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¾ Read À Betrayal by Mayandree Michel æ Where There Is Love And Power, There Is Always BetrayalAt Seventeen, Cordelia Is An Ordinary Teen With An Extraordinary And Frightening Secret A Secret That Induces Vivid Dreams Which She Not Only Experiences True Love, But Crippling Fear While Barely Escaping With Her Life Each NightAfter A Life Altering Event, Cordelia Has An Unexpected Encounter With Evan, The Mysterious Boy From Her Dreams, Who Reveals Who And What She Is, A Descendant Of The Greek Gods At That Moment Everything She Knows Of Her World Is A Lie, And She Must Leave The Present And Go Into The Past To Assume The Role She Was Put On This Earth For, Safeguarding Her Ancient Empire Amidst Evil Forces That Toil Hastily To Destroy It In A Race Against Time, Cordelia Must Decide If She Is Truly A Part Of This Dangerous World, Or Risk Defying The Gods, And Ultimately Lose The Boy Who Has Put A Claim On Her HeartBetrayal Is The Debut Novel By Mayandree Michel She Is Currently Hard At Work On The Second Installment Of The Descendants Series Learn About Mayandree At Mayandreemichel This was the worst book I ve ever read When people say that, they re usually exaggerating But in this case, when I say, This was the worst book I ever tried to finish but couldn t, I m telling the complete, 100% truth Betrayal sits in this rare bookshelf on my Goodreads account for all 8 now 9 books that I couldn t finish To Mayandree Michel, the self published author of thisthing, please go take an English class Please I m not saying my own writing is perfect But I acknowledge my errors while Michel is under the illusion that she is a good writer Betrayal is a combination of 1st grade grammar, misplaced grammar, ridiculous description, and a WTF what is going on plot Do I need to describe how much I hated this No,I don t think I can even describe to you the sheer stupidity of this book Now, even if I took away the grammar errors which were so glaringly obvious, I wondered if Michel even bothered reading her drafts, assuming she didn t just publish the first version , I have to wonder where she was going with the plot Cordelia has some strange recurring dream about some handsome boy named Evan Then, she dies and ends up at her best friend s house There she realizes some guy name Victor is after her, Evan is real, and suddenly everyone she knows talks in stilted, formal, language And get this all of Cordelia s friends are from the 19th century When the ragtag group of teenagers magically transport themselves back in time, I just had to put this book down once and for all I mean, the genre tags say mythology But as of that point in the story, I saw a lot of 1 mysterious gargoyle boys, 2 evil wolf packs, and 3 references to the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas But not so much of the god part I mean, seriously GET TO THE POINT ALREADY This book was crap Just sayin.
Okay, I tried I really, really did, but when Evan s liquid blue eyes practically leapt out at me, I couldn t take it any Seriously, there are awful books, and awful self pubbed books, and then there is Betrayal It s truly in a league of its own This is a book that should never have seen the light of day, let alone been given rave review after rave review Think I m being unnecessarily harsh Why don t you try this on for size Something dashed right through me Right through me The vapor I m composed of now, sensed the being that penetrated me This person went through my phantom body, with only one desire, reaching my crushed and lifeless form The person was wracked with agony yet it wasn t the cries that demonstrated this fact, but the torment they left behind that mingled with my mist Only one emotion could exude such grief, and it was love I recognized the person the moment I saw her waver and then drop like a damp towel to her knees, on the asphalt beside my blanketed body.
Drop like a damp towel Really And I thought Nicole Ritchie s puddle of funky juice was the worst imagery I d ever read Obviously I was wrong Michel s damp towels and furrowed eyebrows in the center of her face and titanium eyes and nauseating descriptions ad infinitum take the prize The first thing Mayandree Michel needs to do is take writing lessons Or at the very least, google Writing 101 This book is chock full of bad English, grammatical errors, typographical errors, overlong descriptions you name it, it s probably in this 400 page atrocity Past becomes passed , occupied is used interchangeably with preoccupied descent has been substituted with decent I mean, seriously Self pubbed doesn t mean getting away with writing utter trash I read about a hundred pages of this book, and about 85 of those pages could have been cut out without detracting from the storyline at all There are pages and pages of description about the clothes every single character is wearing, their appearance in minute, simile laden detail , the freakin weatherAnd the writing Oh the writing was so horrendous, I am left speechless The tenses are all over the place, switching from past to present in the course of one sentence massive snowball sentences run into one another similes are tossed around like confetti I sobbed, wiped the tears away again, and went back into the cafeteria I tried to look inconspicuous but met a few curious glances from the student body I kept my eyes on the checkered linoleum They saw the spectacle and wondered what happened I prayed no one would ask me No one did Everyone reverted back to chatting By the end of the day, I m sure the tale will be tall and along the lines of hair pulling.
Say what As I approached the curb and waited for the light to change, I noticed him immediately He stood motionless, like a mounted statue, on the curb directly across the street from where I stood I d never seen him before, and I was certain of that If I had, I would ve remembered those eyes, shimmering steel When our eyes met, they locked for a brief moment It had been brief because I was nervous and unsure, as usual, with having the unworthy attention of a good looking guy, so I shied away But his presence tugged at me, with a luring gaze, for some unknown reason, and drew me in like a magnet His eyes were unwavering, and my nerves were like a tangled mess of electrical wires with the awareness of this mysterious guy appraising me.
Yeah, that isn t even the love interest, by the way.
I m not sure I can critique the plotline, if there exists one, since nothing remotely interesting or decipherable happens in the entire first quarter of the book, which is all I managed to get through Unless you count the fact that the heroine supposedly dies, and then spends the next three pages bemoaning the fact that by dying, she has ruined her brand new white sundress Cordelia which, as we are told repeatedly, is her fullfirst name , I salute you Never in the history of Young Adult paranormals has there been a useless piece of fluff passed off as a heroine Oh and Cordelia is in love with a mysterious handsome young man who appears to her in her dreams, and whose face she has never seen Go figure I am not usually this harsh in my reviews, but this time I gotta say it Betrayal is crap Complete, utter, brain numbing crap that barely even constitutes a book I ve read several thousand books in my lifetime, and I think I can confidently state that this is one of the worst things I ve ever read, outside of a bored grade schooler s What I did Last Summer essay If I come off as being a hater, I am okay with that because really, I hated this book Can it even be called that and I wasted several hours of a precious lifetime on it that I ll never get back I can only thank god that it was free and I didn t have to lose money in addition to brain cells on this sad excuse for a novel Amen.

Well, Cookie Monster said it better that I ever could There was awful spelling, overused similes, dragged out descriptions, and pretty much non existant plot I was caught between laughing and launching the thing at the wall I chose to laugh, because I read it on my laptop, and these things are expensive.
But honestly What the crap The periwinkle empire mini dress was made of delicate cotton, and was perfect for this profusely obscene weather Profusely obscenewait, what I think that s just a BIT over the top, don t you agree Right now, as I stare at myself in macabre, the weather seemed to react to my death Gloomy clouds rolled onto the cerulean blue sky like shaken dice, masking it in several shades of gray The rumbles of thunder seemed to protest my demise The plural of dice is die And that s the least of the problems with this book I think this must be where adjectives go to die I was kind of annoyed that my new dress was ruined the idea had actually crossed my mind Unfortunately, no one could admire my new dress now, sopping in all my blood which could easily be confused for cherry syrup if you were unaware of the carcass under the fabric Seriously Seriously She s dead, hit by a car and KILLED, and she worries about her DRESS And cherry syrup I m sorry, but this book is awful That s the truth.
read This Review More Like It On My Blog I struggled mightily with this book I liked the idea for the story descendants of the Olympian Gods have a hidden, secret Empire in present day and also vampires, werewolves, etc However, it was a good idea poorly executed in many parts of this looong book Coming in at 662 pages, this is far from the longest book I ve read this year However, I feel like I was counting every single one of those six hundred odd pages it literally sapped my strength to finish this book Why Well, my first issue was the pacing Incredibly, ridiculously slow and filled with little real content The beginning suffers the most from the meandering pace, and thus made it hard for me to connect to the characters or to be invested in the outcomes for Delia, Evan, Beth, Niko and Victor Additionally, the writing itself seemed very awkward and stilted at times It simply didn t flow the way a novel should there were abrupt transitions and awkward dialogue and exposition many times in the pages Also, THE GRAMMAR Abysmal Truly, truly abysmal I am aware this is a self published author so she may not have the same resources, but it was truly egregious There for their they re many, many times, here instead of hear , not correctly using quotation marks, or not even using them at all, among other offenses The amount of editing errors were very distracting from the story and also just plain aggravating after a while Delia is the main character of Betrayal, a descendant of Zeus and soon to be Empress of the gods remaining Empire She is not original, there is very little to differentiate Cordelia from thousands of teenage protagonists in YA paranormal fiction Delia is a distant and aloof character, both with the remaining cast and with the reader She s hard to sympathize empathize with, and tends to keep everyone in the book at arms length She is likable as the novel progresses, but continued to be a source of frustration for me She s meekly accepting when she should be demanding and questioning She relies on others to protect her constantly, never once taking an imitative to defend herself, and often flouts the protection that is extended to her I know the author was striving to make Delia appear independent and determined, but she ends up careless and self centered She has genuine chemistry with her love interest, Evander the descendant of Poseidon, and therefore, the second most powerful descendant besides herself Evan himself and the centaur Nikolas are probably the only characters I came to care about throughout the course of the novel However, Evan does seem a bit too perfect Evan s younger sister, Bethany, was one of my least favorite characters this year in any novel She s a very unfriendly character and fails to connect with anyone in the book besides her brother and her lover I found her actions and attitude toward her best friend Delia to be completely perplexing and rude She was a veeeery grating character demanding when she should be helping, controlling instead of supportive She s ridiculously inconstant and secretive, only showing a softer side to her love, Niko.
All in all, this was a very mixed effort I really, really wanted to love this book and in the end, all I feel is underwhelmed and relief that I managed to finish.

Mayandree writes young adult paranormal romance and historical fantasy When she s not writing, she s playing with her kids, reading or sketching Her first novel, Betrayal The Descendants, 1 2nd, Sacrifice The Descendants, 2 are available now The third novel in the series, Mercy, will release in September 2014.Websites