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Download Epub Format Ê Heart of Steel PDF by É Meljean Brook The Iron Duke Introduced The Gritty, Alluring Adventure Of The Iron Seas, Where Nanotech Fuses With Victorian Sensibilities And SteamAs The Mercenary Captain Of Lady Corsair, Yasmeen Has Learned To Keep Her Heart As Cold As Steel, Her Only Loyalty Bound To Her Ship And Her Crew So When A Man Who Once Tried To Seize Her Airship Returns From The Dead, Yasmeen Will Be Damned If She Gives Him Another Opportunity To Take ControlTreasure Hunter Archimedes Fox Isn T Interested In Lady Corsair He Wants Her Coldhearted Captain And The Valuable Da Vinci Sketch She Stole From Him To Reclaim It, Archimedes Is Determined To Seduce The Stubborn Woman Who Once Tossed Him To A Ravenous Pack Of Zombies, But She S No Easy ConquestWhen Da Vinci S Sketch Attracts A Dangerous Amount Of Attention, Yasmeen And Archimedes Journey To Horde Occupied Morocco And Straight Into Their Enemy S Hands But As They Fight To Save Themselves And A City On The Brink Of Rebellion, The Greatest Peril Yasmeen Faces Is From The Man Who Seeks To Melt Her Icy Heart And what will you do if I fall in love with you, instead He grinned Then God help us both First impressionsAaand of course Germany gets the cool cover Again Just look at it.
And compare it to this slimy thing we have I wouldn t like to be seen in public while reading this book People would think I was reading an Erotica book Yes, Erotica because most people wouldn t know what an actual Erotica cover looks like They are still optimistic and think it looks like the Germany cover and not this protect your eyes, kiddies, this is gonna sting view spoiler hide spoiler This seriously wins terrible cover of the year I am so confused about this shirtless guy who looks like he d be mopping in a fast food restaurant and he s holding a machete So weird.
The BOOK however is really nice Again, I love the lore of this steampunk world, it s the most interesting I ve seen with the nanobot aspect and the Horde and the revisionist European history This one had racy sexy scenes but it didn t seem to dominate as much as the last I just loved the swashbuckley nature, and the romance was great, I m a big fan Except of the cover haha.
I m not going to comment on the plot of this book because to be honest, I didn t understand a word of it That s probablyabout me and how I read than it is about the writing, and I hope to reread it at some point and getout of it Even as confused as I was, I enjoyed it a lot In The Iron Duke, Yasmeen threw Archimedes Fox off her airship into a throng of zombies, so you know going into this story that they have some interesting history Fox doesn t seem to be one to hold a grudge however in fact he admires Yasmeen s ruthlessness Do you love me Archimedes He couldn t have mistaken the calculation in her eyes If he loved her, she was already deciding how to use that emotion against him God, what a woman When he did fall in love with her, he d fall painfully hard In my review of The Iron Duke, I admitted to finding the eponymous hero just a trifleordinary than I had hoped for Not an issue here both Yasmeen and Archimedes are extraordinary characters I expected to have some trouble feeling Yasmeen, for her ruthlessness, bloodthirstiness and fondness of addictive drugs, but Brooks does a fantastic job not reforming Yasmeen in any way, not whitewashing her, thank goodness, but making us see what drives her and how essential it s been that she suppress her softer side And Archimedes, with his silver tongue and balls of iron is the perfect foil for Yasmeen s Heart of Steel He understands how she thinks a necessary skill for survival in her orbit and completely appreciates her just the way she is He s also a fascinating character in himself the seemingly lighthearted adventurer trickster who always lands on his feet, brave enough to take Yasmeen on and even enjoy being overpowered by her Including in bed The main issue in his relationship with Yasmeen is not that she s tried to kill him and would do it again if warranted but that she s so strong herself, he fears there s nothing he can offer her Yasmeen speaking You want to protect me, but in truth, I ll protect you It was what I was made for So let me do it That was incredible She was incredible And yet His jaw clenched, despair tugging at his heart.
How was he to do anything for her Truly a difficult situation for a romance hero As Fox later exclaims, having arrived just as Yasmeen has averted a bad situationn Goddamnit Can t I save you just once But by the end of the book, the two have found their partnership balance, one that allows them to love each other without either having to give up who they are It s one of the most fabulous, unique romances I ve ever read, and I wouldn t be surprised if someday I reread this, get everything that confused me before, and it goes up to five stars.
This book didn t have as much of an impact on me as The Iron Duke, but it was still a very welcome kick in the pants that got me off my string of mediocre reading There wasn t as much sexytimes as I ve come to expect in romance novels nowadays, but the chemistry, tension, and character buildingthan captured my interest in a fulfilling way during the time any other H h in any other book would be getting down and dirty The adventure plot in this story was really fun I had a great time tagging along as Archimedes and Yasmeen evaded assassins, fought zombies, searched for treasure, hunted murderers in pursuit of vengeance, and sparked a city s rebellion The action really kept my interest, and, other than the HEA which is a given, after all , I never would have guessed the ending resolution for the action adventure It was perfect for me, and let s just say that HEA is definitely not a misnomer here.
Going into this book, I was inclined not to like Yasmeen, who seemed so harsh and unforgiving in The Iron Duke Boy, was I wrong Yasmeen is AWESOME I loved her strength, her confidence, her cunning, her awareness, her self sufficiency, EVERYTHING She was a great character, and it was wonderful to see her softening towards Archimedes.
Archimedes is the guy that all you sexy beta lovers have been looking for all this time He s strong and daring, but he s in tune with his feelings and emotions He s waiting to fall in love with the right woman, and, yes, ladies and gents, Yasmeen is that woman He s not afraid to let her know it, and it s very interesting and revealing to watch the progression of her reactions to his openness and candor He isthan content to sit back and let his captain steer the ship, so to speak, while he supports and protects her in his own way He s not a weakling by any measure, but he is aware of Yasmeen s strengths and ability to outfight him, which doesn t intimidate him, but rather attracts him all theThat in itself shows a quiet confidence that was very hard to resist.
Both of these characters have quite complex backgrounds that we learn about as the story unfolds I felt like I was getting to know them better as they got to know each other, and that also helped to pull me into the story Their histories were revealed nugget by nugget, and the pacing was just right not to feel like an info dump, but enough to sate my curiosity.
In terms of the series, I don t think this would work as a standalone I really think you need to read The Iron Duke first in order to get the full impact of what the history is with the Horde and how the nanoagents work The author does mention some background elements in Heart of Steel, but it wasn t enough to grasp the complexities and rather felt like a refresher from the first book, not a complete understanding I am really curious to know whom Meljean Brook will write about in the next installment for The Iron Seas series There s a hint that there might be a match between Scarsdale and Zenobia Archimedes s sis , but I m not sure how realistic that would be, given that we ve already learned that Scarsdale is gay Who knows, maybe he s bi I have no idea all I know is I can t wait for the next one 3 1 2 starsLast week, Noelle recommended three books to me based on my love of a song, my love of old school girl hero fantasy, and lastly, based on my need for a mindless, no regrets sort of read Naturally, I jumped all over that last one I was promised humor, action and adventure, some swoon for good measure and oh so much fun with this book and I was not disappointed Yes, this is in fact a sequel and no, I have not read the first book I may have missed a few things here and there about the rebellion and Da Vinci and giant emotion dampening towers and blah blah blah.
Listen, you can put away your lovingly decoupaged review notes journal right now, because keeping track of the details is not what this book is about This book is about fun and romance and cheesy, CHEESY lines and happily ever after It s also about a nanobot engineered badass female hero airship Captain and her secret fictional crush who COMES TO LIFE Yep And not only that, but it turns out that he s a hero in his own right, a feminist, and he wants nothingthan to fall in love with her.
This book has what I d say roughly about 95% of romance novels out there do not have namely, love interests who are on equal footing They support each other, respect each other, and don t try to parent each other ugh, nothing annoys methan that in a romance novel On the one hand, I am ecstatic to find that here, in a very traditional romance Previously I think I ve only come across a pairing this balanced in fantasy in The Queen s Thief series or The Chronicles of Lumatere for example On the other hand, this all just reminds me of that Chris Rock bit about people taking credit for things they re just supposed to do anyway Your love interest is supposed to be supportive and respectful of you Your love interest isn t supposed to treat you like a child and patronize you at every opportunity I wish this type of relationship were so much the rule that I didn t even feel compelled to discuss it here But, here we are.
However, this IS a very traditional romance These two don t have too many stumbling blocks or challenges, and one gets the feeling that they will of course be riding off into the sunset on an airship, naturally in the end This relationship, while remarkable in the equality of its lovers, didn t pique my interest in any way I guess I just like my romances to be a bitprickly and difficult So I can t say that I ll really remember this read in a year s time, but hey that was also advertised to me in the recommendation so I guess you can consider me one satisfied customer.
And despite the large number of cheesy lines, there were a few lovely onesI am not crew, but I would like to stand behind you Not above, not below To back you up, should you ever need it Perfect Musical PairingEd Sheeran Kiss MeI am choosing this song, number one, because these two take waaaaaay too long to kiss, and they basically equate kissing with falling in love in a way that completely reminds me of the lyrics here And number two, because this song is very sweet in a way that kind of makes me cringe if I listen to it too many times I can only take so many of these disco chicken reads per year, but I m glad that I spent this year s allotment on this one Believe me, I have read a TON of romances My second pregnancy was basically like a 9 month haze of breeches, bodices, drawers, and corsets And yes, I know that bit isn t really about people in general, but I am staying well away from that can of worms.
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Not First, let me say that I really loved the first book in this series, The Iron Duke, so I ve been looking forward to reading this one for quite some time Alas, my love affair with Iron Seas is officially over This was just not good.
It started off all right, but as the novel wore on, the charm of the first book wore off In the beginning everyone is out for vengeance , or trying to start a rebellion , or trying to avoid assassins n stuff At the end Nothing happened Talk about anti climactic It Sucked Ass Even the bad guys turned out to be not very scary I mean, the bodyguard to Whats His Name was supposed to be a super duper bad ass, right For the majority of the book, everyone is trying to stay out of her sights to avoid some kind of a horrible death But even she turned out to be a big softy You wanna know the worst part She had mechanical hands that shot out like grappling hooks Naturally, this meant I had the theme song from Inspector Gadget running in head for a week afterward Go, Gadget Go So The plot was vague The back stories for the characters were vague The world building was vague I kept hanging on in the high hopes that everything would somehow come together at the end, but it just didn t happen P.
If you re hoping that the juicy romance will make up for what the plot lacksthink again Weirdest Couple Ever.
In many ways, I really liked this It s a re imagined England Europe with steampunk elements and zombies There was action, it was plot and world building focused with romantic elements The romance was important, but it didn t take over the story and was a slow burn I really liked Archimedes and Yasmeen Yasmeen was dominant and Archimedes was a beta male, yet definitely confident and strong in his own right So why three stars I m not sure, but somewhere it started to lose momentum for me about halfway in I felt like some of the world building was info dumps I mean, the history of the world is quite complex You could almost use a dictionary or glossary for places and people The steampunk elements were not overbearing Some people have mechanized body parts and flying dirigibles with other contraptions that I always think are cool I think another issue was that the main plot ended up being sort of a nonissue, or it resolved a little too easily I can t put my finger on it.
Still, a good book, and I will try the next one out.
Iron Seas is a series with an amazing world building, profound and various characters and lots of action The best of steampunk mixed with the best of adventure romance This sequel doesn t disappoint.

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