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ë Carrier of the Mark æ Download by ç Leigh Fallon I keep on reading books, books are already part of my everyday life, but what if you manage to encounter a book that have similarities to the book you hated before you read it What will you do React like a destructive monster or an angelic reader who just leave the mess away and continue reading it, or in between I read few reviews of this book and I was so shocked that until now I can still feel the intense feelings mostly hatred of those reviewers and I mean it, I agree to what they wrote on their reviews.
What if fate tied two lovers who only wanted is peace and love to each other but given them destruction as the result of their love Most of the books have managed to portray love as the strength of individual but in this book, you have to choose between your interest and the others Will you continue to love the person that will destroy the mankind or you will surrender yourself to your destiny Leigh Fallon s Carrier of the Mark made her work controversial to most readers and reviewers now days because of its potential to become the next Twilight Saga Did she execute it well The answer is yes Did she impress the readers And the answer is, sad to say, no To consider her work as no originality to most reviewers and to sum up I, but few were changed and entice me to read it And what is that changes that readers must read Well, the mystery behind the characters that something magical and historical Do I have to include Rick Riordan here It was Megan s first day of school in her new school in Ireland She made friends like any ordinary student at school but there are times that you will encounter not so normal student that your interest made you follow them Adam DeRis, the hot guy with black hair and green eyes, is a mysterious hot jock in her school that she give her time and interest to stalk it I m a little but exaggerated but in the end, she realized that they are destined to each other that will cause destruction.
What can you say about the book 1 No originality Okay, I think most of us find this book disappointing because of some similarities in the book which I already mentioned above So when I read the part which I find similar to Twilight Saga, I want to jump from my bed and throw it No need of that action but see, I cannot accept that those negative reviews really make sense If you need reference, refer it to Stpahnie s Review she had the best comparison so far Ms Leigh Fallon, don t put me on your worst list after this.
2 Stop Kissing Stop kissing guys, can you guys please stop that I mean, you don t have to kiss in the book a hundred times Once, twice or thrice is enough for us to consider you guys love each other This is not erotic book this is just simply a book with romance or a love story on it Please, don t make me wrong I don t like people kissing in front of me every day I agree with Aine, you gross 3 Yawning I finish the book for two hours but it keeps myself deactivated from too much junks I mean, this book bores me to death that I only give interest to the historical part of the book Do not enlist me to your friends, readers I m just reminding you that I yawn a thousand times multiply the kissing by hundreds before I finish it I m glad I did not give up.
4 Weakest Villain of All Time Award Winner I m counting pages when I m near in the end I was hoping for a good villain scene I know that this will appear sooner but it happens to be the highlight in the ending that disappoints me again Not again She just makes the scene smells like a dung of amateur villains Can she make it exciting at least in the last two chapters of the book Another sad face.
5 Mythology and History is Fun Where did you get the history part You made it better but it looks like you copied it through wikipedia Kidding You made the book interesting for me when you explained to the characters about their problems and its history How cool if those were really real in old books, are they 6 Huh What Are You Saying I told you, Fallon just copied it through wikipedia I m kidding again I know you did that part very well but you are not good in explaining the whole point Don t judge me if I really read the book very well but the book had problems regarding its history Why only female can be carriers, because they can only bare a child Do you think male can also be carrier because they also carry genetic materials through their bullets Too many questions to ask, but I ll leave it in the next book.
7 Dashing Cover I have an eye for a cover but never inside I m like anyone like a normal readers who sometimes read books because of a very interesting and well edited cover This is a good advertisement but remember, don t judge the book by its coverwink I just wink like a girl, so pathetic Kwesi 8 Simplicity Are you playing safe There is no problem having a book with simple plot and everything and that made it readable for everyone Some may find it advantage for a book but there are also disadvantage that we have to consider if we speak about simplicity First, your work is common Other readers won t mind your books once they read the whole sense of it Two, copycat Some may call you that because they thought you copied your work from someone s work Consider you mentioned a series in the synopsis, I suggest don t advertise your books by mentioning them Most readers will think that your work is another fan fiction or something Third, I can t think of anything after reading it and my reaction, Yeah, I m done reading it So what s next Period, I m totally out of my mind while writing this review.
9 Lucky and Creative but with 99% of Disappointment I m very happy that another aspiring author had been discovered through inkpop.
com, will readers love her work Maybe some but readers might mark themselves with the word expectation Expectation in a sense that Fallon was discovered online that there are thousands of writings online which you think had the opportunity to be published Don t worry one thing you must remember keep writing girl Maybe not all readers might like your book but sometimes after reading negative reviews some authors scared to continue their career but I suggest everyone have to try and put their novels at steak again There will always hope in the end of the road until you reach the top of the ladder What Ladder and road, I don t know what I m talking about Last but not the least, be creative Everyone love new ideas and that s the reason why I don t like to write novels You have to be creative and it s a must for a writer.
Rating Carrier of the Mark Carrier Trilogy, 1by Leigh Fallon, 2 SweetsChallenges Book 311 for 2011 Their Love Was Meant To BeWhen Megan Rosenberg Moves To Ireland, Everything In Her Life Seems To Fall Into Place After Growing Up In America, She S Surprised To Find Herself Feeling At Home In Her New School She Connects With A Group Of Friends, And She Is Instantly Drawn To Darkly Handsome Adam DeR SBut Megan Is About To Discover That Her Feelings For Adam Are Tied To A Fate That Was Sealed Long Ago And That The Passion And Power That Brought Them Together Could Be Their Ultimate Destruction The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon was one of the much buzzed YA books at this year s BEA The cover is striking and it takes place in Ireland Also, Leigh was published by posting the original Carrier of the Mark on a writing site called Inkpop Unfortunately I DNFed this 100 pages in Yet another example of what s wrong with the YA genre If Carrier was well received at Inkpop, so much so that Harper Teen wanted it, it makes me wonder what other entries are up on there because Carrier has nothing to recommend for it.
Carrier of the Mark is an example of how to use info dumping in conversations as a sneaky way to not get caught using it the old fashioned way, usually as internal monologues from the characters Leigh s info dumping is so dry and formal as if her characters are robots, much like the animatronic ones at Disney World How else would the reader find out that there s something rotten in the state of some back water town, literally near the water, in Ireland Our timid not so plucky heroine Megan has a world of woe Not only does she move from place to place almost every year because of her father s wanderlust, but she s stuck wearing an unattractive uniform at her new school where she doesn t know anyone This American girl is a fish out of water, or rather a black crow that can t fly the crow reference is explained later on Her first day of school doesn t start out well at all because when she notices a tall boy leaning against the lamppost, who stares at her as if she has two heads, her hands tingle where they feel frostbitten They are now connected and Megan can t stop thinking of him He s Adam DeRis of the freaky DeRis clan who everyone warns her to stay away from But Megan just can t Why Because she and Adam are connected due to their oogily eyes stares.
A black crow begins following Megan around, she meets Adam s sister Aine, who has a moth and insect fetish and can make dead flowers live again, plus some dark force is causing mayhem for no reason Adam and Megan go from oogly eye stares to actually bumping into one another and talking And at that point I stopped because I was so bored.
Leigh again is very sneaky She s trying very hard not to make this a copycat of Twilight or like Fizpatricks s Hush Hush because when all is said and done, Adam isn t bad boy material Everyone around Megan tells her that he is Again info dumping, but he s shown as the complete opposite If only the writing had been stronger, than perhaps The Carrier of the Mark could have stood a chance Weak writing and lackadaisical characters with no real motivation leaves the reader uninterested and not involved I raise my hand as one of these readers.
New update It seems Fallon may have plagiarized Twilight I couldn t finish this halfway throughit was pure torture.
I stopped reading when BellaI mean Meg, got a sudden, inexplicable declaration of love from EdwardI mean Adam Those who draw a parallel between this book and Twilight are correct You ve read one, you ve read both Don t waste your time Mysterious boy who spurns all girls at their school suddenly falls for the new girl in town He has a devoted sister who really loves Meg They live in a makeshift family compound, and the rest of the family oppose their relationshipI could draw the parallels on for paragraphs, but I ll keep it short and just sayNo Don t even touch this thing.
spoilers, so many spoilers ahead Okay, I hate writing a bad review, hate it, but I also hate when books let me down like this, and I paid for it, so I think I have the right to rant a little bit My main problem with Carrier of the Mark is that it s a Twilight copycat There are no vampires or werewolves the paranormal has to do with magic and the four elements, but really, everything else is exactly like Twilight, like this The book starts with the heroine Megan going to her first day on a new school There, she immediately caughts the attention of this extremely gorgeous and mysterious guy Adam who doesn t socialize with anyone else besides his sister and I can tell you right now she s the Alice in this story Megan s friends keep telling her to stay away from the guy but of course she doesn t, and thinks about him and his good looks 24 7 At some point Megan gets ditched by her friends and walks to a party at night alone Two drunk guys show up and one of them wants to have fun with her Out of nothing, Adam shows up and saves her They hook up in the following scene, after Adam tells her he can t stop thinking about her since they first laid eyes on each other The next day he invites her to his house, to meet his weird family His room is strange There is a bed, but the wallpaper is orange and has a floral pattern Mm At Adam s family house, Megan meets the family s guardian, Fionn Carlisle , who doesn t want her there, but she trips and falls on her face and he starts being nice Adam s older brother, R an, doesn t care that Megan is clumsy or fragile, he still hates her after the face on the floor incident, and starts hating her even when Fionn explains about the carriers of the mark, the magic, and of how dangerous it is to be part of that world obviously Megan is still all excited to be part of it R an is clearly the male equivalent to Twilight s Rosalie And did I mention that Megan can t stop thinking about Adam s good looks Like I said, the similarities were what bothered me the most, but there were other things, like most of the time the dialogues don t make sense, especially between the couple for example, from day one, all they do is stare and frown at each other from the distance, and in one of their first real interactions Adam tells her he s crazy about her, even though she might find that hard to believe, because of the way he has been acting They had barely interacted until that point, so wut Now, why I stopped at page 177 and refuse to finish Megan, Adam, his brother and sister are all descendents from a mythical being, and each one of them is in possession of magic according to their element just like Sailor Moon, Megan is Air, Adam is Water, and so on , and this magic is in their blood, meaning they need to procreate amongst each other so the line of magical descents won t go extinct Now, there are others besides Megan, Adam and his siblings who possess the magical gene, but I swear to God that when Adam explains to Megan it s basically their duty to make babies, it sounded to me like he was saying Look, it s either with you or with my sister, okay Aaaand I closed the book for good.
Seriously, save your money, save your precious reading time, save yourself Beautiful Cover strikes again Dang it What I got out of CARRIER was a story of what Bella and Edward would have done, had they not been vampire and emo girl but rather some other type of supernatural boy and emo girl Avatar to be Things went quickly though, that I have to give it Except this fact might have to do with my feelings of having been there and read that rather than me feeling things like Oh boy What a good story Not just that it was in turns abrupt and over the top, but that not one of the main characters had much going for them Abrupt and Over the Top They meet He stalks She swoons She loves him He loves her Desperately Passionately Completelyafter knowing each other for a very brief period What s worse was her serious consideration of giving everything up for him What she could be, what she could do all her power for a very controlling guy shakes head Theirs was relationship that I did not buy And truth be told, theirs was one that upset me those be my mild words now, because where he blew cold then hot then cold again, she just went with it While Twilight s seen better days being much smirked at as it is today, at least it had something relatively new when it came out, which is completely not the case here As said its Edward and Bella all over again Only similarities do not end there, most every aspect of the other has been mirrored in CARRIER Her father, his family, their relationship and even the idea of a baby monster thing were all touched upon Good News It s a very quick read.
Bad News I ve read stories like this before Edward, is that you Good News It s got a really pretty coverBad News And that s about it.
Good News It s a 2 1.
5 Bad News I couldn t make myself click the 1 starGood News I didn t spend a dime on this copyBad News view spoiler Others will Because IMO, one would be better off borrowing a copy to see for themselves hide spoiler

Honestly, this book was disappointing for me I was really intrigued by the synopsis and the gorgeous cover, and I had high hopes for a story set in Ireland But there was something really generic about this book that just didn t spark my imagination.
I ve complained a lot about insta love in YA and how much it irks me Really, this was a great example of some serious insta love I mean, she sees the boy across the parking lot they kiss the next week kind It all just felt very rushed Even after they had gotten together, there was never that lingering sense of romance that should have been there There have been books that had insta love but still managed to seem believable and intriguing i.
e Laini Taylor s Daughter of Smoke and Bone or Julie Kagawa s Iron Fey series heck, even Twilight Honestly, the romance felt very formulaic.
And since the romance is such a huge part of the book, I had a hard time getting past it to the, honestly, pretty cool paranormal aspect I really liked the concept of the elements and the Carriers of the Mark It was nice to read about a different type of paranormal And there were a few scenes in which characters went crazy with the magic that I really found well, magical.
But the originality was a little lost in confusion for me There s a lot of talk about genetics in this book and how the ability to command the elements is a recessive gene that has to be passed between certain sexual partners to pass on to their offspring It was all very scientific and confusing, and I still feel like I don t understand it Seriously, it was uber convoluted The characters were so so for me, too I never felt connected to anyone The character I found the most interesting was Rian, just because he was so troubled I thought maybe he had depth than the others Adam felt cookie cutter ish, and Megan was generic And Adam was strangely needy, I mean, even so than Megan It was weird And the fact that their romance is a forbidden one just really pushed me over the edge to not enjoy their relationship.
And is it just me, or if the fate of the world hung in the balance of whether you dated a guy or not, wouldn t you choose in favor of the world I thought it was crazy selfish and small minded of Megan and everyone else to encourage her to choose Adam over stopping things like earthquakes and famines and the like And the members of the Order who suggest that maybe she should reign in the hormone fest a bit are portrayed as selfish What No Sometimes, you just gotta take one for the team.
I ve said a lot of negative things about this book, but it was relatively interesting I still loved that it was set in Ireland, the magic was well described, and it was a fairly original plotline I just wish Leigh Fallon had allowed herself to be creative and not stick so rigidly to the paranormal romance formula.
Okay, I do feel slightly sorry for all that I m about to say in my review, because Fallon does honestly seem like a nice personbut this is just.
justtoo much First off, I m pissed Excuse me for a second while I rant, here I M SOOOOOO MAD GOD DAMMIT AWEOIARHW EHRIBENAOR IERU EHBAROE JARE AHHHHHHHH Yeah that s right I m mad You knowwhyJust let me say that, if you put my name into a book, and actually spell it correctly It s CAITLIN, people, not Kaitlyn, Catelyn, Katelyn, Katelynn, or any of that other shit, it s CAITLIN then that character had better be one of the awesomest people that I ve read aboutin my whole life I m sorry, but if you put my name into a book, I can t help comparing myself to them and seeing how they stock up, and Fallon s character was a fail She talked like a fucking middle schooler, and was in and out of a relationship with this bastard about five times during the whole book She seriously talked like this Caitlin I heard from Danny who told Molly who told Anna who told me that he kissed a girl seriously that s what she said the names may have been different, but that s the gist of it Whaaaa I hate him I m breaking up with him Caitlin I m getting back together with him because I lurveee him Caitlin Whaaaa I hate him Caitlin I love him GAH Let me tell you all something I would never break down and cry so much over a guy and get back with that bastard about five times if he d cheated on me That little motherfucker isdeadto me at that point If he has theballsto do that, then he can go share what little he has left with some other bitch Not Me.
If you can t tell, I hate it when girls are so damn co dependant on guys Grrrrr I refuse to call her by her actual name She will now be known by the name potato Anyways that brings me right up to my next point This Book Is Twilight New Moon Breaking Dawn Avatar Shit Pure fucking shit.
so let me tell you all a story of the main plot line and see if it sounds even thetiniestbit familiar with a very popular book series and TV series Sooo Bella Megan moves to a faraway town called Forks with her clueless, single, father Charlie and knows absolutely no one, but goes to school and immediately makes friends with a girl who doesn t really like her, one who does like her, and two of the school s most popular guys even though she didn t have friends at any of her other schools she attended She s pretending to pay attention although she really can t do that when she s trying when she sees a group oftotahly hawtpeople when Jessica Potato tells them her they are all siblings and the most beautiful people in school, but don t date anyone and shoot any girl guy down when they ask, so there s a lot of jilted lovers The siblings are the bubbly, short, pixie haired, Alice Aine and the hot but totally unavailable Rosalie Rian, and have a very kind and respectable father Carslile Fionn, but her world comes to a crashing halt when she sees Pedward Adam While she sits there drooling while they walk away Jessica Potato precedes to tell her that he s the hottest of the three, but also the most unavailable Fast forward about three days Someone else s clueless idiocy almost kills Bella Megan via car mangling boat incident but Pedward Adam jumps in and saves her at the last second Bella Megan proceeds to get medical treatment while Pedward Adam makes sure that she s alright Fast forward again and she sees even weirder shit out of the Cullen DeRis family, so she s brought to their home, who no one else has ever seen before, and they tell her their big secret they re vampires they re Marked And this is where shit gets crazy Toph Aine is an earthbender, Zuko Rian is a firebender and Katara, the main love interest Adam, the love interest, is a waterbender controls water, and Megan is a very powerful airbender who is meant to save the world can control the air around her and is meant to save the world Twilgiht how I hate theeI ll just continue from here in non story mode There are seriously so many Avatar Twilight similarities I will bring up a couple later as well that it s crazy She even goes into the Avatar state that sounds exactly like it was done in the show Here, let me show you I suddenly realized that I was up in the air high above them I appeared to be radiating a bright light The air around me swirled until Icould no longer see the land River water started rising up and spinning around me Next the boats lifted, then some trees, their great roots torn from the earth by the brutal force emanating from me It was a massive vortex, spreading out farther and farther until the riverbed was visible, the water swirling high above it The boats and the trees that had been tugged up swirled so fast that their outlines became a blur I saw the object of my rage running away He was making for the woods, but I pushed out the great vortex of moving air and debris so that he stayed constantly in my sight There was no way he could break through its impenetrable wall You, I snarled My voice was not mine It was a mixture of howling wind and cracking thunder You will pay I clasped my hand, as if to pick up his little body far below me on the ground, and he rose right into the air until he was at my level I m sorry I m sorry he screamed, flailing his legs and trying to shield himself from my glare Too late for that My voice reverberated around the valley I saw them waving up at me, but I was beyond caring what they wanted The power inside engulfed me, took over my very core, and it needed vengeance Yeahhh she s the fucking Avatar.
Now, I normally start off with the girls when I talk about characters, but Adam just pissed me off so much At parts which I basically mean the whole time he acted like of a needy little girl than Megan ever did, but, at the rare points when he wasn t, was one of the biggest douchebags that I ve ever read about I honestly think that he s a schizophrenic Patch rapist kidnapper No joke Because here s some quotes from whiny ass AdamI m sorry, he said, shaking a little That s never happened to me before He slumped into my arms and I held him What I feel is real I just know it is, he whispered Please believe me No, don t stop No I shouldn t have come in here He sat up Please don t go It s just that my head gets so fuzzy when I m with you I m not going to spend much time on him being a such a whiny girl, because his douchebaggery and rapist kidnapping annoyed me so much , but does that quote honestly sound like something a guy would ever say If anything, it sounds like what I hear female protagonists saying totheirlove interests Honestly, I don t give a shit if she was trying to make him sensitive she did it thewrongway He comes across as needy and obsessive And she he seriously needs to grow some balls If you re going to go over to a girl s house and startmaking out with her in her own bed either do it and have sex with her or just leave her the fuck alone I really just don t care about how fuzzy you are or not Speaking of obsessive, I m going to spilt up Adam s personalities into two categories 1 Bastard Adamwhatever happens, we stay together Fionn will fight to the death to protect you and what s best for you which, incidentally, is me, he added with a sly smile he gave me a wry smile Do you think I would hand you over for training if I didn t think you were up to itThis side of Adam was probably the most annoying of all the three first off, Adam, you ve been dating this girl in the second quote that I listedfor about one fucking weekYou have absolutely norightto hand her over because she doesn tbelongto you She s her own person and doesn t need you, a controlling bastard, dictating her life and telling her what to do and who she can and cannot train with She can train with whomever she wants to, so shut up before I fucking make you And you arenotthe best thing for Megan you re the one who got her into this insanity in the first place She needs to decide what s best forherselfnot you telling her what s best At this point, you ve only been dating her for maybe a month and, I m sorry, but there s no possible way that you could know her well enough to know is or isn t best for her 2 Patch Rapist AdamHe pushed me up against a tree Oh, I have ways of convincing you that you chose right He kissed me with such passion it left me breathless I ampissed As a little aside, this is going out as a PSA to all girls This isnotand never will be romantic If a guy that you ve never really talked to before comes up and says I have ways of convincing you that you chose right pushes you up against a tree, and starts shoving his tongue down your throat, that is what most people around the planet like to call sexual assault, not romantic and passionate And Adam Stop being so much like Patch Seriously you do not walk up to a girl and do that That is not in any way socially acceptable orrightMaybe the girls in Ireland like it that way although, I must admit, Irish Traveler culture does have a tradition where a guy has to kiss a girl by the end of the day during festivals and gatherings but you re not a Traveler and neither is Megan, so you have absolutely no excuse for doing that And if you do, you should get a swift knee to your manhood, not have a girl fall in love with you And basically every time they kiss, he ends up grabbing her roughly and doing passionate kisses even if it s basically about jack shit Their relationship basically goes like this Megan Hey, I moved fire about a foot Adam OMIGOD THAT S AWESOME LET S MAKE OUT Megan Hey, I just stopped you from destroying a whole city because you kidnapped me Adam OMIGOD THAT S AWESOME LET S MAKE OUT Megan Hey, I just took a shit Adam OMIGOD THAT S AWESOME LET S MAKE OUT Megan Hey, I Adam I DON T GIVE A FUCK LET S JUST MAKE OUT Sigh.
Oh, and get this at one point in this book there s a scene where Adam and Megan, after having only been dating for around a week, are asked to not be a couple because of The Great Separation Fail I ll talk about this soon Megan begins to move away from him about two feet to try and figure things out for herself when Adam flips his lid He begins shaking, sweating, and he grabs her by the arm and refuses to let her go, so basically, this guy is kidnapping her To further support said kidnapping he then demands that they let him out with her or else and drags Megan outside with him, regardless of whether or not she wants to.
And there you have it, my friendsThisis the guy you re supposed to love, be obsessed over, and believe is truly respectable boyfriend without rape fantasies Do you think I do How about you just guess my answer to that question.
Now we finally get to the MC, of this story Megan She is literally one of the most copy cat Bellas that I ve ever read about in a novel She doesn t pay any attention to anything or anyone around her except for Edward Adamine then proceeded to tell me all about every shop giving me every last detail about a pair of killer heels she had bought I listened, feigning interest, but kept a close eye on Adam She can t stand to be apart from him for than twenty minutes, even one week into their relationshipThere was a knock at the door I wonder who that could be, ine said, rolling her eyes I ran to the door, needing to see him I pulled the door open and fell into his arms I breathed a sigh of relief Adam She believes that for anyone older than 30 to have sex is incredibly weird especially if it s her dad CharlieI was thankful the timer started going off, and I ran to drain the pasta I wasn t sure whether to laugh or be horrified My father Sex Yikes And at every small touch and gesture, she literally explodesWith you here, I m ready for anything, he said quietly, and kissed me softly on my mouth I reeled from the sensuous touch Here s a picture to further illustrate said explosion She also gets pains whenever she s away from her hubby Everything else paled in significance I could not live without him As much as it upset me to hurt the others, it was nothing compared to the stabbing pain I felt when I thought of being parted from him And, oh, mypersonalfavorite is when Adam admits to stalking her and sending the crow to watch her while she was naked in the shower, but she s concerned about the crow than what Adam just admittedI ve been watching you stalker style, even when I couldn t see you He even had me hounding you, ine put in As you surely have guessed by now The crow I looked at her in astonishment He was watching meDo I really need to say anything The proof is in the quotes, my dears We might as well take out the M,G, and N, and replace them with B and two L s, then she will be just like her Okay, so I ve been holding off on this next little tidbit of information, but I can t any longer Fallon seriously hasthe worstform of plot continuation what is supposed to put a block between the love interests EVERThe scribes tell of a twenty five year pregnancy, which devoured B binn as the creature within absorbed her element and every drop of life she had in her Then it launched itself on the world in the form of a plague a plague that wiped out half of Europe Oh, dear Lord have mercy.
Are you trying to tell me, Fallon, that because two previous marked had sex, they made a baby that stayed in the wombfor twenty five fucking years and became the black plagueAnd that s why Adam and Megan can t be together No Nonononononono That is not even remote possibility that I will accept If the baby kept growing like a normal one would, then do you know howhugethe mother s stomach would have to be to contain that It would have to rip first long before the baby even came out And what the hell did the baby do Wouldn t people, you know, maybenoticesome huge ass creature walking around killing people Maybe, justmaybethat would come up in a daily conversation I don t know like this, maybe Pesant 1 Lookith o r yonder at that Pesant 2 gasps I seen thine beast shouts ere it comes Pesant 1 To pitchforks To arms All YAAAGHHHHHH FOR NARNIA LLYON Oh and did I fail to mention that also because these two people were in love they made an ice age So interestingThe last thing I m going to talk about, here, is Fallon s total fail at describing any kind of description for the reader Whoever was the editor to this book, I would just like to say to them Seriously It s badI think you re beautiful, and I think I m mentally stable He laughed, then made a crazy face.
Okay seriously, Fallon, give me a hand, here There s only so far I can go with that What kind of crazy face did he make Did he do something with his mouth, screw up his nose and squint his eyes, what I had to try to look up my own crazy face, and this is what it got me Yeahhh I m pretty sure that s not what he looked like Through this whole damn book, I m practically begging Fallon, with big kitty cat eyes, to give me better description of others and what they do.
And I m pretty damn irresistible in the cuteness department, I can tell you that.
But what do I get More and and shit that Fallon used because she couldn t think up anything else to sayLet s see if we can spot the White Lady He put on a ghoulish laughEveryone burst out laughing I made a face she made a puking sound Does anyone else notice howelementarythese descriptions sound I made, she made, he made, he put on, etc Fallon, you supposedly graduated from third grade many, many, years ago, so I m expecting a bit than that from you, and alotfrom a published author, who should have control over what the fuck she s saying To end this review, I l give you all a quick recap of what I thought in picture form.
Everyone was a Twilight re make image error I feel bad about what I m about to do Honestly I m not one of those people who just writes snarky, mean spirited reviews, just for the sheer black hearted, puppy kicking glee of it As tempting as that sometimes it, I just am not that reviewer generally I like puppies And Leigh Fallon seems like a really nice person, and I had high hopes for this book And everything I m about to say makes me feel like a bully, but no Just no.
I knew almost immediately that I was not going to like this book You may be asking yourself, then, why the hell I kept reading Generally, I would not But there were a few reasons in this case 1 When it s a book I requested, and it s for an event like this, then I absolutely will make myself finish.
2 I was curious enough and it was a quick enough read that I was willing to give it a chance and then at a certain point, when you get so far, you just can t back down.
But mostly 3 I kept noticing these little things that added up to one very big thing that were driving me out of my mind, so I had to finish it just to see how many I would come across The little things are spoilery and rant like, and OHMYGOD I could go on about them forever, but instead they comprise a chart at the bottom read at your own discretion Beyond the one very big thing comprised of little things, I never connected with the writing in this The characters speak like they re in an after school special It was strange by turns formulaic, other times robotic, and often just not natural They were caricatures rather than characters, and they crossed the line into cheesy one too many times for my liking It was all these stupid, seemingly insignificant things for example people don t generally say each other s names a lot in conversations If someone were to speak to you like this Hey, Mary What are you doing later today, Mary I was thinking, Mary, that maybe we could go to the mall what do you think, Mary you would be like, WHY THE F CK DO YOU KEEP SAYING MY NAME It s weird It s uncomfortable And it makes it seem like the characters aren t well acquainted, like they aren t comfortable enough with each other to just talk.
Sort of in line with that, the characters have a tendency toward woodenness Megan s dad is ridiculous, as cardboard and saccharine as they come There s never any tension or discover with any of the characters because they are all basically what they enter the story as, and what you are expecting them to be Rian is the only one who changes ish , but the rest pretty much leave the story as they entered it.
And I think this is emblematic of the problems with the book as a whole there isn t enough depth and tension There s an immaturity to the writing that deprives the story of tension, of struggle, of that key element that makes you sit on the edge of your seat Instead, everything is obvious and the reader is hit over the head with it But worse, everything comes so easy Megan accepts what she is too easily, she transitions into the deRis family too easily, she and Adam fall in love too easily, become comfortable with each other and the situation to easily everything just happens and it s not really built on any kind of foundation other than I say so The monk and the bird and the rumors and the OBVIOUSNESS of it all, and the suddenness and the easy acceptance the way is cleared time and time again for things to just happen and as a result all chances at the delicious tension readers crave is killed There s never very much of a struggle on Megan s part to understand or accept this whole new way of thinking about the world and herself It s frustrating.
The only thing I can really say in its favor is that it did actually start to pick up at one point The only thing isthat was 200 pages in And for a review, I ll stick with it, but for pleasure, you are NEVER going to get 200 pages out of me before I can call it enjoyable That book will be put down like a rabid dog And on the note of understanding , I do have to make a mention of the times when understanding does not come easily to Megan There are times huge swathes of the story when Megan s intellect and powers of comprehension seemingly revert to that of a 4 year old Every time one of the deRis begin to tell her of the history of the Marked and all that jazz, she peppers them with why s and what about s and I don t understand s and but s and it s all a sneaky little set up for Fallon to do massive amounts of info dumping in the guise of dialogue I mean, paragraph upon paragraph, page upon page of convoluted, over sharing info dumps, with set ups you can see coming a mile away All for the sake of trying to explain what is a fairly strained mythology and backstory It just no.
Just no.
And now The Little Things aka The Carrier of the Twilight Mark by Leighmeyer Stephallon or, The Tale of an Epic Rip Off unless Misty is just hyper aware of these things

In shortI was born in South Africa, raised in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Cork in my 20 s While living in beautiful Kinsale, Co Cork I discovered a love of writing I write mainly for the young adult market My current book, The Carrier of the Mark, prompted me to abandon my riveting career in corporate treasury and have been writing ever since I have another three books in the Carrier series