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[ Pdf Following the Wrong God Home á gender-studies PDF ] by Catherine Lim » Aku suka sampulnya D gambarannya tentang Yin Ling pas banget Cantik tanpa make up.
Buku ini tentang seorang perempuan Singapura bernama Yin Ling yang jatuh cinta pada seoarang laki laki Amerika, Ben, di saat ia sudah bertunangan dengan the most wanted bachelor in S pore, Vincent Buku ini lumayanlah ngegambarin karakter semua tokohnya, dan emosi emosi yang tersembunyi di belakangnya There s no black and white in every personality, semuanya punya motivasi untuk tiap tindakan baik buruk yg mereka lakukan So human.
Meski cerita utamanya klise ya.
Dan ehm, pas bagian anak Yin Ling disuruh menggambarkan cintanya pada mamanya, aku jadi yeringat apakah si penulis terinspirasi buku Guess How Much i Love You Well, tapi dia menggemaskan menceritakan soal hubungan Mommy and Son ini Aku agak agak berkaca kaca juga.
Karena cara penggambarannya awalnya kan si Yin Ling selama hamil biasa biasa aja,tapi metamorfosa dia jadi cinta anak itu loh yang bikin aku suka banget ngebaca bagian itu Overall boleh lah nih buku meski endingnya, ehm ehm should the girl die Aih.
This book was a chore to finish.
This deserves minus one or something, only they don t have that rating option.
Absolutely atrocious Self absorbed, cliche, mindbendingly stupid, crudely allegorical and sanctimonously preachy, without actual thought given to the political or artistic issues there Think it can t get worse Well, the poetry in there is absolutely shit I mean it Any blog that you google is better than this Vicious verses about politics and nasty nudges taken from distorted feminist angles it s all there I have nothing against feminism, before people slam me Even worse, there s the whole teenage angsty aspect I am such a wonderful poet and no one understands my sensitive thoughts Save the Earth and throw this one into the recycle bin.
The thickest work of Catherine Lim i read so far Love story added with some flairs of social living in Singapore As usual beautifully written divided into three parts plus epilogue Not my personal favorite this time around.
Good golly what a drama life can be in Singapore Yearning, crying, deceiving, heartbroken, that s just the main character Yin Lin s experiences Husband Vincent and his mother are full of rage A very significant role is played in the lives of these super rich by an ancient amah, the owner of the god so important to the plot I loved the cultural background to all this overblown emotion Too much happens too quickly at the end, but overall the novel is an interesting read.

Not an end of seat page turner that leaves you wanting but a gentle tug into the Singaporean values and the mind works of Yin Ling Stay with the words to experience the world as she sees it, her struggles, her conflicts and the back and forth of thoughts that is recognizable in all of us The theme of duty vs love, filial piety and the robotics of what we now call daily life plus our attitude of holding money above all is littered all throughout the book forcing us to rethink our values in our interactions with those who have than us and those who have much less.
Really like this book,cerita berlatar budaya masyarakat cina di singapura Dari awal sampai akhir buku ini tak lepas lepas dari tangan, pokoknya ga bikin bosan dan penasaran ingin tau endingnya Bercerita tentang seorg perempuan kalangan bawah pintar terpelajar Yin Ling yang jatuh dalam cinta seorang laki laki kalangan atas Vincent Perasaan amazing karena dicintai lelaki tampan kaya tanpa memandang status atau memang cinta sejati dari dalam diri yg membuat ia sepakat membangun rumah tangga merupakan kebimbangan yang selalu mengetuk dinding hatinya Kebimbangan itu terjawab dengan munculnya seorang dosen asing berkulit putih, berjenggot,urakan tapi berhati lembut Ben Pertemuan pertama yang tak disengaja di sebuah food court dan pertemuan selanjutnya di jamuan makan dirumah sang kekasih menjadi titik awal berkecambahnya perasaan terlarang antara mereka Sembunyi sembunyi mereka bertemu, disela sela kesibukan mengantar pembantu wanita tersebut yang sudah tua dan ingin mencari rumah terakhir sebelum ajal menjelang untuk patung dewanya yang buruk rupa Hari pernikahan yang sudah diambang pintu berkejaran dengan kebimbangan yang semakin menjadi atas perasaan yang sesungguhnya Emosi emosi dan karakter tokoh tokohnya tergambar dengan baik, most I like it tidak ada tokoh yang sepenuhnya jahat dan sepenuhnya baik dalam kisah ini Hubungan Ying Li dan ibunya membuat airmata membayanghiks.
Dilain sisi ada pembantu tua yang turut mengisi hidup Ying LI Tradisi, nama baik, ketamakan manusia akan harta, kemunafikan, rasa sakit karena pengkhianatan dan tentunya romansa digambarkan dengan baik.
Walaupun kebahagiaan yang sekejap akhirnya didapat,ternyata akhir yang menentukan tetap yang Kuasa juaoh cintacinta.
Selanjutnya Sila di baca I give this book 3 stars because it was just that average It s not a bad book, if you want to read something set in Singapore in the 1980 s On the other hand, it s also far from captivating The plot deals with a Singaporean woman, Yin Ling, forced to choose between her rich Singaporean fiance the safe, socially acceptable choice and the dissident American professor she falls in love with Then there s a lengthy sub plot dealing with her elderly servant, who is looking for a home for her god a small statue but can t seem to find anyplace acceptable The main character, Yin Ling, is passive, and it s beyond me what anyone sees in her we re told that Ben thinks she s wonderful in every way, but we re never shown why The supporting cast is no appealing, and the plot moves slowly, despite the fact that it covers many years or perhaps because of it, as the time span covered by the book makes it difficult to connect with the main characters And when the main characters are dull, the drama and romance can t help but fall flat Overall, it s just very forgettable Maybe this simply isn t my kind of book or perhaps it was intended for a Singaporean rather than American audience , but I would recommend skipping over this one.
Following the Wrong God Home is not an edge of the seat and flick the pages feverishly to the end sort of story, it is of a gentle pull you in and so immerse you in the events that you don t realise that you ve been hooked kind of story And that is what happened to me I first met Catherine Lim last year when I read The Song of Silver Frond which was set in Singapore in the 1940s Following the Wrong God Home is set in the 1980s and looks at the differences between rich and poor, modern and traditional, east and west and how the different characters are influenced by these things Yin Ling is a bit of a fool for taking the easy way out and getting married, and when she finally had the guts to follow her own heart it was so much traumatic for all concerned including herself On a side note I didn t like Yin Ling s poetry just didn t get it which might make me a fool too for admitting that Mostly the characters were very good for what they represented, although I just didn t feel drawn to Ben as a character to me the whole romance didn t feel real Yin Ling s relationship with her husband Vince had believability and came alive on the pages much better Vince was the link into the Singaporean politics of the day and Catherine Lim was able to subtly have politics influence the outcome of the story at many different levels The ending was a complete shock, came right out of left field but now I have had time to reflect it was actually the perfect ending Overall Following the Wrong God Home is a really good story, with great descriptions and insights into life in Singapore which is as the book was a blend between modern and traditional, rich and poor, influences of both the east and the west.
Yin Ling Poor, Beautiful, An Outstanding Student And A Poet Is To Marry Vincent Chee, A Rich PhD Student From A Very Traditional, Upper Class Family She Will Become A Dutiful Wife, Not The Existence Of Her Dreams, But The Chees Money And Influence Is Essential, For Her Mother Has Cancer And They Cannot Abandon A Faithful Old Servant, Ah Heng Cheh However, The Mapping Out Of Ling S Future Doesn T Proceed Smoothly Almost Against Her Will, And Through Her Poetry, She Meets Outspoken American Professor, Ben Gallagher, Who Threatens To Overturn Everything Ling Must Make Her Choice East Or West, Head Or Heart The Birth Of A Son Makes Her Moral Predicament Even Agonizing

in ChineseCatherine Lim Poh Imm Chinese pinyin L n B oy n, born 21 March 1942 is a Singaporean fiction author known for writing about Singapore society and of themes of traditional Chinese culture Hailed as the doyenne of Singapore writers , Lim has published nine collections of short stories, five novels, two poetry collections, and numerous political commentaries to date from Wi