is convinced that she is not a very memorable person either in personality or looks The great magic within her family has also seemed to have skipped a generation as Felicity seem to have inherited no magic at all but her cousin seems to have inherited magic above the status his parents, which he likes to flaunt in Felicity s face by sending her scary illusions So the day comes when Felicity is forced to take a test to prove she has the magic to hold the position of Duchess, but she fails, badly She is now striped of her lands, title, everything and further humiliation, she is forced to attend the ball to celebrate all those who have passed Enter Barnet Sir Terence Blackwell, a were lion who is in service to the king He immediately notices Felicity and smells something strange on her, relic magic Relic magic is deadly and forbidden within the kingdom Weres are immune to all magic therefore, they are the perfect hunters of these relics, and Blackwell s family have been relic hunters for the King for generations Blackwell decides that the only way to discover the relic that Felicity possesses is it to court her and get her to trust him It starts out of him just going to use her, but thehe is with her thehis beast side tells him Mate But there is trouble, and it is set on these two not being together, and this force will stop at nothing to possess the relic.
This book is cute and full of whimsy Kennedy defiantly has a sense of enchantment when she writes From having carriages driven by sea horses, to the balls that Felicity attends there is defiantly a sense of fantasy My favourite part in the book, and also part of the fantasy aspect, is the Dragonette, Daisy, I thought she was a unique addition that I had not read before It was also different that weres do not change into a bigger version of their animal but to the exact size Therefore, if someone was a were bunny, when they changed into their animal size they would be an actual bunny not too sure how safe that would be It was also funny that weres did have some feature or habit that was associated with their were creature, Felicity was ever trying to figure out what an individual would turn into For example Blackwell s hair looked like a mane.
This was a good easy read, I would say another filler book, for me, compared to what I usually read, but I think those people who do like paranormal historical romance books will enjoy this trip back to the 1800s.
Enjoy The novel is set in an alternate Victorian England where your social position is determined by your magical abilities Felicity Seymour is a daughter of a duke and should be swimming in magical ability but isn t In fact, she spends most of her life ignored and forgotten Really Since she was a child people have had a difficult time noticing or remembering her until she meets Sir Terence Blackwell, a werelion who can actually see her Shifters are a necessary evil in Victorian society, immune to magic and illusions, shifters hunt down relics that threaten the crown, but they are disliked and feared by the polite world Felicity and Terence, both outcasts, are naturally drawn to each other Their courtship is made difficult by family, social position, and a dangerous relic It s hard to say if this is a fantasy novel with a lot of romance or a romance with a lot of fantasy Finding out what s happened to Felicity and what s causing it is as much of the focus as the growing relationship between the two leads That isn t a criticism, but if you want a straight forward romance with some sizzling hot werelion sexing, this isn t it.

Cute and sweet magic and a were lion Were lions for the win This was a really nice story I don t read a lot of historical romances but the fantasy elements within really held my interest The character development and world building is really great and even though I figured out what was going on way before Felicity did, I still enjoyed the story Felicity Seymour doesn t have any magic and she s dull and forgettable She s so forgettable that servants run into her and she s sat on at parties Both of her parents died and now her Uncle and Aunt look after her, but Felicity has to take a test in front of the Prince to prove she can do the magic of a Duchess to keep her title and property At this test is the Prince s Baronet, Terrence Blackwell, who is also a shape shifting lion Terrence is a relic hunter, he hunts the relics of Merlin, jewels that give the user dark powers A relic user killed Terrence s brother so he hunts them at all costs Shape shifters are immune to magic, but Terrence uses his keen senses to sniff out the smell of the relics Once he meets Felicity at her test, he s drawn to both her beauty and the acrid smell of a relic Terrence courts her to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding her.
Felicity is a character that could have been annoying with her naivete, but she s humble and sincere and it s very believable that she s just that innocent She led a very sheltered life and had hardly anyone to socialize with Most of the people around her forgot she was even in the room A lot of times I have a problem with the guy deceiving the girl by dating her with an ulterior motive Terrence has good intentions though and he s never really that devious when it comes to Felicity And the romance between them is really hot The sex scenes are not overly graphic but not just whispered and implied They really fit in with the story and the characters as well, with an ample amount of sexual tension early on I really enjoyed the magical elements of the world, they were well developed and didn t just feel like something tacked on to take advantage of the fantasy genre to sell books I m definitely going to read the rest of this series and I m going to check out this author s other books This was a really great entry in the historical romantic fantasy genre

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