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Ô Moonglow Ñ Download by À Kristen Callihan Buddy read with Sam, Bubu and Joanna from Romance Book Buddy Reading I loved this book Where the first an Firelight had quite a few little flaws I loved it nevertheless , this one was pure joy for me to read We get very different characters, which isn t always given in companion novels, that were again absolutely complex and well built A plot that entertained me and an absolutely beautiful writing style that simply does it for me I don t have words how much I am enjoying this series till now, so please take a look at Bubu s accurate, outstanding review She put her reading experience in better words than I ever could right now.
Update 03 18 b r with Joanna, Sam and Isabella.
Additional thoughts Please keep in mind that I still haven t finished the series, but here it goes for the five books I ve read so far.
Whenever I state that I consider Ember Firelight and Moonglow to be the weaker of the five books I ve read from this series, I always think it s actually nothing but a gross misrepresentation of GR 5 star rating system It s something I always complain about always conflicted when I see what else I have shelved under 3 and 4 stars.
This is PNR, so you l always find some plot holes, convenient solutions to problems that are not applicable in the world as we know it.
Should you ever decide to give this series a go, I advice you not to make the mistakes I made when I first started This is, of course, very dependant on reading habits, and sadly, I m one of those who skip a sentence here, a description there Don t read slowly, let it sink in, and you ll discover the numerous nuances Miss Callihan has given her characters This series is as much plot driven as it is character driven In fact, there s a beautiful dynamic between those two elements the plot drives the characters, and the characters drive the plot I have read enough PNR novels and simply general romance books by now and I have come to some conclusions The absence of the almost obligatory fate mating this sub genre suffers from and yes, I don t like fate mating at all, because it doesn t give the characters room to develop But that s something I d already mentioned in my original review Expect the unexpected That goes for the plot as much as for the characters There s a not so fine line between animosity or wariness and antagonism You ll find the characters of this series always at odds with each other What you won t find is antagonistic behaviour for the sake of it Something that drives me mad in the often used enemies to lovers trope There are reasons for the animosity wariness the characters begin their journeys with, but the author gives them not only a reason for it, she also gives them enough space and reflection to slightly shift the dynamics which is why I I said further above take your time, read slowly Each character is unique in his her own way They all have their own ticks and quirks that make them stand out within the series As a result, it never gets boring or repetitive A side note here her heroines have backbones made of steel and it s not for show, either These women fight with words as well as the powers available to them and heroes who worship them for their strength and resolve I think their strength, their wit and resolve is what attracts the heroes to them in the first place This is where I will repeat myself again, but seeing how many mediocre books I ve read lately, I think it s worth mentioning Kristen Callihan isn t a wordsmith like some of my other favourite authors are But she has this incredible talent to turn everyday occurrences, habits, supposedly meaningless chit chat, things really, into poignant and very relatable moments which create an intimacy that is rarely to be found and which have at that moment nothing to do to with sexual tension If anything, this technique of hers only adds to the emotional and sexual tension An atmospheric London that you can still find today, without the fog London is pretty much fog free these days But if you were to walk into the side alleys along Covent Garden and beyond, especially on darker days, it s easy to imagine the London Miss Callihan brought so vividly alive.
If you ever let yourself immerse into the world Kristen Callihan built, you will find yourself biting your nails, laughing out loud, shocked, misty eyed and elevated by the sheer depth of feelings, the devotion her protagonists have for each other.
Heaven knows when I will ever find the guts to finish this series I don t want it to end.
Joanna and Isabella haven t finished this book just yet, with Sam rereading it I ll continue to comment and and add my thoughts on the events in Moonglow on Romance Book Buddy Reading But, ladies, thank you once again for a the immense fun it s been, and still is, to read this book with you original review 02 17 I ve never written a review for this one However, I just re read and finished Moonglow.
A wonderfully layered story that opens the paranormal world the author built even further, introducing us to lycans and werewolves , to the GIM s Ghost in the Machine and the SOS The Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals But slowly and in small doses never becoming overwhelming After now having read a few PNR novels, I ve found this to be a very important element The first in this series, Firelight, opened the first door, and Moonglow takes it further.
Here we have the heroine, Daisy, who can control the flora The hero, Ian, is a lycan He s both man and wolf but can control his wolfish side, whereas a werewolf can t and iswolf than man I hope this makes sense.
I keep raving about this series Besides being wonderfully built, written, executed, it does one thing that most PNR novels series ignore it lets the main characters love grow No fate mate ing here that leaves only one outcome and the reader wondering why these two fall in love with each other in the first place Just because it s a romance it s not a forgone conclusion that Ms Callihan s characters will fit Instead, the author shows why her characters fit The romance between Daisy Ellis Craig Miranda Firelight and Poppy s Winterblaze sister, the middle one and Ian Ranulf, newly titled Marquis of Northrup, is raw and mirrors the grittiness of the story What begins with two people feeling the attraction and the lust turns slowly and unwillingly into love Both characters hide their pain experienced over the years at the hand of others behind a mask of flamboyance and cynicism which never slips into bitterness, though On the contrary, their interactions are laced with ironic humour, never feeling sorry for themselves And although, it starts like a cat and mouse game between Daisy and Ian, it develops into open admiration and appreciation No pretenses when these two come together The sexual tension building up slowly, but it s hawt By the way, the further you read, the hotter the books become and, oh dear, can this author write good sex scenes Best thing though is, it s very sensual, and not simply one shag after another.
A year after her husband s death Daisy Ellis Craig is free to come out of mourning Her unhappy six year marriage to a brutal man has left Daisy scarred and desperate to taste freedom Ian Ranulf, Marquis of Northrup is tired of his life There s little that holds his interest, until he comes across Daisy who has just witnessed a killing by a werewolf For seventy years Ian has been in exile from his clan he s kept his wolf tightly contained Once the alpha of the Lycans, he turned over leadership to his younger brother Conall Both Ian and Daisy are hiding secrets about their pasts and who they are Now with a murderer on the loose in London, targeting women wearing Daisy s particular perfume, Ian must find the killer before he finds Daisy.
The paranormal elements did seem to outweigh the historical in this story, whereas in Firelight I felt there was a lovely balance between the two The sexual tension was not very, well, tense in this one either And there wasemphasis on the love scenes Though this should appeal to a lot of readers I felt a lack of anticipation in this one It s already been revealed that Ian is a Lycan, taking away the page turning intensity of the first book Like her sister Miranda, Daisy also has a special talent and we find out the source of the sisters gifts.
With book 3 Winterblaze featuring the third and eldest sister, Poppy and her husband Winston, they both get some page time Poppy s gift is disclosed in Moonglow as well Another character who will probably play important parts in upcoming books is Jack Talent, Ian s valet Though not quite up to the standard of the first book in my opinion, Moonglow is still a very good read, and a great follow up to Firelight.
Steam 3 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley Well done A great sequel to Firelight I think I enjoyed this one evenIt too had a dark gothic feel with an interesting mystery plot, but the romance between Ian and Daisy surpassed my expectations They worked so well as a couple.
I m not a huge fan of PNR, especially shape shifters, but this one worked for me When Ian steps in to protect Daisy from a mad werewolf on the prowl killing innocent victims, the connection between these two was smoldering He was such a passionate man, and I loved how their relationship heated up early in the story Many twists are revealed, which brings layers upon layers to the story Daisy has the ability to communicate with plants, Ian reveals much about his past, and the ending was something I couldn t possibly predict This was a tightly woven, complex and passionate PNR historical romance I think fans of gothic romances will particularly love this series ARC copy provided through Netgalley.
com Haven t you learned, woman You ve fallen off the map Here there be monsters.
The key to doing a binge right is leaving a shitty review for each successive read because you don t want to waste time actually reviewing them Or at least that s how I feel right now Normally I might put some effort in buuuuut considering all the aforementioned buddies who have been providing such great reviews during their joint reads, I ll leave their words to tell you how it is.
cc Sam Joanna Isabella Bubu You re the gift I never saw coming.
I think I liked this one just a little bitthan book one in the Darkest London series But they are both excellent specimens of historical romance, riddled with paranormal flavouring, with if you can believe it fresh and unique elements to the creatures within the world, mystery, darkness, and oh did I mention the romance Each pairing has also been fabulous strong heroines, broody heroes, and did I mention the hot hot hot fans self My only complaint with this one is the quick resolution, which I hope we see some fallout for in future books, as I would ve liked maybe a fewpages of explanation, I guess It was just too much of a quick fix But the solution itself was just.
I m loving how each successive book is fleshing out the witches, werewolves, and who knows what , in this world Callihan is crazy creative and I so love her take on all these archetypes Seeing as I can t wait forI m just going to go ahead and slide right into book three cantstopwontstop

5 starsKristen Callihan has officially made me her devoted fan Now, that s not just because the name Diana Gabaldon my fav author ever is on the cover Nope it s Ian Rannulf and his wolfiness that made me a believer Ok, Daisy was kind of cool, too About Firelight Oh, God there was such a buzz about that book So many people loved it I don t know, but that kind of made me want to love it so bad And I did like it But I didn t love, LOVE it, so I ended up feeling disappointed Didn t have that problem here, didn t expect very much but fell in love with Moonglow About Shifters Or Lycans, or weres, orwhatever I love well done stories with them It has so much potential The way they can think weird like and the cute, dangerous, sexy factor can be great I loved Bayou Moon, which is one such book.
I like Lycans here They are Scottish, sufficiently cute and sexy and with whole lot of problems to work through About Moonglow Daisy Miranda s sister is finally free of an abusive marriage and she plans to fully enjoy that freedom So, when a string of murders connected only with the victim s same perfume same as hers and the gruesome, werewolf execution mess up that plan, she will have to turn to notorious Ian Rannulf for help Ian has not had the best, er, couple of decades, really He s alone, his family gone, banished and growing weaker because of his refusal to let the wolf out But, then firecracker Daisy rushes into his life, and suddenly things are looking up Very much so Except the psychotic were killing women and wandering London But that, of course is a minor obstacle when love is in question.
I absolutely adored Daisy and Ian Her cheerful, no nonsense demeanor and her love of life and courage endeared her to me thoroughly Ianis tortured and kind of sad, but when he s with Daisy we see the playfulness reappear, that same joy in life, and the strength he ll definitely need in this fight.
So, some flirting Daisy Craig, while having a most angelic countenance, could glare bloody murder quite well I don t like you He pulled her close, forcing her to lean into him Like has nothing to do with it I m watching over you until this thing is done, Daisy Meg You ll not fight me on this, or you ll see how great a pest I can be Ah, Daisy girl, when you look at me with those eyes, even if they re scowling at me from over your shoulder as they are now He smiled You light me upAnd loveI made a lie of love Poppy about her marriage She is going to live in truth, Poppy said about Daisy and Ian Ah, but if you gave it to me freely, I swear on my soul I wouldn t let it go to waste With everything I am, I d give it back to you in return I d keep ye, love ye till my last breath, lassAbout The World The world, lassies and gents, is expanding And I m no talking about the universe Callihan started adding all kind of new beings, societies, magic stuff It sure makes for an interesting background, and she now has an expanded pool of characters to pick from for future books All sufficiently unique and tortured of course About Winterblaze Winterblaze, coming February, 2012 is the next book in the series, and it s about Poppy and Winston, as we might have guessed from this book I m intrigued as how that will go, as well as by this mysterious SOS So, definitely looking forward to it, here February is sooo far away.
Gently, he threaded his hand through her curls, spreading them about her We are all imperfect creatures, love I don t want perfect I just want youI LOVED this bookFinally Daisy Ellis has obtained freedom with the death of her husband Her husband whom I wish I could bring back from the dead so that I could kill him myself Daisy is sassy, very sensual and has so many scars from her awful suffocating marriage But her freedom is short lived when she seems to be the target of a vicious supernatural killer who is responsible for a slew of unexplained murdersIan Ranulf has hidden his animal nature from London society He portrays an image of an uncaring and wicked Lord, hiding his heartache and loneliness But then he is forced to come to Daisy s aid, as he is the only one who can stop the villain before his secrets are exposed What he did not plan on was his intense desire for the beautiful and brave Daisy Will fate be cruel to him again, or has he finally met the woman meant to be his for eternity I would be a god with the power of your love If I knew that I had it He touched her cheek But I cannot do it alone I cannot bow and scrape for each scrap, hoping you ll see what I see in us I won t have you by default A small smile lifted his mouth Ah, but if you gave it to me freely, I swear on my soul I wouldn t let it go to waste With everything I am, I d give it back to you in return I d keep ye, love ye till my last breath, lassI adored the romance, and I especially loved Ian He s such a wickedly sexy and charming guy And his Scottish brogue just made me melt He has such a heartbreaking past, and I so rooted for him to finally get his HEA The romance was a slow but very intense burn, and once these two got together, just wow I especially loved how Ian showed Daisy that she was perfect for himThe plot was really interesting, and I really enjoyed learningof this world, and all the varied creatures that inhabit it This book also paved the way for the next book which is about Daisy s sister, Poppy, and her husband Win And I cannot wait to read their story.
I really love this series A historical romance where there are demons, shifters, lycans, GIMs, elementals and so manysupernaturals I highly recommend this series Grade B or solid 4 stars Moonglow, the second Darkest London book, has a different texture than its predecessor Firelight, which was slower paced yet sizzled with sexual tension What you ll find in this second installment is nice balance of mystery, murder, romance, and expanded world building set in alternate reality Victorian England Secrets and monsters are underlying themes London, April 1883Three hundred sixty six days, ten hours, and fifteen minutes after the death of her abusive husband, Daisy Margaret Ellis abandons her widow s weeds She s a red blooded woman eager to re experience life s diverting activities Unfortunately, her first night out is a gruesome affair A vicious attack surrounds Daisy with mutilated bodies and bathes her in blood and gore.
Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, deserted his lycan clan seventy years ago having experienced the suffering and loss As an exile, he tries to live a normal life, but it grows weary The night Ian finds Daisy under the body of a were attack his life gains new purpose Only he can offer the protection she needs as he tries to identify the sickly beast leaving a trail of bodies across London Ian will approach various otherworldly factions, including Clan Ranulf, before the were reaches its ultimate prize, Daisy In the meantime, he is drawn to another Ellis sister He would be a fool to fall in love with another mortal Will he risk his heart again to later watch Daisy die, as all humans do I know who the true monsters are They are ordinary men who do terrible things What do you know of monsters, Daisy Meg Who was it that terrorized her She looked at him with eyes wide and pained, and the very air seemed to still about him Enough to know that you are not one of themDefining monsters is an underlying theme in this story Ian sees a monster in the mirror and is haunted by piercing tragedy You ruin everything, Ian You and your beast.
In this alternate world, lycan are evolved men containing a wolf spirit, while a werewolf is a damaged wolf in control A were hungers for the kill Ian represses his wolf feeling it is a shameful beast He will be a monster Daisy is critical to resolving his self hatred In turn, Ian heals Daisy s legacy of shame imparted by her late husbandThere are days when I look in the mirror and don t even recognize myself I ve become merely shapes and colors In truth, I hardly know who I am any, or if I was ever anyone at all I know who you are, he wanted to shoutYou are brave, funny Fresh air in this smothered town And utterly blind if you cannot see what I am Ian owed it to her to make it clear Then I envy you, he said For I ve had lifetimes to learn each line and plane of my face, and I can t stand the sight of it.
The one major criticism is the way the characters are introduced Ian and Daisy seemed shallow Initiating the reader with their sexuality did not feel endearing nor did it seem to add depth of character Perhaps it was to draw a parallel to their sexual appetites I don t know Luckily, they are revealed soon enough Ian and Daisy s scabs are ripped off to reveal their torment and fear They are a couple who have had darkness in their lives, yet they are not depressing characters It was fun reading their flirtatious dialogue and zing each other as they fenced words The moments when Ian and Daisy offered each other comfort and loving words were romantic Secrets also play a large role in this novel We see the proverbial skeletons in the closet There are also revelations, a mysterious supernatural leader, new secondary characters, and fallout of various kinds It is all good stuff It has me longing for the next book Moonglow s mystery leads Ian and Daisy on a trail that introduces readers to interesting new supernaturals The GIMs Ghosts in the Machine insert an element of science fiction, almost like steampunk The S.
S Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals Secondary has potential, too Let s not forget the vampires Secondary characters are expanded, but not to distraction.
Ian Ranulf was an enticing character in Firelight, and his character does not disappoint in Moonglow Daisy Ellis is also appealing as the heroine Her experiences demonstrate the sexual double standards of the time and, in some minds, present time This hero and heroine are an ideal match I m anxious for Poppy s story, Winterblaze There also seems potential for the following secondary characters Lucien Stone, Mary Chase, and Jack Talent Overall, despite the imperfect start for me , the characters, plot, world, emotion, romance, and sexy times made this book a very gratifying read ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley Did I just say in a review for another book that werewolves aren t sexy Maybe that still stands, but this lycan is I super adored this couple.
Once The Seeds Of Desire Are SownFinally Free Of Her Suffocating Marriage, Widow Daisy Ellis Craig Is Ready To Embrace The Pleasures Of Life That Have Long Been Denied Her Yet Her New Found Freedom Is Short Lived A String Of Unexplained Murders Has Brought Danger To Daisy S Door, Forcing Her To Turn To The Most Unlikely Of SaviorsTheir Growing Passion Knows No BoundsIan Ranulf, The Marquis Of Northrup, Has Spent Lifetimes Hiding His Primal Nature From London Society But Now A Vicious Killer Threatens To Expose His Secrets Ian Must Step Out Of The Shadows And Protect The Beautiful, Fearless Daisy, Who Awakens In Him Desires He Thought Long Dead As Their Quest To Unmask The Villain Draws Them Closer Together, Daisy Has No Choice But To Reveal Her Own Startling Secret, And Ian Must Face The Undeniable Truth Losing His Heart To Daisy May Be The Only Way To Save His Soul

Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she d rather be She is a RITA winner and three time nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer s Choice awards Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine s Seal of Excellence, was named a best boo