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[ Pdf The Bleeding Dusk À books-about-books PDF ] by Colleen Gleason ↠´ Third in the Gardella Vampire Hunters Series, The Bleeding Dusk, continues to tell the story of a young woman with a destiny that no one would have ever expected Victoria is a Venator, otherwise known as a vampire hunter, and a member of the only family who has the bloodline with the calling to the profession There are also other human s that are called, but it is very rare She only learns of this after she starts to have the dreams that foretell the ability Now three books in, she has lost her beloved husband to a vampire bite, and after her aunt is killed, she is now the leader of all the Venators.
The story takes place in Rome during the early 19th century I think Victoria is a rich widow with a title, and as such, can do pretty much what she wants as long as her mother and her best friends stay in England She spends her time with other Venators at the Consilium, the headquarters for the Venators At night she hunts and stakes vampires The demon that was called to earth by vampire queen, Lilith s son in the previous book is back He is trying to find all the pieces of the obelisk that was destroyed previously and would have allowed the dead to rise and kill off the human race The Venators, the demon, and the vampires, are also trying to find the three keys that will open the door to a long abandoned laboratory that just might hold the secrets of immortality Victoria is right in the middle of it all, and when her unsuspecting mother and friends show up unexpectedly, things go from bad to worse.
Characters in this book, are written so well that they almost seem to leap off the page Victoria is wonderful as a once coddled debutante, one that has had her world turned upside down, and now is living an unexpected life to say the least Along the way, Sebastian has entered her world, and has become her sometime lover, but one that is totally untrustworthy He is handsome, charming, and oh yes, his beloved great grandfather many greats is one of the strongest vampires that exists in Rome, and therein lies a lot of the trust issues for Victoria Max, the enigmatic Venator, is back as well His relationship with Victoria is as usual volatile, with a sort of uneasy working relationship, one that has muchtrust usually I am on the Max for Victoria s next great love bandwagon for sure Victoria s mother, and her busybody friends, bring some levity to the story, and because they have no real knowledge of vampires, bring some danger as well, because of some of their unwittingly stupid actions.
If you can t tell, I absolutely am in love with this series It s just so very different than the same vampire story that I have read a hundred times I enjoy the characters, both good and villainous, the story line that is always fresh and unique, and the writing that is excellently executed And to top it all off, the setting in the early 19th century just takes it all to a higher level of different for me.
If you enjoy a creatively unusual, adult urban fantasy paranormal romance heavier on the UF side , this could just fit the bill for you.
FYI This was originally published in 2008 and the entire series is available I bought the next one, the minute I finished this one RabidReads.
com Continuing just months after the final climactic battle of Rises the Night in which Victoria, heir to the Venator title or vampire slayer chosen one to you and me loses her beloved Aunt Eustascia, The Bleeding Dusk the third novel in Gleason s Gardella Vampire Chronicles series finds Victoria ready and willing to take the reins of leadership over her fellow slayers as Illa Gardella THE Gardella She has the renewed strength to do the job and is no longer the innocent we were introduced to in The Rest Falls Away.
In TBD, Victoria is once again thrust into a new and dangerous plot, the demon Akvan arisen from the events of Rises the Night is hoping to open the Door of the Alchemists A door that will lead him to the very thing he needs to be restored to full power Victoria along with her fellow Venators cannot allow this and it is she who has the key to defeating him Literally.
But other circumstances are swirling around Victoria, and Sebastian is back along with his Grandfather, the ancient Vampire Beauregard and they have their own plans for Victoria.
Per usual, Gleason spins a web of a story that slowly drew me in until I became so absorbed I didn t realize I was almost at the end Especially when it became obvious the enigmatic Max, venator by choice rather than birth, was about to do the thing I thought he had set aside at the very beginning of the book Yes Max lovers, this one s for us Gleason throws in a bit of a twist at the end of this one that made the pages fly, and I have to give props to the plotting How all the threads tied together was just marvelous and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
Of course, once again, we are treated to the love triangle of Max, Sebastian, and Vicki Venator Much like in the tv show Lost, I have my idea of who our heroine should find her happily ever after with, though I m sure others would disagree But that s the fun of triangles, isn t it Will they Won t they Who will she choose And that s not the only Will She Won t She In this book Guess you ll have to read to find out Yep, it s a great little hook and I m falling for it.
Now The Undead Of Rome Race To Unravel An Ancient Mystery And Only One Woman Can Stop Them As Rome Prepares For Its Carnivale, The New Leader Of The City S Vampire Hunters, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth De Lacy Must Prove Herself As Never Before For, In Order To Gain Access To The Secrets Of A Legendary Alchemist, Rome S Vampires Have Allied Themselves With Creatures As Evil And Bloodthirsty As They Are Reluctantly, Victoria Must Turn To The Enigmatic Sebastian Vioget For Help Just As Max Pesaro Arrives To Help His Fellow Slayers, No Matter What The Price Desire Puts Victoria At The Mercy Of Sebastian, While Loyalty Binds Her To Maxbut Can She Trust Either Man Especially When A Seductive Vampire Begins Luring Her Into The Shadows 4 StarsFull Review I received an ecopy of this book via Edelweiss This has not influenced my review Another fantastic book This is definitely becoming one of my favorite series The writing style, the way that Colleen Gleason has with words, the realistic characters and relationships, the juiciness, the subtle humor, and the sexual tension were all great, yet again I think those things are kind of just a given in this series, and I love knowing that that s what I m going to get every time I open one of these books.
But there were also some things about this book specifically that had me excited For one, SPOILER view spoiler Victoria finally had some sort of romantic moment with Max hide spoiler Once again, I am so pleased at where this author is willing to take this series She seems to not be afraid the way so many authors areTake the chapter title for chapter 22 Wherein the Worst Possible Happening Occurs Without spoiling the worst possible happening does in fact occur heheheHow many authors are willing to do that in their book Not many that I ve read I love this series I m eager to continue reading the remaining two books today After the death of her aunt, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy is now leading the fight to eradicate vampires But some of the vampires have teamed with the demon, Akvan, who is looking for three keys to open the Door of the Alchemists Whoever opens the door will gain infinite power Max Pesaro has returned to the group, but keeps distancing himself from the action Sebastian Voiget is offering his help, but Victoria doesn t know if he can be trusted.
This is the third book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles I thought the first part of the book was slow I was hoping to jump right into the story But the second half was very fast moving and interesting Colleen Gleason has done a good job at bringing her characters to life We learnabout them in this book and see what makes them tick My rating 4 Stars.
5 stars

The Bleeding Dusk is the third novel in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles featuring Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy, now, the new Illa Gardella, or leader of the Venators vampire slayers Victoria s troubles are just getting started She has to take the reigns as the youngest leader, as well as the only female remaining in the group She is also the object of obsession for three male characters which includes Sebastian, Max, and Zavier.
She has to resolve the heart ache she feels at her great aunt Eustacia s death by one of her own trusted friends, and the fact that she askes Max to do it Victoria never told anyone that Max was responsible That she has kept all to herself much to the amazement of Max Victoria chooses to wear two Vis bullas, something that ends up saving her life in the end Victoria s game with Sebastian continues as well Victoria knows he can t be trusted, especially when she knows he is a born Venator like herself, but who refuses to fight the vampires Victoria s body fails her time and time again when it comes to his treachery, and desire for her For Victoria, life hasn t exactly been easy in the 2 years since she was called into becoming a Venator, taking the place of her mother who refused the honor, and ended up having her memories erased of the vampire world itself Something that is quite aggravating truth be told She married Phillip of Rockley pretty much at the insistence of her pestering and nagging mother, who later was turned into a vampire and slayed by her own stake before he drank human blood After quitting being a Venator for a year, she soon realizes that she has a calling and needs to get her head out of her patooey She finds herself in Italy and battling a group of vampires, and humans that belong to an organization called Tutela She finds out that Max was a memberlater , and ends up killing Lilith s son Nedas to stop him from releasing a demon named Akvan from coming forth.
This time around, she finds herself the center of a kidnapping attempt by Sarafina Regalado, and members of Tutela who want to bring her to their master Akvan who has somehow found his way into the mortal world Her mother is nearly turned into a vampire, but for the grace and interruption of her two mother s friends and Victoria s actions, she survives.
unfortunately I truly despise her mother s character, and wish she would just go away I think Victoria feels the same way at times She also has to figure a way to prevent the combined dark forces of demons and vampires from opening La Porta Alchemica or the Door of Alchemy.
Victoria is still being used, and she has no clue that it is happening until it s much too late to do anything about it Sebastian uses her for sex, and to steal from her when it suits his needs When she ends up battling with Beauregard, a 600 year old vampire, and Sebastian s grandfather, she loses, and ends up nearly becoming a vampire after drinking his blood Beauregard also intended to use Victoria in order to kill Lilith He believed that with his blood and her strengths, she can t be stopped In any other series, drinking the blood of a vampire starts the transformation process Not in this one In other related story news Max finds himself back with Lilith in her mountains of Romania, asking her to release her from her thrall as she promised in response to stopping Nedas She, refuses, but gives him an option she truly doesn t believe he will take She gives him a salve, which if he uses it, will erase her marks on his body But, it will also make him normal, and he won t be a Venator any longer Max finds himself back in Roma and bumps into Victoria who doesn t harbor any hatred towards him We learnabout what happened to Max to make him become a venator, including giving up his own father and sister to the vampires He has been working for the last 17 years towards penance and forgiveness for his moment of weakness and betrayal He also ends up as part of the romance linkage between Sebastian, Zavier, and Victoria Max s decision to use the salve makes him the ideal candidate to kill the demon Akvan, as the prophecy stated.
Sebastian s only redeeming quality in this book was the fact that he kills Beauregard after he forced Victoria to drink his blood, and attempts to turn her into a vampire Sebastian can t be trusted and yet people like Wayren remain confident that he will become a full time Venator He wears the Vis Bulla, but until this story, remained pensively neutral, although at times he gets in the way of Victoria and her attempts to kill vampires, including Beauregard I m not a fan of his, no matter how hot and steamy their sex scenes are portrayed He is a snake in the grass, and it s too bad Max gave up his powers I enjoy stories like this that are written in the Victoria age, and especially the last two set in Italy Ms Gleason can spin a story, and world build to the readers enjoyment Sometimes her characters are a bit irritating, but that can be expected when you write a time piece story like this.
Next up When Twilight Burns 2008 flails Love I ship everyone I need these in paperback review The Bleeding Dusk was exactly what I expected and yet I am still disappointed I truly sense a real potential in this series to rise above the cliched historical romance with a dash of vampire hunting it has classified itself Gleason does not have the most gorgeous writing style ever but like most adult UF writers, she has mastered the skill of making her stories oddly addictive No matter how often I may roll my eyes or scoff at the theatrics while I read this series, I still find it hard to put down I tend to get genuinely engaged in the story which is why I am still here after three books and the list of complaints I am about to rant about For one, the romance in this serious is horrendous Victoria has had four and a half love interests in the span of three books There is no shame in that necessarily but the way that these relationships are written is where the problem lies I would honestly go as far as to say that the romance in this book was blatantly problematic There is never explicit consent between Victoria and her love interests You can imagine that there werethan a few scenes that made me feel deeply uncomfortable We had at least one scene where this lack of consent was obvious someone forced her to kiss them in exchange for information but there were multiple occasions when the LIs would touch kiss her even when she said no where she would be hesitant at first but then sink into it If someone tells you no, you stop what you are doing You do not wait for them to get into it You do not assume they feel the same way but are just shy hesitant etc and go ahead with it, assuming they just, what, need some forced motivation to get into it I just it made me so uncomfortable and the fact that it is never addressed in the story although it happens repeatedly made it worse The plot as a whole was also disheartening It was messy and disjointed I did like the Italian setting but Victoria s decisions just pissed me off She is so impulsive and dramatic She gets in everyone s way and then blames them, over and over again It drives me insane Should people clue her into their plans Probably, but you can understand why they don t Victoria would just ignore them and do whatever she wanted anyway, compromising their mission If she just did what was asked of her every now and again, it would be okay Or at least take a breath and think things through.
The vampire lore is interesting, though Like I said before, the fact that it sticks to traditional mythology while drawing in Italian and religious influences is clever Authors often go out of their way to make their vampires unique but I think the simplicity and familiarly of these sorts of vampires work, particularly with the historical setting However, the nuance needed to make this lore standout is still lacking Gleason s vampires do not have the personality or grit that is needed to make them truly shine Again, I did enjoy the discussion about the humanity of vampires which is introduced by Sebastian s character, especially in this sequel I wish that wasof an overall focus of the series.
Overall This was the last book in the series that I owned so I can technically count this series as read for my need read before the end of the year challenge but that ending It left the story hanging on such a crazy cliffhanger and I will hesitantly admit my curiosity has been tickled I am intrigued to see where the story will head now, especially how Gleason plans on ending the series If my library gets copies of the sequels in, I think I ll probably talk myself into giving them a chance but we shall see.
Trigger warning for sexual assault.

Award winning, NEW YORK TIMES and USA Today bestselling author Colleen Gleason has written than twenty books for major publishers such as Penguin Group, Harlequin Enterprises, Chronicle Books, and HarperCollins as Joss Ware Her books have been translated into seven different languages.Colleen lives in the Midwest United States where she is fortunate enough to be working on her next book S