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Trailer È Everblue (Mer Tales, #1) PDF by ä Brenda Pandos She Wanted Her Life To Change He Wanted His To Stay The SameBest Friends Share Everything With Each Other Or Do They Seventeen Year Old Ashlyn Frances Lanski Is Tired Of Her Boring, Single Life Spending Time With Her Best Friend Tatiana, Dreaming About Kissing Tatiana S Twin Brother Fin, And Swimming Competitively Are Her Only Sanctuary The Girls Plan To Leave Their Drab Lakeside Town Far Behind For College But When Tatchi Fails To Return Home After A Family Emergency, And No One Knows Where The Family Has Gone, Ash Chooses To Do Something Drastic To Find Them Ashlyn Is About To Discover What She D Thought To Be True Her Whole Life, Wasn T, And The Truth, Too Fantastical To Imagine Secrets Lurk Beneath The Deep Blue Waters Of Lake Tahoe, Secrets That Will Change Ashlyn S Life Forever Let s begin with the beautiful cover that just calls your attention This is a great example of when a cover will sell the book without opening the book itself The cover model represents one of the main characters in the book and the water rippling to me represents the Mer people It just a beautifully design cover with so much depth to it I m so glad this cover belongs to Everblue because Brenda deserves the best for all her hard work Everblue is not my first mermaid book that I ve read Everblue is the first Mermaid story I loved though I didn t have a doubt in my mind when I pick up Everblue to read that I would not like the story I knew its was not Brenda s Talisman series but I knew Brenda s writing style and have always love it Now knowing that I would like the story I didn t expect that I would be blown away by it Brenda has grown as a writer and her writing shows it This was also her first time alternating characters in her writing, and I enjoyed how they transitioned back and forth All readers will literally dive into Brenda writing and devour Everblue probably in one or two sittings Then Brenda leaves you animated for the next novel in the series, wanting to know what will happen next Everblue takes place at Lake Tahoe, You meet Ashlyn and her best friend Tatiana If it wasn t for having her friend Ashlyn would die of boredom She is also ready to possibly make a move on Fin, that s Tatiana twin brother The best friend have decided to seak out a college in Florida and go there and get away from it all Ashlyn believes that Tatiana Father is a drunk and too strict and has even seen him get somewhat violent So she understand why Tatiana wants to move away for college So the girls have their plans all ready and set to go Well that all changes the day Ashlyn realizes that Tatiana and her family including Fin have disappear without a trace, they didn t say where or why they had to leave or where they went They are long gone and Ashlyn donest understand They have left the family business and house unattended What about their college plans they are already accepted Then a few days later Ashlyn sees a older man and younger good looking guy at Ashlyn and Fin s house, she figures out this must be their cousin and uncle They of course give Ashlyn no explanation for why they are there but Ashlyn finds it strange that she wants to kiss this cousin of Fin s Until know the only boy she has wanted to kiss is Fin, even though he is Ashlyn sister Fin has not open up to Ashlyn because of his family secret that he must keep hidden from any human See Fin and Tatiana are Mer people Now don t think that the lives of the Mer are perfect Not at all, Fin and Titiana wantto escape that life of theirs and live on in the human world instead of the water They must fight against their rules and their King s son to try and go back to land Fin fears he will never be able to return back to land and it drives his crazy That pushes him to sneak out one day at the gate to Lake Tahoe from his world That s when both Fin and Ashlyn lives will change forever and star a whole chain of events Seems after all this time Ashlyn might not be saved from his world If your looking for a well written story and characters that are interesting and unique, then pick up Everblue today This book is a must have for anyone, any age that reads either YA or Adult review link Maybe since reading Otfried Preu ler s The Little Watersprite almost 30 years ago and certainly since reading Der Sommer als Nixe kam translates as The Summer Nixie Came by Evelyne Kolnberger two years later I have been mesmerized by the idea of mermaids, their mysteries and their underwater worlds The beginning of the current mermaid trend in YA fiction and paranormal romance about two years ago consequently made me very happy and alert In the meantime I have picked up as much disappointing stories as interesting ones But I am determined to enjoy the wave as long as it lasts And although I have stopped putting every new merfolk book on my wishlist, I still patiently sift through the debris in order not to miss the rare gem Everblue , the first book of the Mer Tales Series by Brenda Pandos, sadly belongs to the category of stones I am going to throw over my shoulder with some flip behind it Yet, I am sure, some other mermaid fans stumbling across the book will decide that they have finally found what they had been looking for I am going to try to explain in detail so you can decide, whether you would judge like me or like them First a description to make you familiar with what I am talking about Everblue is told in the first person Its point of view switches from chapter to chapter between the two main characters usually a plus for me , High School senior Ashlyn and her best friend s home schooled twin brother Finley Ash, Fin and Tatiana live on the shore of Lake Tahoe Ash has helped Tatchi to secretly apply for the admission and a scholarship at the Florida Atlantic University, where they want to spend their college years together, although they know that Tatiana s parents, who do not even allow their kids to go to the local High School and who often disappear with the twins for days, will not exactly be thrilled about their daughter s plans for the future Truth is Ash doesn t really know Since the day several years ago when Tatiana s dad smashed a glass vitrine because Ash had suggested a sleepover at her house, she hasn t set a foot on the family s premises She remembers her own parents mumbling something sounding like alcohol related problems, but she has never breached the subject Another thing she does prefer not to talk about is her long standing crush on Fin Apparently a pity, because for Fin there has ever been only Ashlyn But in contrast to just waiting for the right moment to confess Ash, Fin is set on forgetting the beautiful red head next door, because his carreer has not been decided upon and he does not want to force an underwater life on her For Fin and Tatchi are mermaids, who are permitted to live temporarily on land, because their father is guiding a gate in the Lake that leads to their monarchic underwater country When Fin s family is summoned down by the capricious son of their present King, there is not even time to say good bye And while Tatchi tries to evade evil Azor s advances and Fin tries to replace his longing for Ash by courting a mermaid who reminds him of her, Ash is on the one hand concerned because of the twins absence, on the other hand she basks in the sudden interest of the school s really nice star quarterback in her and nurtures her crush on him, which had been slumbering in a corner of her heart How will everybody get happy with the right partner, how is Azor going to be defeated and how can Tatchi get to live the human life she longs for These questions are not so easily answered because of the unquestionably unique mermaid lore which is essential for Everblue and which is in large part responsible for me being repelled To be fair From a logical point of view there is nothing wrong with the construct It is even very believable, because it fits into the pattern of merfolk legends and fairytales But if I think of Everblue as a love story between girls and boys I am supposed to like or at least understand fom a human angle , the lore turns into a paranomal romance nightmare Mermaids are a different species They are either born alpha mer or made by a willingness to stay with a merfolk partner beta mer, who really stay second class citizens When daylight falls on their tails directly or indirectly via mirrors they morph into legs Simultaneously something happens with the breathing apparatus, too The most important things are that mer blood has healing qualities came in handy when mermaids encountered shipwrecks in former times and that a kiss and one kiss only between two mers or a mer and a human mingles the two souls permanently and makes the two persons addicted to each other up to the point that the absence of one makes the other one go crazy This explains why sea faring men encountering mermaids after a storm or a swim went slowly mad, jumped into the waters and drowned or joined their tailed saviours and were never to be seen again That these mermaids were kissing the poor guys in the first place does not need to always have been an erotic urge A mer s kiss is also reviving for a person whose life s flame is on the brink of blinking out For the teenaged merfolk in Everblue it means that regardless to whom you are attracted to or who you fell in love with, you first kiss voluntarily, accidentally or forced determines who you will eternally long for, who you cannot be without, whose body will turn you on without fail, who you love To avoid random matings the mer families do not approve of or which weren t really planned by the hormone laden teens all unmated merfolk is constantly heavily chaperoned To me this once press the button guarantee of eternal, mutual infatuation Tatchi and Fin s parents are permanently making out seems to be a thousand times worse than, for instance, an unwanted pregnancy or an old fashioned arranged marriage for both allow for several choices It does not take into account that people change, that people have intellect, something in common or not in common, something to talk about or not to talk about It is just some weird chemistry that traps a couple into an iron lock of inescapable bliss Horrific, don t you agree As the story progresses the reader is in for a treat of how awful the mating kiss can turn out view spoiler Tatiana is forced to kiss evil Prince Azor and feels compelled to stay with him and even shield him from her brother s attack in spite of her always having been the one willing to leave the merworld and become a full time human for the sake of her personal freedom hide spoiler

I feel in a basic review mood, so I m just going to cover the bullet points Plus since this is a water type book, I get to put cheesy fishy and water metaphors in my review Things I liked The cover is gorgeous The book has likable although simple and expected characters The protagonist is the girl next door, a head of the swimming team, great family, loyal to best friend, crush on the brother The male protagonist is also likable enough, strong spirit and strong ties The best friend of Ash, and the brother of Fin, is also a typical type wanting to swim away and escape the ties of what she is Characters in this one, while nothing exceptional in terms of being different, fit into their trademark roles well enough The relationship is sweet and simple while I m not a fan of the strange kiss thing about that below , the way they are with each other does get the heart a tug Mermaid world Cutesy water inspired sayings like Holy Crawfish , Great Poseidon , A match made in water It s like Batman s Robin had a baby with a mermaid Things I disliked Mermaids in this world are promised to another if they choose to kiss them Something mystical about their souls mixing or whatever This is odd because he ends up promised because of mouth to mouth rescue Any kiss can force a union, including forced kisses I hate that concept It cheapens life long soul mates to me there should be intent as well Strange point of view play The book is written in first person point of you, with I , but it is written in two people s points of view It should have been he she since there are two narrators In addition to this, each chapter is divided into the other person s role It will say Ash or Fin This mechanical way of storytelling may work on paper in theory, but it makes the story a little mechanical choppy Not much happens besides from Fin s point of view The romance is supposed to be a major part but that doesn t swim to the top until toward the end Too much time to get there as well It would have been better if time were focused on Fin since that s where the action played out A little juvenile with the writing style It s aimed for YA but I think it reads for middle school type.
Overall it s not a sinker, but it s not a swimmer Mermaids are fascinating to read about, and the characters work okay, but there s a lot of changes needed to bring this book up to par.
An enjoyable YA mermaid story brendapandos