Trailer ↠´ Counting Coup: A True Story of Basketball and Honor on the Little Big Horn PDF by ✓ Larry Colton

Trailer ↠´ Counting Coup: A True Story of Basketball and Honor on the Little Big Horn PDF by ✓ Larry Colton Counting Coup might not have ever appeared on my to read list, described on its cover as, A true story of basketball and honour on the Little Big Horn, primarily because I have little knowledge of either competitive basketball or life on an Indian Reservation, but appear it did, and upon reading I am left feeling grateful that this story was written and that it found its way into my hands and my heart It was Colton s ability to spin a yarn that drew me into the book and kept me there His willingness to write the often less than perfect truths about himself gained my trust as a reader, so that the story he paints of Indian culture, and North American society and importantly the perfectly rendered portrait of teenage girls whose paths can fork towards either success or failure is not only believable but make Counting Coup a story bigger than basketball or reservations An underdog myself, I m left weighing what really defines success or failure The central character in Counting Coup, Sharon LaForge, is a fragile heroine, one I could not help but root for and admire, despite her willingness to self sabotage Hers is a plight anyone born into a broken home, or relegated to the dregs will identify with Her story is about the audacity to dream, and to claim our own worthiness when even our genetic makeup tells us to take the low road, to settle for less than who we could become Of all the adjectives I could use to describe Counting Coup, I was most surprised by the humour in the story and the tension that had me burning through the pages I had to know how the Hardin Lady Bulldog s season ended, and the final score of each game, despite having never attended a basketball game, surely a testimony to the competence of the author I will recommend this book to anyone.
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book It was entertaining, informative and sometimes suspenseful The book describes one man s experience living on the Little Big Horn as he gets to know the people of Crow Agency, Montana He develops relationships with Indians and Whites alike and immerses himself in the culture of the town and the reservation i.
e going to sweats, powwows, tribal meetings In particular, he follows the Hardin High girls basketball team as they seek to win a championship title The star player, Sharon LaForge, is an Indian who shows great promise on the court but faces many of the challenges which have historically been obstacles to individuals living on the reservation Among these challenges are domestic violence, drug and alcohol use and lack of education goals I gained a greater understanding of life on the reservation and the challenges faced by Indians through the reading of this book The author does a good job describing his own feelings as he watches the girls on the basketball team make, what he believes to be, poor choices He also points out that white man s definition of success is different from what may be termed success according to those who live on the reservation.

This was a very revealing story about basketball on the Crow Indian Reservation When I was young I lived on a cattle ranch on the Crow Reservation so this book was especially meaningful to me When my parent divorced I moved off the ranch and to a small town outside of Billings, MT Basketball was my sport in high school and I played against Hardin, the Lodge Grass Indians, Shepard with the cattle feed lot right outside the gymnasium doors , Roundup, etc So this book brought back many memories for me and really hit home This book is a very revealing account of many Indian women on the reservation The author is also a resident of Portland, and I have had the privilege of hearing him speak about the time he spent writing the book and his time on the reservation Anyone interested in Montana would enjoy this book and I would highly recommend it I grew up 20 miles away from the Apache reservation but it may as well have been on a different continent I didn t know anything about them other then the fact that they were phenomenal at basketball and that the reservation was seen by Anglos as sketchy This book broke my heart and made me want to go back in time and befriend those classmates of mine from the reservation This book shed light on the true struggles these people face by following the story of one girl in particular It s a must read to better understand our Native American neighbors.
This book was recommended to me by Dr Jerry Krause, Basketball Coach, who I worked for back in college at Eastern Washington University Since moving to work at Inchelium, we met several times to discuss life and basketball He mentioned this book as he was intrigued by the lack of Native American athletes moving into college athletics after successful high school careers The story of Sharon LaForge reminded me of a student at Inchelium High School There were a lot of similarities and your heart goes out to these students As a school superintendent in a school district with predominately Native American students, it makes me want to work in a way that creates hope for these studnets after high school These students really are the silent minority.
One of my 5 star book I loved this book it s a wonderful story in fact it s been a number of years I think I ll read it again just to remind myself why I loved it so much.
I loved this book Picture Friday Night Lights with a few substitutions Montana, basketball, and indigenous Americans instead of Texas, football, Southerners In fact, in the QA at the end of the book Colton says he was influenced by FNLs the book style Even beyond that Larry Colton writes a compelling story from the first person that instantly draws you in You can t help but feel for these kids who are dealing with broken homes, drugs, abuse, illness and yet are leading on the basketball court Most of all, you ll find yourself rooting for Sharon the protagonist of this book I can t recommend this book enough It s full of heartbreak, drama, basketball, and hope read it The book is well written It tells a story all too frequently observed in this area of the country The story, even though written in the early 1990s, hasn t changed much from that time and prior The item I liked most about the story is Mr Colton while rooting for Sharon and her teammates writes about what he sees and experiences versus trying to justify or preach about the circumstances A recent follow up to this story in the regional newspaper takes a look at the main character 25 years later Not much has changed I recommend this book.
In Native American Tradition, A Warrior Gained Honor And Glory By Counting Coup Touching His Enemy In Battle And Living To Tell The Tale This Is A Modern Story OfCOUNTING COUPIn This Extraordinary Work Of Journalism, Larry Colton Journeys Into The World Of Montana S Crow Indians And Follows The Struggles Of A Talented, Moody, Charismatic Young Woman Named Sharon LaForge, A Gifted Basketball Player And A Descendant Of One Of George Armstrong Custer S Indian Scouts But Counting Coup Is Far Than Just A Sports Story Or A Portrait Of Youth It Is A Sobering Expos Of A Part Of Our Society Long Since Cut Out Of The American DreamAlong The Banks Of The Little Big Horn, Indians And Whites Live In Age Old Conflict And Young Indians Grow Up Without Role Models Or Dreams Here Sharon Carries The Hopes And Frustrations Of Her People On Her Shoulders As She Battles Her Opponents On And Off The Court Colton Delves Into Sharon S Life And Shows Us The Realities Of The Reservation, The Shattered Families, The Bitter Tribal Politics, And A People S Struggle Against A Belief That All Their Children Even The Most Intelligent And Talented Are Destined For Heartbreak Against This Backdrop Stands Sharon, A Fiery, Undaunted Competitor With The Skill To Dominate A High School Game And Earn A College Scholarship Yet Getting To College Seems Beyond Sharon S Vision, Obscured By The Daily Challenge Of Getting Through The Season Physically And Ps This book is set in the small Montana town where my father grew up It s a tough, balanced perspective, not just about basketball, but the racial attitudes that seem so pervasive It s interesting and sobering to see all the social layers that I was too young to understand, visiting the town as a child in the 1970s.

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