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[ Pdf Torquato Tasso. Ein Schauspiel. Ö american-novels PDF ] by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ↠´ totaly failed as a play but tons of interesting stuff on Goethes outlook on poetry, life and his self conception as a poet, during his rome period.
In Dem Versdrama Torquato Tasso , Einem Der Literarischen Ertr Ge Der Italienreise, Schuf Goethe Das Erste Regelrechte K Nstlerdrama Der Weltliteratur Dabei Tr Gt Der K Nstlertypus, Der In Der Figur Des Tasso Gezeichnet Wird, Neben Der Genialit T Auch Z Ge Von Melancholie Und Labilit T Und Avanciert So Zum Psychogramm Eines Schon Modernen Dichters ,.
This is an interesting play by one great poet Goethe who casts judgement on another Torquato Tasso The only problem is that one needs to be familiar with the work of both poets in order to enjoy this particular play If however you have, this drama will prove quite fascinating.
Goethe paints a highly unflattering picture of Tasso who lacks all humility and as it becomes progressively obvious in the course of the play mental stability Convinced of his own genius he sees no reason why he should defer to his noble patrons In fact he believes that they should treat him with reverence He persists in making romantic advances to the Princess Leonora despite her repeated pleas for him to desist When he attacks the brother of the princess with a dagger, he is placed under house arrest When he is released he immediately resumes his unpleasant and aggressive behaviour As the play ends he is about to be committed to a lunatic asylum.
It is a testament to Goethe s enormous talent that Torquato Tasso does not become a mere tale of a self delusional poet self destructing Due to the skill of Goethe, Tasso s absurd claim that by virtue of being a great poet he is entitled to make up his own rules about how he should conduct himself becomes almost credible While the Princess and her family appear primarily as being very forbearing in face of Tasso s outrageous behaviour, Goethe does manage to cast doubts about their motives They could be supportive friends or they could be selfish individuals who want Tasso to be in their entourage because of the prestige created by his extraordinary poetry.
Goethe s Torquato Tasso is an intriguing work for anyone familiar with the works of Tasso Unfortunately those readers unfamiliar with Tasso are unlikely to enjoy this work.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer George Eliot called him Germany s greatest man of letters and the last true polymath to walk the earth Goethe s works span the fields of poetry, drama, literature, theology, humanism, and science Goethe s magnum opus, lauded as one of the peaks of world literature, is the two part drama Faust Goethe s other well known literary works include h